Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CMPD's Domestic Violence Tree an Odd Contrast To Officers Charged With The Same

At CMPD Headquarters yesterday they held a memorial tree lighting. The trees and purple ribbons, a silent reminder of the 53 people killed this year by someone they trusted, victims of domestic violence.

The Domestic Violence Advocacy Council hosted the event. Survivors, family and friends remembered the victims, telling stories about each one. The WCNC News report shows CMPD Command Staff including Chief Rodney Monroe carefully placing ribbons on one of the trees and reading a prepared statement speaking out against domestic violence.


Chief Monroe has said on more than once occasion that his department is "committed" to stopping domestic violence, and without a doubt domestic violence hits close to home with Chief Monroe, having lost a sister to the crime.

But a floor away in the same building CMPD Officer Darnley "Cecil" Brathwaite is on desk duty. Officer Brathwaite, a Detective in the department's robbery unit, was arrested on a Domestic-Violence charge on August 26th and has been "riding" the desk ever since.

On that Sunday evening Huntersville Police reportedly responded to a call for service and arrested the 37 year old Officer after he forced his way into his ex-wife's home and held her at gunpoint. Brathwaite's former spouse was not seriously injured in the incident.

Brathwaite was transported to the Mecklenburg County Jail and charged with, Assault on a female. Assault by pointing a gun, Criminal Domestic Trespass, and False Imprisonment among other things. Officer Brathwaite posted bail the following day and was released.

Brathwaite's trial date is set for January 16, 2013 in Mecklenburg County District Court.

According to one source; since his August 26 arrest, CMPD Internal Affairs Unit has taken no action against Officer Brathwaite, opting to let the facts play out in court before proceeding with any formal investigation, if any.

Cedar's Take: Odd contrast, the trees in the lobby their branches holding stark reminders of women murdered at the hands of assailants like CMPD Officer Brathwaite. Couples have fights, things can get out of hand, but violence of any sort should not be tolerated by any police department when it comes to their officers. When an officer pulls his weapon on his ex-wife, there should be no delay in his prompt termination. There is no reason to risk a second chance.


Anonymous said...

It pains me to say this, but with Rodney, if this guy were white, he would be GONE!!

Basically, he does not want any publicity on this.

Yet, he threw a Captain he did not like under the bus.

Have you noticed what a low profile Medlock has been keeping, trying to rehabilitate his "Crazy Harold" persona so he can slide into the interim job of "chief" when Rodney leaves? He is still the same old nasty Harold, just doing a better job of keeping it under wraps!.

Crime is off the charts, every type of crime is off the charts, there is no discipline, no respect, no strategy.

Rodney has only been in the "game" for the retirement, the "glory", the publicity and the stroking of his huge ego!
Oh yeah, and the "power", he loves that manipulative power.

The same goes for all the numbnuts he has surrounded himself with and put into positions of "leading". They are not leaders, but simple minded toadies.

Watch this case carefully.....he will get away with this.

And where are all of the pressers touting the low crime "numbers"? Can't hide the crime and the lack of strategy for combating it.

Anonymous said...

Covering up all kinds of crimes charged, including domestic violence, is nothing new for CMPD or Internal Affairs or DA Andrew Murray. Remember the officer who stalked and choked and beat various girlfriends before finally being fired? Try to find an arrest record. How about DUI arrests? Disappeared from the system completely. Dula and Cook seem to have arrests completely voided. Bea Andres "associated with" a married, known felon shot down in a parking lot. Violation of policy. No discipline. Many other reported IA violations that have disappeared.
Officers lied on police reports to help cover up other misconduct and they are covering that up too. This city has skyrocketing crime because the percentage of corrupt cops is rising while the good ones cower in silence.

Anonymous said...

Missing one very important detail. Officer Brathwaite was in FULL UNIFORM when he broke into his ex-wife's house and held her and her lover and gunpoint.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong the the IA department?
Why aren't they in full investigation mode? There's nothing that should prevent them from investigating at the same time the criminal case is ongoing. The two are separate. They are TRYING TO HELP COVER THIS UP.
And it's probably under Monroe's instruction, even though he is not supposed to interfere with IA.

