Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Odds and Ends

It has been a pretty interesting week. I've bumped into one of "Tiger's Girls" on the docks of Bohicket Marina. Missed being struck by lightning about a 100 times while out on the Ocean Course, watched some of the best golfers in the world play golf from inside the ropes in some really wicked wind, found myself and Mrs Cedar being chased down I-26 at 3 am by a drunk driver who was trying to rear our car, had a guy fall out of the bleachers on my watch at the 18th green during the final round of the PGA Championship and managed to get a really good sun/wind burn.

Tammy Hatley Case - In November Cedar Posts reported that Federal Judge ruled in favor of the former CMPD Sergeant in her suit against Chief Rodney Monroe and the City of Charlotte.

According to a Charlotte Observer the judge in the case has issued an order finalizing the case on July 30, 2012. The ruling provides that the city will pay $12,000 in lost wages, $1,581 in taxable costs and her attorney fees of $109,635.

Hatley was hired in 1982 and rose to the rank of sergeant over 16 years. After Chief Rodney Monroe took over the department, Hatley became one of 39 response area commanders and was given a take-home car, new duties and a 7 percent pay increase. In a promotion ceremony, the new area commanders were given an insignia for their uniforms signifying an increased rank and responsibility, according to court documents.

In 2010, Hatley was transferred from her area commander job, her take home car was taken way as was her pay increase and RAC insignia, all without a formal a review by a civilian review board, as required by CMPD directives.

Chief Monroe told the court that the response area commander position was only a temporary assignment. The department's position was that Hatley wasn’t officially promoted, meaning that she couldn’t have been demoted and wasn’t owed a civil service board hearing.

The court disagreed citing the department own directives.

Cedar's Take: This is just another example that our CMPD Chief runs that department as he pleases without regard for directives or common sense. This not only cost a good Officer her career but the tax payers were burned for more $100k paid out to her lawyers.

But as Hatley's lawyer Louis Lesesne with Essex Richards pointed out in an email to Cedar Posts, not only did taxpayers pay for Sergeant Hatley's lawyer fees but also the fees to defend the Chief's actions. The team of lawyers retained by CMPD and the City of Charlotte may well total more than $150k. The actual amount wasn't disclosed but a FOIA request should turn it up.

Regardless the total hit to taxpayers over a $12k per year pay cut could be shocking $300k plus.

Read more here:

Bryson Avery Just Another Heroin Death - Bryson Avery's obituary in the Charlotte Observer gave not a hint as to the cause of his death.

"Bryson Avery, 29, passed away July 31, 2012 at his home in Charlotte. Bryson was an extraordinary musician, actor, funny man, and deeply adored son, brother, uncle, and friend. He is survived by his mother Cheryl, father David, sister Carmody, grandmother Winnie Cooper, brother-in-law David, and his nephew Knox. Bryson was a pillar in the Plaza-Midwood community. His impact to all who knew him is evident in the outpouring of memories, photographs, and videos that have been shared on Facebook since his passing. Bryson's contagious laugh, charismatic personality, and sense of humor touched many lives during his short 29-year life."

But the sad truth is that Bryson was a "user" and his death attributed to a drug overdose, most likely heroin. His death like so many others in Charlotte could have been avoided, yet no one is willing to speak out and say "hey dumbass put down the spoon drop the freaking needle" because that shit is going to kill you.

So at this point you are asking yourself, why should I even care? Fox News interviewed Bryson on "sleeptexting" earlier this year and his personality comes through in the interview, and so, his death is a loss, and that's why.

A quiet epidemic is going on in Charlotte and no one is talking about it.  The fact is Bryson Avery was a talented funny guy, who needed drugs to escape whatever pain was chasing him. It worked, sort of, he feels no pain now, but do you really think this is what he wanted? Speak out, speak up.

More on Bryson Avery's death later this week.

Sikh Shooting Prompts CMPD Chief Monroe to go to Temple - Charlotte's police chief decided to show up at a local Sikh temple. The claim is to show support for the victims and families of last week's shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

Hate crimes are pretty uncommon here in Charlotte. Even most semi literate (Mormons) know Sikhs are not Islamic extremists. In fact the religion which originated in the Punjab region of India, has more in common with the Dalai Lama than Muhammad. In fact Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam are distinctly different.

Yet Chief Monroe thought it would be a good photo opt to show up for the cameras.

Cedar's Take: Not really he just looks stupid, however he does a good job of illustrating why men should never, I mean never buy gold toe socks at Walmart.

Meanwhile Mitt Romney calls a Sikh Temple a Sheik Temple, so clearly we are doomed. For the record it is Sikh as in "seek" and not Shiek as in "chic".


Anonymous said...

Another homicide last night.....oops, sorry, I mean "death investigation".

Monroe continues to amaze with his blatant self promotion.

He lives in his own skewed reality....probem is, so many buy into it instead of pointing out how delusional it is.

Anonymous said...

Typical... The attorneys profited more from this than Tammy did. After all, it was her career that was flushed down the commode for no reason other than she refused to "play nicely with others".

Anonymous said...

You've just got to admire a man who will don a turban and adopt the sikh prayer pose to show his cultural sensitivity, diversity, and acceptance of all faiths... while banning prayer in the name of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I am lmao....that is some funny looking s&^%....what a dodo bird...and the poor white shirts that had to go with him...I would like to have seen old medlock sitting there...too funny.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Chief Monroe thinks he is a politician rather than a Police Chief.

Anonymous said...

He missed his opportunity to look taller.

How is it possible that nobody has any support to comment for Sgt. Hatley, who was running #1 crime stats (legitimately) in one of the hardest areas of Charlotte?

But many will comment endlessly about a girl in a sundress on a dock at a golf tournament? Pathetic.

Tammy Hatley is one of your own. And mistreated for political reasons. And where are you?
And they have blown about $250,000 more to try to defend their actions (at least). And lost--which will benefit every last one of you.

Anonymous said...

with exception to 9:37

Anonymous said...

whose the officer looking like a member of the bloods with his red do rag

Anonymous said...

Most do not care about Hatley or anyone else that has stood up and fought back against the lies and corruption.

They are much too consumed with their own survival and promotions to care. And they are too cowardly to take a stand of their own or to stand up for anyone that does. Scared little rabbits, trembling at their own shadows.

Integrity and ethics mean nothing in the current climate of's every man/woman for themselves.

Spin and rationalization have taken the place of integrity. and ethics.

Anonymous said...

You would think that they would have learned something from the Hatley lawsuit. They are continuing to mess with the RAC "Staff Sergeants" who were demoted. Tell them one thing and do another. No accountability.

Anonymous said...

what are they telling "staff sergeants"? and is this another fake rank?