Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday's Odd and Ends

Belk South Park Fire Hazard - This is the fire exit at Belk SouthPark, which is cluttered with boxes and stock. You got to love the sign "Do Not Block Fire Door"

The trouble is this exit is one of two on the second floor that in the event of a fire customers would use to escape death. So CP was pretty surprised when one of the floor managers offered, "It doesn't look that bad".  

The Belk manager is correct it doesn't look that bad, except with the power out, smoke filling rapidly and a store filled with Christmas shoppers the death toll would be stunning.  They would all die right here, with the first person to stumble and fall.

You can guess that if this is in plain sight there are more violations behind the doors.

Cedar Posts not being real pleased with the official response from Belk looked to Charlotte's Fire Department as plan "B".  The CFD has a "on-line" form that can be completed to "rat out" violators, so CP did just that. But a week later, nothing but crickets.

The CFD form is here.

Plan "C" was a tweet with the above photo attached directed to CFD public information officer Mark Basnight. His response was classic "@MarkBasnight Sorry, not on the clock nor do the comments made on my personal Twitter account represent CFD"

Rea Road Construction - The mess on Rea Road between Highway 51 and Colony continues. The good news is that after a week of traffic tie-ups the improvements to the intersection at 51 and Rea was completed Sunday afternoon.

Bank of America - Friday BofA announced 16,000 lay offs, that will happen before Christmas.

Greed of course is good, and with interest margins shrinking and banking fees coming under the watchful eyes of the Feds, Bank of America has little choice but to try and cut their way to profitability.

Laying off 16 thousand employees when just a week before they announced they were ready to grow strikes many as odd. But this is the way Bank of America has treated their customers for years.

More from ABC News here.

Percy Craven - Cedar Posts is going to spin off Percy Craven and give him a dedicated twitter account. I doubt the world will flock to see what Percy has on his mind but if a far right leaning, 89 year old self admitted "semi" racist pickup truck driving hillbilly farmer former USFS employee now turned "full time" fisherman has something on his mind you just might read it here.  A little insight at Percy Craven and a fish story of sorts is here


Anonymous said...

Belk has gone to dirt. The two stores next door are mopping the floor with them. So it doesn't surprise me. I give them another year maybe two and they'll be like JC Penny's.

Anonymous said...

Uh, doesn't Basnight earn a hefty six figure salary? That alone should be enough to warrant a response to a legitimate safety concern from a tax paying citizen.

Anonymous said...

I simple phone call to get the facts would have been easy. The complaint was forwarded to the correct fire department division, and it was followed up on Sept 19th. Hope this puts you at ease.

Unknown said...

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