No backbone or ethics.

Anonymous said...

Just shows what a BIG PIECE OF SHIT the entire department is. There is no ethics anymore since FUCKING DUMB ASS Rodney Monroe took over.

Anonymous said...

Rodney OWNS IA and Cam, owns him.....and everyone knows it.

Anyone that is worth a shit is leaving or has left....all the losers rodney promoted WAY OVER THEIR CAPABILITIES will be the only ones left.

And he will continue to promote based on race until he leaves.

His legacy will be one of corruption, bias, prejudice, incompetence, and leaving the department in a corrupt complete shambles. Which has been his history.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:53
And he is still an employee of CMPD?

And mainstream media has not picked up on this travesty?

WTF is wrong with Charlotte?

And this "incident" is just one of a multitude of coverups and total lack of ethics that rodney and his posse have gottn away with.

Dear Lord, when is he leaving to go to DC and work for Holder? Let it be soon! And maybe he will take his losers AND The liar Tufano with him!!!

Jeff A. Taylor said...

Wow. Marcus Jackson Mk. II.

There is absolutely no rule of law in Char-Meck. None.

Anonymous said...

Reverse discrimination is nothing new with CMPD. Remember only a few months ago when the entire recruitment staff was "re-assigned"? Nothing has changed with hiring practices, quality candidates are being rejected simply due to the color of thier skin.

Anonymous said...

Monroe has brought shame and corruption to a once honorable and service-oriented Police Department. His only response to critics? Well if you don't like me then you must be racist. God forbid it's because you're incompetent, corrupt, and dishonorable. Seems Monroe may be the racist one here.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:40

The recruitment reassignment that took place was to avoid some very bad press that could have come out regarding Rodney telling the staff who needed to get in. You see Rodney made sure Marcus Jackson got in, but to avoid bad press he replaced the entire recruitment staff. Unfortunately not much has changed and as bad as it sounds, if your Caucasian and want to get in you better either have an extensive military background, speak a few different languages or be able to lay golden eggs.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget his unrelenting, sociopathic need to exact revenge on anyone , in his paranoia and low self esteem, that he imagines has "gone against him." When in actuality, they have only offered a differing opinion.

He is a vindictive little guy who uses his alter ego, Ricky Robbins, to carry out his nastiness.

Dumb and even Dumber.

Anonymous said...

Enough of the Rodney bashing already!

What I want to know is why/how CMPD can not fire this guy or at least kick his ass to the curb without pay unil the CSB ok his firing?

Anonymous said...

because the incompetent IA department does whatever the Chief tells them to do instead of doing their job and Walton is just as disgusting and the City Council has no backbone either.

The CSB knows this is going on. They are the ones rubber stamping the hiring practices.

The DA knows. He seems to be helping clear criminal charges in some cases. How else do they disappear?

Anonymous said...

It is NEVER enough of what you call "rodney bashing", which is actually exposing his corrupt underbelly.

And exactly who do you think is protecting this guy?

Could it be rodney? Or would that be "bashing" , to assume rodney is protecting this guys ass?

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't any station reported this? Are they lazy? Helping? Too busy? They must have heard or noticed, or are not trying very hard because I'm not in CMPD or the court house and I've known for months. Arrested in August. How didn't they know at least when his first court date was continued?

What kind of lie do you think little Robbie will come up with if anyone asks him a question now?

Here's a novel idea: someone ask Monroe a question about it. See what happens.

Anonymous said...

The damage that has been done at CMPD in a short 4 year period will be lasting. It will take a magician to Un-Fuck the mess that has been made. I pity the next Chief who has to clean it up. And we cannot lay the entire blame at Monroes feet. Yes, he led the Army but it required a lot of bobble-heads to march behind him without question. These boobs are now our Command Staff. God help us...........

Anonymous said...


Also, Walton is the one who put him in and helped him get away with all of this.

He is the one who facilitated all of the wrong promotions. He knows what Monroe has been doing. He knows about the Academy. He knows about the recruiting. He knows about the cover-ups. He knows about the contracts awarded. He knew about the criminal investigation involving Monroe before he ever hired him. He knew Monroe lied on his resume before he hired him. Who knows what else he knew about.
City Council knew and knows, too. They all do and are all responsible.

