Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CMPD Officers File "Notice of Intent" to Protest at DNC

Cedar Posts has obtained an email sent last to all CMPD Officers over the weekend from FOP President Todd Walther:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg FOP Lodge # 9
Dear Brother's and Sister's,  

Over the past few months, as we have dealt with Pay and Benefit issues at City Council, it appears that the City has ignored most of our Committee's suggestions and recommendations. During numerous membership meetings, it has been discussed and agreed upon that we, as an organization, need to make a stand and try again to be heard. What a better way to get the message out than to stand opposed during the DNC- meaning that we make an assertion of our 1st Amendment Rights and protest against the way Charlotte City Council has turned away from the FOP and City Employees. In preparation for the upcoming DNC in Charlotte, we, the FOP, have filed a notification of intent to protest.

Now as you know, all CMPD and local agencies around Mecklenburg are working 24/7 for the DNC during August 30th through September 7th. This limits our membership to those retired or to spouses for whom we can call upon to help us protest against the City Council. On Sept. 4th, we ask that you please take a few hours from your day to take a stand and speak out for your brother’s and sister's still in uniform.

If you are able and willing to participate on this day, we ask that you please try to be at the next membership meeting on Tuesday, August 28th at 6:30pm.  We will be discussing further details on how, where and exactly when the protest will commence. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please reply by e-mail, and we can pass on the information.

Cedar's Take: The Charlotte-Mecklenburg FOP Lodge #9 has been shut out of most discussions regarding pay raises and benefits and the DNC2012 gives our Officers a chance to be heard and seen during a time when the nation is focused on Charlotte. This is an interesting situation as most of the protesterswill be family members and not CMPD Officers themselves.


Anonymous said...

Illiterate cretins who spell the plural forms of words with apostrophes ("brother's") don't deserve a job much less a raise.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:35
Rob, you should chill and have some coffee.....you really are so angry.

Anonymous said...

I have heard about some other family members that are going to use the national spotlight to bring the attention to other problems ole rodney is having.......in regards to grievances, HR, IA and the EEOC.

Should be interesting!

Anonymous said...

Some recently-retired people are allowed and would be great.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cedar for posting this!

Anonymous said...

FOP needs to get their protest points out to the local and national media.
Where will they be? If other non-members want to join. banners? pickets? colored shirts?