Saturday, August 11, 2012

The PGA Championship Day 3 The Ocean Course

In a screaming wind, that coated cars a mile from the beach with salt spray, the entire field on the 94th PGA Championship struggled Friday. When darkness closed in the final group was still on the 17th. They will play 18 at 7:30 this morning.

Even Tiger Woods who had his putter dialed in most of the day three putted the 18th and felt the pain.

During the day the rain came and went but the wind gained in intensity, some players faltered, some shined but most just did the grind of 18 holes against the wind. It was a day were 80 was a hard number to beat.

Those who stuck with it, were rewarded with scores that held the line against the cut, forget par as the course was playing to an average of 78.1 the highest number ever for the PGA Championship round which put the cut at 6 over par.

Behind the scenes, volunteers the army of the tournament pushed on as well, communication seemed to be the biggest issue.  Radios work fine unless a 20 mile an hour wind is blowing across the microphone. Trash didn't need to be picked up so much as it need to be caught, tackled and stomped.

The ten mile bus ride from the parking lot to the other end of Kiawah Island took nearly a hour rather than the 30 minutes the tournament officials expected. And if I hear "wheels on the bus" ever again I may be facing homicide charges.

The volume of traffic coming onto the island has turning the 30 minute drive from Charleston's Peninsula into a two hour grind as well. There are only two routes on and off the island so if the weather stays dry expect the trip home today and after Sunday's final round to be torturous.

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