So is every single CMPD officer that doesn't put out the information they have and know. There is whistleblower protection and safety in numbers. There is also your own personal integrity to think about, if you can remember what it was before being coerced by this management team.

Anonymous said...

"Boobs"? You are giving these folks way more credit than they deserve. The 3 Stooges were boobs. Monroe is not quite as dumb as you think. What he did was separate the weak from the herd and promise these starry eyed "future leaders" an endless career path in exchange for blindly agreeing with everything he said. These are the same people who would have followed Jim Jones into the temple. They are not leaders. They are followers who are merely carrying out their leaders wishes. You are correct about one thing that you said though. It will take a long time to Un-F#@* the mess that has been made....

Anonymous said...

stupid and paranoid but sneaky enough to get lucky sometimes. and manipulative enough to lie and pit people against each other for his benefit. so maybe not completely stupid in all areas. but he is dumb enough to get caught if the people with the proof will speak up and put up. how many drooling idiots believe they will get the next promotion? there are only so many positions and so much money to go around. he can only keep so many people on the hook before anyone figures out it's time to call his bluffs. who will get tired of the crumbs? who wants their self-respect?

Anonymous said...

OMG....enough whining. Get back to work!!

Anonymous said...

Anon Dec 6, 2012 at 6:22 a.m.

Let me guess since you are trying to give those other people who post on this page about ROMO'S cover ups and lies. You are one of his BOOBS OR STOOGES. But then again you don't even deserve that title because you yourself are a POS.

We also know the reason why the news stations haven't picked up on this. The news stations are at the LEC every morning looking through the police reports that can be released to the public. They pick and choose those of interest. We know this didn't get released as a cover up and this is why they didn't know about it. This was just not printed out for them to view. Then at the same time all of the news stations are unethical also because they don't give honest reports. All the local news stations are in someones pocket, this is whey they don't report on it.

Anonymous said...

Why the lack of public outrage?

Why is this officer given special treatment?

Why doesn't the media cover this?

After all it was not just a little dust up between a husband and wife.

This moron, and I known him he is an idiot, busted into his ex-wife's home, in uniform waving a gun and held his ex and her boyfriend at gunpoint.

He should have been fired on the spot. CMPD policy should be simple if you commit a crime your employment is over!

Forget Rodney Monroe the public and guys like Andy Dulin are to blame they are the ones who allow this shit to happen.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:22
Please STFU, your constant berating people for trying to get the TRUTH in the public domain is tiresome.

And telling people to "get back to work" is childish.....many people work shift work.

Is that you, Robbie?

Anonymous said...

It's always little Robbie and his sweet friend Brian. They are probably required by the slightly taller head ass to make the ridiculous comments about getting back to work.

It would be good if Cam Selvey would start working. Andrew Murray should start working.

Anonymous said...

It's been almost 5 years since chief Monroe got here. NOTHING has happened to him via the media or his regime. Nothing is going to happen. It's a dead story. Time to move on. quit whining ! Ha!!

Anonymous said...

Basically if your BLACK and I do mean BLACK. Then you are safe within CMPD under ROMO'S reign. Don't dispute this because the writing is on the wall and the RACE CARD had been pulled.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about all the candidates that are not black that are getting stonewalled due to thier race. I've seen alot of good candidates get sent packing because it's easier to find things wrong with them then to find a reason to hire them. However if your black and have lets say a 50-B protection order against you, you can find your way to a badge.

Anonymous said...

Please notice the shade of Mr. Brathwaites skin. This is why he is still employed. No need to keep whining about it. It is not going away any time soon......

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how you can publish this story with all the wrong facts. At least if your going to make up a story, please let it be truth and not what you want people to think. Nobody knows what the truth is and why the situation occurred. But you cannot judge a person if you do not know the truth or the full story. Domestic violence is not always for the female, there are men who are mistreated through domestic violence as well. No one is covering nothing .. The right people are fully aware of the situation and WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!!! Stop trying to ruin people's character.

