Friday, January 4, 2013

CMPD Command Staff Looking Beyond The Department

Reports are popping up that no less than four members of the Charlotte Police Department's command staff are looking elsewhere to further their careers.

This would include Deputy Chief Harold Medlock who was rejected as Fayetteville, North Carolina's new police chief. (CP Sources may have this wrong so read on) also on the hunt for new jobs are a couple of CMPD majors who have been passed over for the DC position and Chief Monroe himself.

At least one CMPD Major was on the list Rock Hill Chief's list. However the Rock Hill Police Chief job was was taken off the table when Rock Hill announced that they would promote from within late Friday Morning.
Reasons for the sudden departures is explained as differences of opinion and management style.  But internal strife is almost always cited at the water cool
First There Was This:

Interim Fayetteville Police Chief Wants Permanent Job

The interim police chief in Fayetteville said Thursday that she's confident the police department can move on from recent controversy and restore trust in the community.

Katherine Bryant, who has risen through the ranks over the past 25 years, took the helm of the police department last month from Tom Bergamine after he retired.

“I love what I do,” Bryant said. “I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and I know that this was my purpose. This is what I was supposed to do. Coming to work is enjoyable, and I think it’s wonderful when you can love your job.”

In the last year and a half, the Fayetteville Police Department has drawn complaints that officers engaged in racial profiling during so-called consent searches of vehicles. The searches are done during traffic stops when officers have no search warrants.

The City Council hired an outside consultant to review the department, and officers are now required to get written permission from drivers to do the searches.

A police advocacy group has sued the city, saying consent searches are legal and arguing that officials overstepped their authority.

"We've had some divided issues, and ... we've got to move forward on those issues," Bryant said. "We've got to come back together because both the City Council and the mayor and and the police department, we are still part of one community, one organization."

The outside consultant made 24 recommendations, and Bryant said some were already in the works at the time. Others, such as a proposed citizen review board to handle complaints against police, are still being discussed, she said.

"We have a few things to still work on, and the citizen review board is one of those, as well as the in-car cameras. We have most of our cars outfitted with in-car cameras,” she said.

Ted Voorhees, the newly hired city manager in Fayetteville, is expected to name a permanent chief in the near future. If Bryant is named as chief, she would be the first woman in that position in Fayetteville history.

"The fact that here I am right now as the interim is pretty amazing to me,” she said. "(Becoming the permanent chief is) definitely something I’ll have to strongly consider, looking at it both personally and professionally, making sure that whatever direction I choose is the best for both me and the department."

And This from last Friday: 

Interim Fayetteville Police Chief Katherine Bryant returned to work Friday after she accidentally shot herself in the hand during the Christmas holiday, authorities said.

A spokesman for the city said Bryant was injured when her personal firearm accidentally discharged at home. No one else was hurt.

Officials did not provide more details on the incident.

Bryant, who has risen through the ranks over the past 25 years, took the helm of the police department last summer from Tom Bergamine after he retired.

Bryant will remain on the job until a replacement is named, officials said. Earlier this month, the city announced the top two finalists for the job are Charlotte Deputy Police Chief Harold Medlock and Dallas Deputy Police Chief Malik Aziz.

Then This From Today:

The new Fayetteville police chief will be named Wednesday, city officials said.

City Manager Ted Voorhees will announce his choice at a 1:30 p.m. news conference in front of the Police Department at 467 Hay St.

Voorhees chose two finalists: Malik Aziz, 44, a deputy chief in Dallas, and Harold Medlock, 55, a deputy chief with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg force.

Both candidates met with city officials and residents in two public forums last month. City Council members and community leaders said they were impressed with both men's credentials and ideas for fighting crime in Fayetteville.

Aziz, in his 21 years with Dallas police, has directed the special operations and tactical teams. Medlock has commanded a patrol division covering the southern half of Mecklenburg County and oversaw security ahead of the Democratic National Convention, which was held in Charlotte in September.

About 100 people applied for the police chief's job. The new chief will succeed Tom Bergamine, who retired last summer.

Finally This From Late This Evening:

Dallas police Deputy Chief Malik Aziz said tonight he was not chosen to be Fayetteville's next police chief.

"I was informed earlier today I was not the selection," he said.

Earlier today, City Manager Ted Voorhees announced he planned to host a news conference Wednesday to announce his choice for the job.

