Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Wrap Up - Cam Newton Edition

The "P" Word - Pathetic comes to mind. You knew it wouldn't be pretty, the pre game stats said NY all the way but the reality of it was uglier than you could have imagined.

Newton was 16-of-30 on the night for 242 yards. Zip zero zilch in the touchdown pass column and 3 interceptions. Sacked twice and rushed for 6 yards. His numbers don't live up to the Cam hype.

Charlotte's big bet has been Cam Newton and casual fans expected he would make Charlotte a dynasty, something to tell their grand kids about.

Reality check, it is still a team sport and until the rest of the team shows up with at least 1/2 the intensity of Steve Smith, Panther fans will be to be doing the walk of shame with 18 mins left on the clock.

Cedar Bonus Take: Until the rest of the team shows up, Cam Newton might want to "can" the superman gig.

On the bright side you can still cheer for Carolina as long as you don't mind yelling Go Gamecocks!

Obama's Pole (Poll) Numbers - If the phone dialer's and surveys are right will have another four years of Obamanation. Obama leads Mitt Romney across the board and no Pole (Poll)shows Obama trailing. Which might just work out to Romney's advantage. If the Democrats are as lazy as Republicans think then with a Obama led going into November maybe 1/2 the Obama voters will stay home on Tuesday November 6th.

Don't forget Monday November 5th is Philly at New Orleans

CMPD DWI Check Point Nets 5 Drunks - CMPD and State Law Enforcement spent four hours idling on North Sharon Amity Road early this morning.  Pretty inefficient use of time but it does point to a bigger issue. In the "drag net" CMPD charged 32 people for driving with a revoked license, 28 charged because they had no license at all, as well as another 45 drivers with tag, inspection or proof of insurance violations.

The influx of Latino, and Asian drivers has sent the NCDMV into a tail spin. There is not effective way to control these drivers who thumb there nose at the laws most of us obey. These are people that should be removed from the streets. They don't have the basic skill set to pass a drivers test. Nuts!

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Kydaryune Curry - His name shortened to KC for obvious reason was gunned down last weekend because he "had shown disrespect" to one the suspects he was 17.

Kydaryune "K.C." Curry and his mom, Benita Turner.

Read more here:
Now it is up to Mecklenburg District Attorney Andrew Murray to sort it out and charge the five teens responsible appropriately.

Bruck Birega Fekadu, 16

Sheldon Gregory, 17

 Dedrick Lorenzo McKenzie, 16

Jeremy Elijah Pate, 19

Samuel Jerome Walker Jr., 18
Currently charged with first-degree murder are: Bruck Birega Fekadu, 16; Sheldon Gregory, 17; Dedrick Lorenzo McKenzie, 16; Jeremy Elijah Pate, 19; and Samuel Jerome Walker Jr., 18.  However you can expect some of these charges will be reduced or dismissed as Andrew Murray's office seeks an expeditious resolution vs trial.

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Two camps have already formed those who say they are all guilty and those who say only the one who pulled the trigger McKenzie should be charged with Murder.

This whole "disrespect" thing is a black cultural holdover from the 80's. In Chicago it has helped pile up bodies of black youth, 21 so far this month. Chicago's homicide total for 2012 is expected to exceed 500. As of July, 201 out of 259 homicide victims were African American.

Of the 201 African American victims 143 were between 15-35 of those 133 had arrest histories.
Then there are the more than 1000 shooting victims through July 2012 who were shot, but didn't die.

KC is the exception to the rule, he didn't have an arrest record. But for the thugs who murdered KC, those who don't end up spending life in prison will return to the streets with a big target on their back and chances are pretty good, they will end up with a chalk outline.

CP Take: I'll call on Mecklenburg DA Murray to stand against violence and see that all of these thugs get long (Active) prison sentences of at least 20 years. As for the shooter, seems the death penalty is most appropriate. I strongly believe that many many people deserve a second chance, however when it comes to violent crimes the sad truth is once a thug always a thug.  In North Carolina the number of drug offenders behind bars is 3x the number of violent offenders. Something is wrong here. I don't need to be protected from the pot smokers or pot growers, protect me and my family, my neighbors and friends from rapists, and murderers, child molesters and armed robbers. Lock them up toss the key.

Violent offenders should not be released on parole, put on probation or given a second chance, these people are savages. No better than a pack of wild dogs.


Anonymous said...

*poll numbers

Anonymous said...

Is there any alternative to 1st degree murder? Act was premeditated from prior days actions, and followed through, by this gang. Some of these kids look like they should be in middle school. Tough way to end your life, so young, yet so violent.
Now it's up to the DA to protect the public from these blood thirsty animals.
Our city is creeping closer to 3rd world status everyday.

Anonymous said...

Kydaryune Curry from all accounts was a nice kid just trying to get through school, make it to college and adulthood. Now he's dead.

The answer to last question is no, there's no PROPER alternative to first degree murder and conspiracy to commit charges for all five, but that probably won't stop DA Andrew put-everyone-back-on-the-street-for-more-crimes- Murray from avoiding the charges. He'll probably skip out on as much as he can. As usual.

Cedar Posts said...


I have NASCAR points race on my mind.

Romney lost the race when he didn't release all of his tax returns.

Add to that all the other miss steps and we get four more years of BO

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that a good kid with a future was killed by thugs without a future.We sure we had a new DA with some bite but found out he was just a cat like his predessesor. So it has to come to the leaders in the city and county not to spend money that it doesn't have but yet it wants to build a worthless trolley and train that few will ride.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Cedar on this one small point because I don't normally agree with his racist slant. But I too want the violent offenders locked up. The first offense, hit your wife, pull a gun, rape someone whatever it should be goodbye see you in 20 first offense. No second chances.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Murray is a limp, useless Monroe suckup who lets him keep ignoring crime to try to make the the shining city look good with fake statistics put up by a phony chief that keeps getting propped up by the idiots that put him in place and keep him there.

Recall for everyone while there's some of Charlotte left to save.

Lost another good kid to stupid violence everyone says isn't happening. But the Mayor will keep trying to get to Washington on the backs of we who are paying taxes for his boondoggles to try to make him look good. He hasn't said a WORD about the skyrocketing crime.

Anonymous said...

Look at the faces of those five goddamn dirty black animals and answer the question as to which one of them would look like the son The President never had.

Anonymous said...

Nice of Cedar to question others' "skillsets" when every damn one of his posts has about two dozen spelling and grammatical errors.

Anonymous said...

10:54 I am surprised you didn't grade his handwriting.

Anonymous said...

1st of all look into these kids background and once you do that you will know there all good kids including kc. its about guidance and the lack of it, im very hurt from this murder over disrespect and none of these kids knew that the killer had a gun or intended to do harm kc. they went there to let the shooter and kc fight to clear the issue and some how the situation completely turned deadly when the kid shot at kc. this is a difficult case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time for the other kids and kc because the shooter had to have some anger issues and been holding in some problems that exploded onto kc.

Anonymous said...

So many things I want to say here...where do I begin