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff there 7:54 But what alternative universe are you living in? Really I might want to join you, ahhhhh then again maybe not.

Anonymous said...

7:54: "No one is covering nothing".......your english is horrible.

And you truly are out of your mind if you think anyone is buying that crap.

Please, tell us the "full story".....

In uniform with a gun pointed at people, NO EXCUSE for that...none.

Anonymous said...

Still not a word on network. He's still in uniform. Still no IA investigation.

7:54, what do you say the "real story" is, if it's not going to a woman's house in uniform (only a hair worse than not in uniform) and pointing a gun at her and her boyfriend?

No excuse for him or IA or the city management for letting them do this.

Anonymous said...

what makes it okay for officers to lie on the stand? lie on reports? keep on testifying and working? yeah, it's not a gun to the head (yet) but it's dishonest and could put people in jail. Is that who you want in a uniform? What happens when someone stands up to him or her?

Hey IA, where are your numbers? How many got dinged for "late to court" "crooked uniform" "rude"

IA is a joke.

Anonymous said...

IA has indeed become a huge joke.

Cam is and always has been a yes man, doing whatever he could to further his own ambition.

It seems most of the current "brass" that Rodney has "promoted" are all cut from the same cloth. Furthering their own personal agendas is their priority.

The department as a whole and the well being of the troops in particular is never a consideration for this regime.

Rodney has rewarded mediocrity to the extreme and drawn racial lines in the sand.

He promotes not on merit but race and his own peculiar brand of "loyalty".

These are facts that cannot be disputed.

IA under rodney has become a totally useless appendage, a joke. They are simply there to do his bidding, nothing else.

And no one in IA dares to cross him...or has the backbone to do it.

Any of the Deputy Chiefs rodney has promoted will forever be tainted by their association with rodney.
Harold Medlock in particular, for his unrelenting support of rodney and his unscrupulous ways.

Integrity is gone. Honesty is gone. Ethics are gone.

Positions of power have become bully pulpits of people that now use rank to carry out personal grudges and vendettas.

It will take years after rodney leaves to restore any respect to the department.

Anonymous said...

notice nobody came forward with the "real" story about the gun-toting officer who has been arrested

Anonymous said...

I've got two buddies who are trying to get hired on. I told them both that there are a few things working against them at this point. The complete lack of leadership within the dept, neither of them has any military experience, but most importantly the fact that they are white. I am not going to say that CMPD is not Hiring any white applicants right now, but it's harder than its ever been to get hired as a Caucasian. You better be pretty darn special to hired as a white applicant nowadays, pretty sad to say in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

So very true.

Ask anyone, off the record of course..,otherwise you will end up on midnight shift in the worse Division.

Anonymous said...

which division is the worst?
and do you mean worst leadership, worst lying, or worst crime?

Anonymous said...

Anon December 13, 2012 6:05 PM

Regarding the worst divisions within CMPD. I would say University Division is first under Freda Lester. Then would have to be Hickory Grove with Chuckie Henson.

Anonymous said...

Anon December 13, 2012 12:00 PM

I wish both of your friends the best in trying to get on with CMPD. But I would have them to choose another police department.

Anonymous said...

what about Providence Div. and Dozier? Can't forget that pit

Anonymous said...

agree w/ 9:47 and 10:09

Wouldn't work at CMPD for Monroe. Wouldn't want to have to work for someone like Dozier and under those conditions.

Anonymous said...

Chuckie Hinson has got to be the worst......what a tool.

I cannot wait to get out of his Division, he does not have the respect of anyone here.

Anonymous said...

Has Pless' law suit moved forward yet?

Anonymous said...

Here are the FACTS, Marcus Jackson had a 50-B protection order against him, both the recruitment section and Rodney knew this, FACT. He was pushed through due to the color of his skin and abused his power in an absolutely horrendous way. Brathwaite busted into his ex wife's home in his city issued uniform and held her and her lover at gunpoint with his city issued firearm, FACT. He still has his badge and gets a paycheck from CMPD. There was a complete re-assignment in recruitment from Captain all the way down to recruiters. This was done to make it look like the entire hiring process was going to change, FACT Unfourtunatley the only thing that has changed are the faces at recruitment, same hiring principals and practices. As soon as they understand to look at the quality of the candidate as a whole and not neceessarily the color of their skin situations like the ones mentioned above will come to an end, FACT.

