Friday, August 10, 2012

PGA's Epic Ocean Course Security Fail

There is a reason we all put up with security at sports venues in a post 9/11 world, our own safety. We submit to having our bags opened and inspected, our pockets emptied and our bodies scanned and zapped by metal detectors. And most of us do so without any complaints whatsoever.

But a gaping hole has turned up in the 2012 PGA Championship security plan.

While patrons and volunteers have their badges and daily tickets checked before they even step aboard a bus, anyone who can drive to the Sanctuary Hotel can step aboard a shuttle without any questions asked.

(How hard is it to score a gate pass and drive to the hotel?  I have four gate passed, and the passes are not numbered, or bar coded and I figure there are thousands of them floating around. The pass gets you past all the SCHP and Kiawah Check Points and right up to the hotel. Valet parking is a plus.)

And rather than dropping those on the hotel van off at the main entrance, they are whisked to the front of the club house. Those entering the media center have their credentials scanned and bags checked but the rest of us are sent directly onto the course.

No screening, no bag check, not even a scan of our credentials or tickets.

Hello my name is Abdul Jihad and I am here to blow up the 18th green and kill hundreds of Americans. OK that might be a little far fetched, but still why have all the security in place, pay 100s of thousands of dollars to law enforcement and rent-a-cops and yet give 100s of people a free pass?

No need to worry about someone walking up to Bubba Watson off the beach, the freaking front door is wide open.


Anonymous said...

So you are saying to breeched security? Got on to the course in an unlawful manner? Broke the law? And now you want to confess to the world and why?

Anonymous said...

It is true, rode the same route on Wednesday driver took us to the clubhouse and we walked back across the bridge to the patron side.

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