Aziz, 44, was one of two finalists for the position out of an applicant pool of more than 100 candidates.
The other finalist is Charlotte-Mecklenberg Deputy Police Chief Harold Medlock, 55.

Aziz said tonight Voorhees did not tell him specifically Medlock was chosen for the position.
Both finalists met with city officials and residents in two public forums last month in Fayetteville. City Council members and community leaders said they were impressed with both men's credentials and ideas for fighting crime in Fayetteville.

Aziz, in his 21 years with Dallas police, has directed the special operations and tactical teams.

Medlock has commanded a patrol division covering the southern half of Mecklenburg County and oversaw security ahead of the Democratic National Convention, which was held in Charlotte in September.
Voorhees' news conference was scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in front of the Police Department at 467 Hay St.

The new chief will succeed Tom Bergamine, who retired last summer


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm....Not just Command Staff!! It just gets deeper everyday doesnt it? Maybe there will be light at the end of the tunnel someday. Rumor is Rodney is trying to get out of Charlotte as well. Without Curt he may not have the glowing support of city hall. He allegedly applied for the Chief of Police of Amtrack and was a finalist only to be beaten out by another high level DC Police Woman Polly Hansan. Also going on up here is that the current DC top cop has applied for the Chief job in a surounding county and there is rumor someone from North Carolina is "sniffing around". The Amtrack process was closed and finalized recently.

Anonymous said...

I heard Monroe was lobbying for the Capitol Police job, not Amtrak, but either way, how nice would it be to see that buffoon leave town?? Take this chief... please! Anyone!

Anonymous said...

Is one of them the Internal Affairs Major who has allowed all of this to go unchecked?

Anonymous said...

They are leaving because they know they are ALL tainted with the rodney stink.

They have stood by and allowed his corrupt ways to destroy CMPD..... and they know when the crap hits the fan and all is revealed, they will be implicated as aiding and abetting by their silence, and their lack of ethics and character, and oh yeah, lack of backbone.

Harold Medock shouldn't be considered as chief of anything....he has shown a singular lack of anything resembling leadership skills. No One respects him.....and his temper tantrums are legendary, no self cobtrol.

Rats leaving the sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

Oh neat...the rats leaving the sinking ship comment again...oh boy!! How is this news. There has been people leaving CPD/CMPD/MCPD (That's Charlotte Police Dept and Mecklenburg County Police Dept for you rookies)since, oh I don't know...forever! Wow, great breaking news??

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:47
Is that you, Rob? Got to be one of rodney's stooges!!

And that woud be there HAVE been, not HAS been....

And not such high numbers of Command Staff,i.e. as in Deputy Chiefs.

CMPD is an abominable, fearful, shameful place to work, good ole rodney has really done a number on us!

Anonymous said...

Just read that the other candidate for the Fayetteville chiefs job, Malik Aziz, announced he did NOT get the job. This was posted in the Dallas paper at 6:45 pm tonight. Does that mean Medlock got it?

Anonymous said...

Chief job choice not supposed to be announced until

Anonymous said...

It would be hilarious if hard got the job, can you see his wife in Fayetteville?

Whoa, High Society, big fish in a tiny, tiny pond!

Salary is $55,000/ year..,. He just wants another retirement.

A game they all play, scamming the systems....double dipping.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, ah yes. The Apostle Rodney Monroe’s (peace and blessing be upon him) time here is drawing to a close. He has pulled this open sewer of a town from the depths and placed it upon his shoulders, and protects it day and night. Just think of all his accomplishments. The Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessing be upon him) imposed his mighty will, put boots on the ground and now the whole department is focused, fixated on crime. Just look at the numbers!! Crime is down!! The department for the first time has a dedicated and steadfast homicide unit. Just look at those close parking spaces!! What happened during the DNC? Nothing!! The Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessing be upon him) was up front, leading the charge against those dirty evildoers who sought to damage the shiny uptown buildings, and disrupt the party of the ass.

And now the time has come for The Apostle Rodney Monroe’s (peace and blessing be upon him) seed to be spread to the four winds. His dogs have suckled at his nipple for several years and are now prepared to go forth and spread his mantra that crime is down, all because of the actions of The Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessing be upon him)! And their subjects will slurp it up and NEVER question what he or they say……All HAIL THE APOSTLE RODNEY MONROE (peace and blessing be upon him)!!

