Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Wrap Up - DNC Follies Edition

CMPD Crack Down - Not on Jaywalkers or Occupy Protesters but on Officer's personal Facebook accounts. Word is that CMPD Command was not happy when The Charlotte Observer's Cleve Wooston emailed the department examples of a few CMPD Officer Facebook posts.

Wooston rather than doing a little work to build a story, simply emailed the posts to CMPD for comment. It didn't take long for CMPD Brass to mount a witch hunt.

One of the CMPD Officers called out had a somewhat harmless Facebook. Since then, the Officer has wiped their entire Facebook time line of CMPD photos and comments.

A couple of the posts provided to CMPD were F-Bomb laced tirades against the "hippies" the public and CMPD. Not exactly conduct becoming an Officer, but boys will be boys.

Further clarification and evidence of the fallout came from one of CP's readers who offered this to "true up" what CMPD rank and file were warned:

"Officers were advised that if their actions, self taken photos, duty assignments or Law Enforcement sensitive information made it onto social media web sites or forums like yours (specifically named) then the department would look into implementing a no personal cell phone use during the DNC."

Cedar Says: CP doesn't like to delete comments. But we are  just not going to have Officers putting the snipe on each other. Guys it is a hard enough job as it is. Pay it not what it should be, and this week it is going to be hot as hell and every one is pulling long shifts. The worst part is most of you are going to be bored senseless. Long hours, little sleep, fatigue, and boredom is deadly set of combinations. Stay focused, Stay sharp Stay safe.

Muslim Jumad at Marshall Park - The Islamic Wing Nut Jibril Hough had told Charlotte officials to expect 20,000 participants to Friday's Jumad (prayer service) but it actually drew only a handful, in fact no more than 100 Muslims.

Cedar's Take: Kinda reminds me of the Iraqi press officer known as Baghdad Bob, who despite the M-1 tanks in the background and F/A-18's over head insisted that the American Dogs were no where near Hussein's palace.

Ballantyne Corporate Park Parking Passes - Ballantyne employees were issued security checkpoint parking passes Friday afternoon.

The passes will be required to get through the CMPD/US Secret Service local traffic only check point at Ballantyne Commons Parkway and North Community House Road beginning on Monday. Ballantyne Employees were required to sign for the parking passes that are pretty none nondescript. The passes are not bar coded, there is no hidden RF chip, not even so much as a serial number.

Yet the pass allows the driver to get within less than 100 yards of the front door to the President's temporary Charlotte living quarters


Anonymous said...

Imagine how much actual police work would get done if CMPD issued a permanent "no personal cell phone" policy. I challenge everyone to take a look inside that patrol car the next time one drives by. More likely than not the officer inside has a cell phone stuck in his/her ear. It's past "way out of control".

Anonymous said...

Then you would complain about police at the convenience stores or team offices using the phone.

Perhaps you should go check your lawn and run the children off.

Anonymous said...

Well if you think you will have proper police protection during the DNC you are wrong. There are hundreds of police officers sitting around waiting for something to do while you maybe have a dozen running around in your district working 12 hr shifts. Look at the numbers, everybody love numbers. 2 RNC related arrests. 25 million dollars per arrest. Bad intell just like the DNC. Tax payer money wasted for what? Damaged property that they have insurance for?

Anonymous said...

Cedar you must know the Cleve (who would name their child that) is a "brother" and there is no way he'd dis a fellow brother like Rottney.

He is just another hood rat looking for a big pay day from the chief. Drinking the same koolaid like all the other Obama loving dumbasses out there.

You should post the F-Bombs!

Just saying.

Anonymous said...
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Cedar Posts said...

4:23 Which was my point. Photo looks pretty harmless to me. Some of the others not so much.

But I don't want to cause anyone grief that they don't deserve.

Tell me what you think email me at

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks like Cedar picked out the least damning photo or status update and shared it with the public.

I noticed that Cedar didn't post any names with the F-bombs.

I don't think you can tell the story with out some "proof"

Thinking her photo should stay.

