Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In Case You Missed It - Teacher Greed In Chicago

I think this pretty much says it all:


Anonymous said...

I've read that they are the highest paid school district in the nation and if they get away with a 16% increase watch the teachers at CMS make the same demands. This is B.S. Many are in it for the kids and many leave because of the "rules" but I am tired of hearing "it's for the kids" as the taxes shoot up and up.

Anonymous said...

Assuming your not independently wealthy, and if you are, lucky you, I seriously doubt that if your paycheck disappeared you would continue going to work because your so dedicated to your job.


Cedar Posts said...

I know a lot of teachers a number of them in my family, and yes I think they would do it just for the kids.

But then again these are people who live in small towns and rural areas of the South, Midwest and New England.

In fact a couple of them showed up for classes last year even though they were not getting paid for weeks because of a budget error in their very small school district.

They are not paid well, but health insurance, summers off and and the biggest perk of all the kids, seem to make it all worth it.

For all those who are paid well for teaching their are hundreds more who do it for free.

Think about, Little League and YMCA coaches, Sunday School Teachers, Boy and Girl Scout leaders, they all do it for FREE.

Yes I think they would continue going to work even if the pay check disappeared.