Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Charlotte Catholic Posts Student Info On Line

As parents we lecture our kids about all the dangers of on line predators, scams and hackers.

Our nation has created hundreds of laws to protect our children from harm via the Internet. So, it is pretty shocking to discover that Charlotte Catholic High School has posted their entire student body on line.


The alphabetical list includes student name, address, grade level, parents name, and email address.

At first glance the info seems harmless enough, but with a little interpolation, and some key strokes it doesn't take a computer expert to develop a pretty complete profile of someone.

Cedar Posts will let you know if Charlotte Catholic replies to our email request for comment and a copy of their computer security policy.

Cedar Update: Nothing but crickets from Gerald Healy at CCHS. But as of 1:03 this afternoon the information had been removed from the school's website.

Meanwhile back at the ranch CP received an email asking "what is the big deal?" I hate to try an argue with stupid but here goes. As a parent we tell our kids, never give out your home address on Facebook or Twitter. But Facebook encourages everyone to "use their real name" add your school, and a couple of keystrokes later thanks to Charlotte Catholic High School every sicko in the world knows right where this kids live. As a bonus they know their parents name, home number and in many cases where they work, since many provided a work email address. So.... WTF, (Well That's Freaky)!


Anonymous said...

Wow - that took about 2 minutes to figure how to get that listing!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the WCNC report nice how they give you credit for the story "a viewer" lol

Might be nice if they said they stole it from Cedar Posts.

Anonymous said...

No reply from CCHS? I bet if you posted the entire list they would reply to your email.

Anonymous said...

This post is why I check this site daily. You never know what Cedar will turn up.

Anonymous said...

WCNC posted their story on this nearly two days after Cedar Posts, looks like one of the CP readers alerted the station news department but they fail to give you credit for breaking the story.

Anonymous said...

The news stations never credit the blogs for stealing their stories, which they do often. It's completely unethical.

Plagiarism is unethical and there are laws against it. It's journalism 101. They should be ashamed, but they should get the stories themselves, too. More than that, I think Cedar and others wouldn't mind at all having wider readership of the stories researched by blogs, as long as they are CREDITED and LINKED so people can read the original source.

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