Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Odds and Ends

Another East Charlotte Shooting Death - Charlotte police are actively searching for a red SUV after a Charlotte teen is found dead.

According to Charlotte Mecklenburg Police, they received an assault with a deadly weapon call on Northgate Trail Drive around 6:37 p.m. on Sunday. Medic says when they arrived on scene they found 17-year-old Kydaryuni Curry suffering from a gunshot wound. A short time later he was pronounced deceased.

Detectives are canvassing the east Charlotte neighborhood to determine if there are any witnesses. Police say a red SUV with multiple passengers were seen fleeing the scene.

CMPD Bike Cops Rule - Cedar Posts talked with a couple of CMPD Officers over the weekend about the DNC 2012 and how things worked out.

Chief Monroe had already admitted that a "couple" of CMPD Officers were attending meetings to "monitor" the Occupy protest group. But Officers CP spoke to say that the "embedded" cops were many in number and had infiltrated the group's leadership.

It is CP's understanding that both CMPD and the FBI had guys in deep cover among the Occupy Protesters. These are CMPD guys who joined the protest group months ago and played the part, complete with long hair and even going so far as not having showered or shaved for weeks.

Not to be confused with these two guys who stood out like a couple of tourists.

The "insider information" gave CMPD advance knowledge of plans to break windows at Bank of America and Duke Energy offices Uptown on the final day of the convention using the "Bum Rush" method the anarchists put in play in Chicago.

CMPD Chief Monroe gets a couple of points for sending CMPD Officers to Chicago and Tampa, as the hands on work gave CMPD a couple of ideas that translated to an advantage when the DNC came to Charlotte.

The biggest advantage came from understanding the Chicago Police Department's inability to respond quickly and how useless riot shields were for crowd control. While riot shields are excellent in deflecting rocks and bottles their curved wrap around design gave protesters charging the line an advantage since the shields often acted more like spring doors allowing protesters to remain on their feet while "punching through"
In Tampa the bike cops ruled the night. Where shields forming a line were susceptible to break through mountain bikes interlocked wheel to wheel are impossible to cross. Further cops on bikes proved considerably more mobile than cars and faster than horses.

With the Chicago and Tampa knowledge of what works and what doesn't as well as the inside info CMPD used their bike cops to herd and control the Occupy crowd.

The undercover cops nearly broke out laughing when during one Occupy meeting a protester expressed his displeasure with the bike cops, saying that CMPD had more than 300 cops on wheels.
The truth is CMPD fielded less than 100, but with advance notice and military precision, coupled with speed CMPD bike cops were nearly able to be in two places at once. CMPD Bike Cops rode so many miles that one Office told CP that he lost more than five pounds during the week long work out.
Cedar Posts watched an impressive performance whenever the bike cops moved out or came down the street to rapidly form a line ahead of the Occupy marchers.

The combination of Bike Cops and inside information thwarted the Occupy groups plans to get attention by breaking windows and damaging property.

The End of The Arab Spring - The attacks on US Embassies, Consulates and business with some obscure home made movie as the excuse continue. But Cedar Posts says that may be the biggest mistake Muslim nations can make.
Cedar's Take: Throwing shoes at our president, or burning him in effigy we as Americans take pretty much in stride, but tearing down our flag and killing a US Ambassador is cause for a war.

The Obama Administration says the attacks were the result of hate speech, frankly if you ask CP, protesters bring signs and loud voices, not RPGs and AK-47s. This was an act of terrorism that requires a forceful response.

But it need not be a response of bombing or drone strikes. Rather one of collective punishment, expelling all Libyan and Egyptian students from the US and cutting off funding should be quick and direct.

Of course some will scream that not all Muslims are haters of America, well too bad. As the Germans found out during WWII living in a country is cause enough to be punished. As Americans we have all been punished again and again because of actions of a few. We need to be pissed and take action.


Anonymous said...

Here, here!

I have friends born in Iran, they live in Dalls, TX, and on Facebock they write in a language that Google cannot translate so I wrote, you're in America so speak English, she is a teacher, and she said "I like to live like I am back home." A Muslim is a Muslim first no matter how long they lived in the USA.