Anonymous said...

This is very bothersome. As a retired and proud member of CMPD, I retired because of the absolute disregard, incompetence, and lack of fairness and professionalism under Monroe and the tyrant Chief of Staff Ray Ray. He is the assclown of the City Manager and anyone who knows the history of this proud department would know the true story, but no one wants that out there. Right? For sure one day and hopefully soon all of the smoke and mirrors BS of this administration will come to light. I serverd for years in Internal Affairs, and I investigated almost every domestic violence case that came through the door so let me see if the minions can discredit this post. I can assure you that CMPD's policy with regard to this is being totally ignored and abused. Domestic violence cases by state law had to be investigated both criminally and internally immediately. IA also had a self imposed 45 day rule to investigate and complete the IA package and have it ready for a hearing. This could have changed but I suspect it would be changed selectively and not policy wide. I can also tell you that the Sergeants in IA and the Captains have no choice but to adhere to the Chiefs demands and the direction of the Major. Oh sure they could stand up and raise hell but what would that get them? Duty Captain? Third Shift? They have numerous examples in this administration to guide their opposition. I bet each and everyone of them go home at night with heartburn because of the miscarriage of justice in this case. It taints the importance of the function that IA serves, and I am really disappointed that the Major over the unit doesnt stand up for the integrity of the process and at the very least keep a fire lit under someones ass over this. However I am smart enough to know that there are two sides to every story, but at the very least this officer was in uniform, commited some act of domestic violence, and a magistrate found probable cause to charge him, so this in itself would have under CMPD policy generated an Internal Affairs Investigation. If this officer was arrested and a subsequent 50B or ex parte order was issued he could not possess or carry a weapon unless granted permission by a judge. At any rate he would have had a 10 day revocation of those rights. A conviction will also most likely result in a revocation of his state certification. So is this officer such an asset to the department that he is being protected from the procedural protocol most often followed in these cases. There are file boxes full of cases at CMPD where officers were terminated or disciplined because of domestic violence cases, yet this case is given exception. This smells of total disregard to the policies and procedures that every other officer in CMPD must be ruled under.Hell if the Chief prevents the only check and balance of the integrity of the department from doing their job, this opens the door for more widespread abuse and potential for selective corruption to become a part of the culture of the department. This is disheartening. I honestly cannot remember another Chief at the CMPD who abused the integrity of Internal Affairs in this manner. Even during the Academy fiasco several years ago the entire IA operation was dedicated to the exhaustive investigation of that case. It really is sad that the Officers at CMPD have had to endure 5 years of this crap and if and when this Chief leaves, it will be hell to pay for the new Chief coming in because the core infrastructure of this department has been so compromised.

What ever happened to honor, courage, and integrity??? Its such a shame that these words have very little meaning today except for those officers in the trenches. Even in retirement, Id walk through hell on Sunday for most of the good troops at CMPD! Far too many people have drank from the cup of the almighty Kool Aid!!!

Anonymous said...

The Chief may have compromised the integrity of the department as a whole,
but each individual is responsible for their own integrity. You can't blame someone else for your failures.

Start doing the right thing.
Start reporting every violation of law.
Quit doing the bidding of scumbags.
Don't lie for anyone.
Don't lie.
Stop remaining silent.

Try to regain your own integrity. That's up to you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:47: "It really is sad that the Officers at CMPD have had to endure 5 years of this crap"

It's really pathetic that the officers at the CMPD have participated at every level for 5 years in this kind of crap. For every single officer that has information, documents and a conscience (most have at least the first two), time to speak up.

How will Cam Selvey hold up in court?

Who knows about all the discipline doled out against the few that tried to open investigations on the ones that are responsible for the worst in the department? It will come out. And that is likely criminal interference. And there are many people involved and informed. And anyone informed is required to report.

Anonymous said...

