Monday, September 3, 2012

Charlotte's Finest Gets to Work

CMPD kicked off the DNC2012 in fine style with only two arrests. The day was hot, long and for the most part boring as watching paint dry.  While protesters huddled under shade trees CMPD Officers stood where they were assigned. Those who were lucky enough to draw an assignment Uptown lucked out if they found themselves in the shade of an office tower. While on the other side of the street fellow Officers found out just how hot the pavement can get.

The protester came and went and for the most part were orderly. The two exceptions.

Chris Wright Stephens DOB 12/28/79 was arrested for disorderly conduct, assault on a government official and resisting arrest at the 200 block of South College. Arrest number is 1547119.

Anna Marie Wright DOB 8/9/89, was arrested for wearing a mask and carrying a concealed weapon (knife) at 4th and College around 2:25. Arrest number is 1547120.

According to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff both were released before midnight.


Anonymous said...

haven't seen anywhere,but suspect the "mask" is just that scarf you can see. So was she just trying to be an anonymous protester? or did she make a dangerous move of some sort? Did she pull that knife or was it the same kind of small knife which would be allowed on the streets by anyone else--and for protection and maybe for eating if you are camping? Did she threaten anyone? Will the arrest be thrown out because she didn't do anything but walk around protesting with a scarf on, or did she do something threatening?
It doesn't seem like she resisted, either.
I can't find any account yet of what happened to prompt her arrest: just MSM with "Mask and knife"

TM7000 said...

I love your blog, which I just discovered while researching Charlotte and the DNC2012. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Protesters know what they are allowed to do and what they are not. It doesn't matter what kind of knive it is, it was concealed. Not to mention in a large crowd it can be considered mass destruction. I'm sorry but not all police officers are out to get people! If people would be law abiding up standing citizens and on this case follow the guidlines they are giving then police wouldn't bother you. So before you start questioning to police and flaunting your ignorance educate yourself because it's not attractive!!

Anonymous said...

I was not "questioning policc" or flaunting ignorance. Your answer is from a person out of control.

I simply asked some factual questions about matters that had not been publicized yet.

She had only her scarf, not any other "mask." She says she used it to wipe of sweat and shield herself from the sun periodically. I'm sure there will be arguments about that.

Also, there was a flat pack of razor blades that in her back pocket that was discovered. She says she had used them to make jeans into shorts, and had them for utilitarian reasons and protection while camping.

I'm sure there will be arguments about these issues in court.

Seeing what prompted the arrest and how it happened will show the real story.
Meanwhile, take a nap. Nobody said all police officers are out to get everybody. Just a question if she wask walking around with a mask. Just curious. No need to be insulting and make assumptions.

Anonymous said...

No matter why she has the scarf she wasn't supposed to have it on her face or the razor blades on her person while she was there and the protesters know that ahead of time. Do you know at the NATO conference in Chicago this past May a protester stabbed an officer? Maybe I jumped to conclusions on your comment but people don't seem to understand officers do what they do to keep themselves and others safe. People also tend to forget officers have families and kids at home. Until people stop all this nonsense about officers I will continue to voice how I feel.

Anonymous said...

I hope you do voice how you feel. I'm very supportive of officers who do the job right. These officers probably did. Like I said, I was just looking for more information in a place that often has it.

As far as "nonsense about officers," don't lump everyone together. You probably know better than anyone there are some bad ones out there, aided and abetted all the way to the highest link in the chain. Speaking up in a way that will help clean house would help put a stop to any other nonsense that comes up because of the lack of trust that kind of activity cultivates.

I really did just want to know if there was a mask plus a scarf...

thanks for writing.

everyone watch out for each other and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cedar,
CMPD did a great job with the DNC but the observer is giving all the credit to Medlock and Monroe. Officers did all the work and those two did photo ops. The observer shows a picture with Monroe standing next to one of the reasons the event went so well. Major Greene worked his butt off and led most of the protestor events along with Major Gallant. Monroe made the right decision in backing their responses but the brunt of the protest activity was commanded by these two.