Anonymous said...

And you, Cedar, would be the first to say, "you are not getting out fast enough".

You do not have one clue about geopolitics.

Let's just nuke everyone and annihilate mankind.

Or like Romney says "stand up to China"....... EXACTLY how does he plan on doing that? He does not have a clue.

The world is a lot more complicated and dangerous than that switchblade mentality of "just go to war".

Easy to say should go ahead and enlist.

Cedar Posts said...

I don't think we need to go to war rather just the opposite. Kick them all out of the US and slam the door. No aid, no visas, no more trouble.

The Muslims don't deserve freedom, or civil rights the only thing they understand is an iron fist. We took out Saddam is Iraq better? Hell no, the more troops we withdraw the more bombs they set off.

We have destabilized the entire region because we have this pipe dream that everyone needs democracy.

Wack jobs can't handle democracy!

In Iraq today that have most executions than when Saddm was in power because the inmates are running the asylum.

Anonymous said...

What the HELL? Cedar you are going to give the Chief "a couple of points"? You've gone mad just mad.

Billy Fehr said...

You want peace in the not so far Middle East? Get ready for $8 minimum at the pump, when you can find it. An ole Marine buddy and I realized shortly after March 20, 2003: We're willing to kill them to take it, while they're willing to kill themselves to keep us from getting it. I do not think democracy was ever the axis for invading Iraq, which started while I was on the ground for the dress rehearsal in 90-91.

Anonymous said...

In reference to the DNC, it is time to give kudos to the deserving. The chief was smart enough to put the right people in charge then step out of the way. Case closed ! Great job CMPD !!

Anonymous said...

6:13 I don't know if it was the chief or even command. But CMPD and the other guys did a super job. Nice of Cedar Posts to notice.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, not one clue about geopolitics.

"The Muslims"......don't deserve freedom? Wow...

An iron fist? Do you have any idea implementing your "plan" of kicking all Muslims..Or is it all Arabs.......out of the states would do??

Your bluster is only surpassed by your naivete.

Anonymous said...

Wow what an ignorant bloodthirsty asshole. The slaughter of German nationals in Poland and Czechoslovakia post-WWII is one of the largest genocides in world history (~ 2 million dead). You are a sick motherfucker, CP.

Anonymous said...

Kudo's to cmpd for a job well done. While we relish in how the protesters were "infiltrated" and valuable intelligence learned that suppressed violence in our city keep in mind the only comment the chief gave on it and it was for a reason. While the dnc is now past the operative techniques serve as a guide to future publishing all of this, it lessons the chances of it working again in the future, and possibly endangers UCs that are just trying to do their jobs.

Cedar Posts said...

Not all Muslims just those on student and work visas from Eqypt and Libya.

I don't support the extermination of Muslims any more than I support Drone strikes against leaders of militant groups.

Is Iraq better off than under Saddam Husain? How many bomb attacks occurred in Bagdad prior to shock and awe?

Understanding that these Islamic factions see the bomb mightier than the vote.

Anonymous said...

Your understanding of "life in Iraq" under Saddam is non have no freaking idea what life was like under Saddam.

The conflcts in the middle east are tribal and historic...and embeded and controlled by RELIGION. (Much like the religious extremists here are fervently trying to divide the US and take us back a few centuries).

So you would punish all for the actions of the radical extremists?

Anonymous said...

Now scum Cedar mouth is now outing CMPD undercover cops.

Hope you don't ever need one to save your sorry ass. Jerk!

Anonymous said...

8:39 I doubt that Cedar exposed anyone that wasn't already tagged in the 1000's of pics that were taken during the DNC.

Not like so of the guys in the nac unit or DEA.

Please take your crazy rants and name calling back to the Charlotte Observer pages where they tell you only what the chief says you need to know.

Anonymous said...

Anon September 18, 2012 8:39 AM

Your just a VAGINA!!.

Way to go for telling him where to go. Anon September 19, 2012 @ 9:27am.

Anonymous said...

Yes CMPD was ahead of the curve, job well done. However, a shoutout to all Public Safety Folks and city/county works. All services shined as they understood their role and stepped up very well.