You say this "if the Chief prevents the only check and balance of the integrity of the department from doing their job, this opens the door for more widespread abuse and potential for selective corruption to become a part of the culture of the department."

You are really well-spoken but too diplomatic. How do you say "IF," given what the chief is already known to have done with this case and Marcus Jackson. You were there. You are retired now. You have no fear of losing your job, your pension, your life (by being put in a dangerous position). Why not go public? Help! Speak out publicly! I appreciate what you wrote here, but you were on the inside and know what happened. You could contact an attorney and release any and all information allowed by law about what conduct was going on. At least you could tell if investigations were quashed, preferential treatment was given, lies were told, files destroyed,retaliation threatened or carried out, crimes even allegations of crimes covered up, etc... Tell anything that may have happened that you know and are permitted to tell. If you are sincere, and it seems like you are, come forward. Help those "in the trenches" as you put it have an avenue to tell, too. Give them a basis for answering questions in an investigation where they have a "reason" to tell the truth. Put an end to this nightmare from someone who actually worked IA.

There needs to be an ombudsman since every other person getting paid to do their job doesn't seem to have the integrity to do it.

Anonymous said...

They are immersed in the Kool Aid.

And the really disturbing thing is that so many people have bought into the big lie and support the known corruption and actively cover up for the chief and others.

And the chief has put easily manipulated people of dubious character into every position he controls.

He has played to the egos and the aggressive ambitions of these easily manipulated people, who value rank and promotions over ethics, integrity and honesty.

The chief likes to think of himself as a rock star, and lives to rub shoulders with whom he perceives as the "rich and famous". Shallow goals for a shallow person.

It truly is disturbing and disheartening on so many levels that so few have fought back and so few have stood up to this little tyrant.

And it is the public that will pay for his misdeeds, as we now see with the rampant crime.

He has been so consumed with self promotion, and so ill equipped in any kind of real leadership, so short sighted in any kind of planning and strategy, and we are seeing the results of his total ineptness in running a PD.

Curt the Clown and CC are complicit in the corruption by their very lack of oversight and buying every lie they have been told and turning a blind eye to the blatant misdeeds and malfeasance.

Anonymous said...

Those who stand up to the misdeeds within CMPD get thrown underneath the bus. They have received either a suspension or termination.

IA if such a FREAKING JOKE, which starts all the way from the Major who is a spineless prick, then to the Captains and the Sgts.

I just wonder when the city who they are supposed CMPD is supposed to protect will get fed up with ROMO'S SHIT.

The only sad thing about it, is when the investigation begins within the department for all the unethical behavior. The remainder of the ass clowns will be gone and will not be able to be touched because they have retired. I really hope that there is not a statute of limitations on the unethical behavior they are part of. This way they can get screwed also.

Anonymous said...

5:42 you are correct on all fronts. The document string and witness string necessary to convict those in IA for what they have been doing is going to be huge.

And on this particular case, if it turns out he did go pull a gun on his wife and another person but they left him in uniform and armed, what happens if he turns around and shoots someone? Harms someone in any way? How will they live with that? Or would they even care?

Anonymous said...

9:11 PM CMPD has become another police department like those in California. It is just a matter of time when the citizens of Charlotte will get fed up. They may or may not riot, but someday they will demand answers as to why this was not provided to them as public knowledge. Just an example as the removal of crime stats from the CMPD webpage.

Anonymous said...

Another part of the problem is that since the local media are largely in bed with or not bothering to look for/report what is happening, many residents don't know the extent or depth of crime. Until something LITERALLY hits home for them, they don't care, because if they watch or read the news, it seems like everything's fine. The lies are perpetuated.

The officers "in the trenches" everyone is glorifying (and I would too in many cases) are also participating in lying about the crime stats in many other cases. It doesn't matter they are being told to downgrade and underreport crime. Have some personal integrity.

Anonymous said...

9:11 PM If the opportunity would ever present itself. Then I'm sure that those who are or were within the ranks of CMPD. Who step up and frag those assholes who brought the department into the unethical behavior and lies.

Anonymous said...

The opportunity presents itself every day you you wake up.