Anonymous said...

Really? Officers taking shots at officers...that's what we need? Here we have a time in the department and city when officers endure pay freezes while other city employees look at 5 and 10 percent increases year after year. Here is an officer that had her trust taken advantage of and to you that stabbed her in the back I say this, your fellow officers will learn about you and they will know of your gutlessness and how you treat one of your own. To anon 6:46, you are obvioulsly someone that is constantly running their mouth and getting called downtown for it and then feeling like they are singled out for their own stupidity. Remember, when you are out there working you only have those other patrol officers busting their ass to get to you when you need it. Let's leave the pettiness to those above you and watch each others backs.

Cedar, the woman does not deserve the picture being up. The story you wrote runs fine without it up and there will be plenty of fodder to write up. I enjoy your blog but I do not enjoy seeing how one of her so called "friends" betrayed her.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:49 how do you know it was an "officer taking a shot at an officer?" Was it you perhaps?

Anonymous said...

1:12 sounds paranoid and uninformed: "was it YOU perhaps"

Any idiot could tell from context the implication that it came from another officer. Looking for someone to blame and pitting against each other is good training from Monroe.

Probably wasn't best policy from Cedar (my opinion) to include a name, but the damage was done by Monroe and CMPD brass, not her or Cedar. What is the harm in that picture? Is there anything that violates policy? What policy? Is there anything top secret that has been given away by exposing that particular safety equipment? It looks like standard, expected safety equipment. If she put anyone in danger by doing it, then of course they should take disciplinary measures up to and including firing if appropriate. If this is all about ego and making Monroe look incompetent and out of control, then people should be looking at his response.

They should also be looking at many other things he's doing that fall into that category.

Quit sniping at each other and focus where you should.

Who has the memo or proof of what happened regarding the lock down, & weather it was appropriate?

Anonymous said...

If this is really the parking pass that lets people get near the President of the United States, someone should FIRE Monroe, Medlock, and any supervisors in then Secret Service that allowed it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:38 AM - that is the parking pass. I work in a building practically across the street from the Ballantyne Resort and we do have to have the pass displayed to get past the checkpoints. However, we have also been notified to have employee badges and picture ID available and I fully expect it to be checked. Also, there are other precautions like closing half our parking garage (the side facing the Ballantyne resort). I suspect there will be very heavy security as would be expected.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm losing faith in Cedar to actually report and post items of interest. Why did little miss Officer's photo get removed? Cause someone's feelings were hurt? Or the comments to the blog post removed? I don't remember any foul language being posted on this thread. Not sure I'm happy with the censorship. Think I'll start my own blog. As a long time reader of Cedar Posts and a bouncer at an uptown bar I have alot of contact with CMPD Officers, good and bad. Not sure I'm happy with Cedar's censorship.

Cedar Posts said...

The sniping took away from the point of the post, and that is the CMPD Command has The Observer where it counts.

But on the other hand if you do start a blog like me know I'd be pleased to add it to the "blog roll"

Or better yet, I'd be thrilled to post anything that you would like to write, no edit, no censor of comments. Call your own shots.

I'd imagine work the club scene uptown you have much to share.

Anonymous said...

maybe he has been at some of the clubs where brutal beatings have been covered up.

the people that were there should have a chat with the out-of-town media who might actually investigate and do a story.

Anonymous said...

I fail to understand how ALL the mainstream media in Charlotte seems to be in the pocket of rodney.....are they really that naive or afraid of rodney's threats to cut their access to cmpd off??

What he has done and continues to do at cmpd is outrageous....yet there is NO investigative reporting, none.

And his trangressions are many and so obvious and so blatant that anyone but the terminally stupid can see. It's not like anyone would have to dig that far beneath the surface.

You have to wonder if the fear is because he is African American? Are we so politically correct that we would accept corruption for fear of being labeled racists? Because if he were a white male, he would be gone for the many, many unethical things he has done, plain and simple!

And Cleve is so intertwined with rodney, he has no objectivity or credibility.