Monday, August 13, 2012

PGA Championship Pranksters Andrew and Chris Crowley Arrested At Gun Point

Andrew Crowley and his brother Christopher had spent more than an hour Saturday afternoon waiting out a passing thunderstorm under the players bridge at no. 17. When the rain eased he and his friends found the course virtually empty. Not a marshal, PGA official or even an Ocean Course employee in sight.

The rain just keeps coming at the 18th on The Ocean Course
As they walked along the 18th fairway they noticed the unattended massive score board. Oh but wouldn't it be cool to have his name on the leader board, not just on, rather on top and at 7 under no less.

The leader board on 18 unattended prior to the unauthorized edit.

So while VIP spectators watched from inside the sky boxes and nearby club house our intrepid duo did their thing and took a few photos. Then someone yelled "run" and it was off to the races.

Local sheriff's department deputies cornered the guys on one of the sandy roads leading away from the course and ordered them at gun point to lay face down on the ground. A little over reaction? Maybe but you never who about golf fans.

Andrew and Chris Crowley face down in the sand. Photo Credit Kimberly Allen

All is well than ends, and in this case a civil summons and a 100 dollar fine and these college kids can put this behind them. Only trouble is these guys are 33 and 43 respectively.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

These are the idiots who yell after a shot, "...In the hole!" or "You Da Man!"

I guess when they go to jail the probably will still be yelling "It' in the HOLE!"