It begins "On xxx date, Chief Rodney Monroe (or insert other name) instructed me to do ___________________, which is a violation of law, or a violation of policy #XXX. I was present. The consequences were or could have been _______________. I also have these notes made the same day or days after. I also have these documents or reports or emails (if possible). I tried to report this to my supervisor OR I was too fearful to report this to my supervisor because I am aware of the following other officers who have been retaliated against for reporting misconduct and/or breaking the law: ___________________ and did not want to have retaliation that would harm me physically, financially, or in my career."

There's an opportunity every day. Every single day.

Anonymous said...

Did they give him drug & alcohol tests, per protocol?

Anonymous said...

11:30 AM You know that wasn't done per protocol because he is black.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for the gun charge to be dropped. I have heard it already happened in a probable plea. They are surely pissed off this is even public, since they were trying to keep it out of the news. SOMEONE in the "MEDIA" better report on it.

Jan. 16 "trial" date. Show date.

Anonymous said...

This whole situation is a joke. Most every department I know or have friends that work at these other departments have a ZERO tolerance policy for sworn officers who get arrested. Brathwaite was not a very good cop while he worked his beat and you can chalk his employment up to the crack recruitment staff. Looks like his race is keeping him safe, I can only imagine if this were a white cop...he would be dropped the minute the cuffs hit his wrists. But then again with the current state of the recruitment process within CMPD, being white is actually a detriment to anyone trying to get hired.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any bad cop is getting dropped from CMPD because the Major in charge can't get in charge of his own ass.

The lying and covering up in this department is disgusting. From crimes by police officers to lying about the crime statistics (which is also a crime). Just a good show for the stupid public who doesn't know any better because of the the shameful media.

Anonymous said...

The Major in charge of IA is saturated in Kool Aid.


Rodney let's it be known what comes he wants, and the "major" manipulates that outcome. It is as simple as that.

IA is there to serve ridney....period.

It is no longer about doing honest, unbiased investigations.

If it was about that, rodney would have been investigated fr his many, many violations and he would be GONE.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard about "special treatment" for some recently arrested"ladies" in the news?
Seems they called in a favor from the "chief".

Could this guy BE more unscrupulous?

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kdding with the glowing comments you posted about loser Harold Medlock in the Observer.

Hopefully you are giving glowing reports in hopes it encourages Fayetteville to hire him and CMPD will be rid of him.

Any PD that hiires Harold Medlock will regret it.

He is a vindictive egomaniac.

And the guy who said he is an "organizational" man is spot on. He is certainly not a "cops cop".

I If they are looking for a leader, they need to keep looking, 'cause it's not him. No one respects him and his questionable ethics.

I wonder if they know about the EEOC complaint against him that was upheld?

Anonymous said...

guess local junk paper comments are locked out now? can't see. will someone copy here?

guessing they are sarcastic, or designed to help pawn him off.

What about that author "a short break"
returning in 1993. Wasn't he selling motorcycles for 7 years?

If that newspaper expects people to pay for access, they will have to quit being a joke.

Anonymous said...

Inquiring minds want to know. What are the specifics of the EEOC complaint against Harold?

Anonymous said...

A fair amount of DV violence goes unreported, Brathwaite has always been a hothead even when he was on patrol. I would assume that this was not his first bout with DV and probably won't be his last and I am sure he will keep his job and be let loose on the streets again. This begs me to wonder if he does get his job back and gets called to a DV with a gun call, will it be handled properly??

I too have had some friends try to get hired on like some others posters here. And I too have told them that the major disadvantage they have is that they are white. It seems nowadays the last batch if recruiters along with the current crop look at skin color first. They can say that it's a fair process but the truth is that it's really not, I too have seen good people dropped for scumbags like Brathwaite.

I personally don't see an end in sight to all the BS and it makes me nervous for the future of this dept.

Anonymous said...

the future? try the present and recent past. of course the future also.

there are a few really ethical great people fighting a losing battle, with a City Manager and City Council complicit in what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Anon December 21, 2012 5:02 PM

Now with Curt gone retiring. You know as well as I do that things are not going to change. They will have just the next individual will also have his head up his ass and follow ROMO's lead.

Let's see what happens next in the line of BS within CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Or, Officers with information could speak up and also provide documents and recordings, and back each other up in the correct way.

Anonymous said...

Anon: December 22, 2012 2:27 PM

Keeping dreaming and I don't mean this is a negative way against you. There is no teamwork within CMPD anymore since Rodney took over. Everyone is stabbing each other in the back, looking for that promotion or special assignment.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:00
So very true. sad but absolutely true.

Rodney has created a totally dysfunctional police department.....there is no cohesion or teamwork...or respect because of a complete lack of any ethical leadership.

He has created a hostile work enviroment, pitting people against people and and animosity by favoring people based on race.

He is a complete failure as a leader and knows nothing about
team building.

Awful, just an awful "leader".

Anonymous said...

We all have civil service protection after a year, but if your black you have ALOT more protection. I never would have thought in 2012 it would come to this, but here we are.

Anonymous said...

Is the purpose of civil service protection to keep criminals in uniform, making all the good cops look suspect by association? Or is it just to make sure there is due process ---- according to the rules and laws ?

I thought it was the latter. Anyone who agrees should be helping weed out people who don't deserve to be police officers, don't deserve the badge, don't deserve the respect that used to come with it. Do not participate in covering up bad acts by other people in a uniform. Let them deal with the consequences and move on. Want to be pen pals later? Fine.

As for pitting people against each other, he may have managed to do it, but the people involved ALLOWED it to be done to them, too. Stop. It's the same advice you would give an abuse victim the 10th time you respond to a call. You would tell them they have to press charges and stand up for themselves, even though you know they have been beaten down with a manipulative abuser. You would tell them not to stay isolated, either. You each have information, valuable testimony, documents, and probably more.

Anonymous said...

Anon December 24, 2012 12:56 PM

That is the purpose of the civil service board under CMPD. They keep the dirty cops and screw over those cops within the department that still have ethics and morals. It seems that you talk a good fight by giving advice on what and how to do it. How to make a change, but good luck because it isn’t going to happen, as I know several officer’s that have done what is morally and ethically right and have gotten thrown underneath the bus.

It's not worth the fight because you will lose.

Anonymous said...

The interest is in helping, not calling people out. Can you describe what people have done in the past (specifically) and what happened to them? Can you give dates? Names, if possible? Better (safer) than the names of the officers, can you give the names/dates/situations of what they came forward about? I believe I know about at least one officer severely penalized for opening an IA file when it should have been opened, ex.

Please suggest a way to do something.

What would it take, in terms of safety, to bring forward information? A secure anonymous email for information to investigate? something else?

Anonymous said...

I am on the outside looking in and was hoping that someone on this blog might be able to answer a few questions for me as I am not affiliated with CMPD and do not have a working knowledge of the department. There are a lot of posts in this thread that seem to deal with preferential treatment of blacks over whites within CMPD. From how promotions are handed out to even getting hired, it would appear that this dept leans towards promoting an hiring blacks over whites. Why is that?

Someone posted earlier that to get hired with CMPD as Caucasian is near impossible nowadays. Are those in charge of hiring or recruiting actually told to overlook white candidates in favor of black ones? It all seems like a very unfair and not a very "PC" process in this day and age.

Like I said earlier I am on the outside looking in and not very familiar with the dept. as I am not from Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Also, complete lockdown on all criminal or other bad conduct by ALL officers. CMPD Internal Affairs Major Cameron Selvey is supposed to be running that department, not Chief Rodney Monroe. Where is accountability, City Council?

Anonymous said...

Where did the story go about the Officer who was claiming to be a Muslim so as to not shave his beard that he grew while undercover at the CATS hub?

Anonymous said...

Yes, and about "double dipping" by taking salary for off-duty as well as CMPD on-duty pay? What happened, Cedar?

If he is undercover and can't be named publicly for security reasons, he should be investigated by IA, fired if found to have committed fraud/theft by fraud/similar, and then his status as undercover would not continue to be an issue. Criminals should be prosecuted. No criminals should have police powers.

What happened to the story?

What happened to IA?

Anonymous said...

Braithwaite supposedly had a court date yesterday. What happened?