Anonymous said...

That Fayetteville would pick Harold says a lot about them.
If they had done any due diligence, they would have found out what an egotistical, unstable person he is.

I will say this to the members of the FPD:
Kiss his ass, ALWAYS say he is right, never give your honest opinion, and you will be fine.

Hopefully he will do minimal damage...can't wait to see what kind of uniform he wears...

Will he have to come back to Charlotte to testify????

Anonymous said...

Dallas paper, Aziz definitely made an announcement that he's out of the running.

Wasn't Medlock selling motorcycles for like 7 or 9 years? Does that count as a "brief" departure from the police dept, as the newspaper has reported twice now? Who did he work for?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he was gone for six years.....and somehow the powers that be allowed his time BEFORE he left to count when he "came back"., and he was allowed to take the Sgt. 's process...which he wasn't qualified to take. NOT a "brief departure" at all.

He was a failure at selling motorcycles, as he is with being a leader at CMPD....failure.

He should fit right in at FPD.....

jeff a. taylor said...

What a surprise.

Now that the DNC spending spree and party is in the past (but questions about how the money was spent in the future) time to lede your resume with DNC this, DNC that (especially for those Beltway jobs) and try to get the hell out of town before city's election cycle this year brings the POSSIBILITY that someone will wonder out-loud about the mess that CMPD has become.

Speaking of which, how goes Mayor Foxx's search for an Obama Administration landing spot?

Anonymous said...

The very first thing Chuckles Hinson said on TV about his second homicide in 6 days," It was not a random act of violence". Small comfort to residents of Hickory Grove.

And he seemed totally comfortable with the murder/homicide because it " was not a random act of violence".

No words of regret for the death of another human being.

He, like most at CMPD on command staff now, is totally incompetent and clueless.

What a mess he has made of Hickory Grove.

Good job, Chuckles.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:24
NOT to defend Chuck, but knowing it's not random violence could be some comfort to people. I think people tend to be more fearful of random violence. Perhaps rather than tie it all up with the neat little, "it was not random" phrase, CMPD could explain the nature of the relationship and people can conclude it wasn't random. Still, you make a good point for sure: any homicide is tragic and some expression of empathy or regret would be warranted. Every victim (and even suspects) has someone who loves them and are grieving.

Anonymous said...

The best part about all of this is that it WASN'T a random act of violence. Ever notice that those three words are in every CMPD Homicide or ADW statement though? They know how to "appease" the citizens of Charlotte who'd rather not think about the violence that plagues their city. This WAS a random act of violence, maybe we shouldn't be taking what they say at face value...just a thought

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone that works at CMPD takes ANYTHING Command Staff says at "face value" these days under the thumb of monroe.

Corruption is his middle name.

Anonymous said...

To the poster who said the chief salary in Fayetteville was $55K, take another look. The $55K was the average officer salary. In 2007, Fayetteville posted the chief's job at "starting at $130K". Have to imagine that after 5 years or so, that has been bumped up. So if Medlock does get that job, that would be sweet...for everyone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I feel badly for Fayetteville but good news for CMPD!!! Good riddance to a hot head!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, the concensus is...... HOORAY, Harold is leaving!!!!!

Officers do feel sorry for Fayetteville, but are jumping for joy that loser is gone!!

Wait until they see his first tempure tantrum....or maybe he has had his meds adjusted!

Guess he knew he would never make Chief in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't be happier for the CMPD that Medlock got the job in Fayetteville! Buh-bye!

Amazing how many cities fail to do their due diligence before hiring a chief. Charlotte failed and ended up with Monroe. Fayetteville failed and ended up with Medlock. How much you want to bet Medlock will be calling "daddy" asking for advice all the time??

Anonymous said...

CMPD should be completely embarrassed by all of their command staff. Not only did Monroe lie about his degree, he's stacked numbers for years to make it look like crime was covering up scandal within the department and making sure that his command staff and deputy chiefs were nearly all black. No one sitting in those positions with the exception of Kerr Putney have any amount of dignity whatsoever. it must be pretty sad that most of those people had to sleep their way to the top. It's every man for himself. there is no comrodery a month but apartment there is no Brotherhood and morale is at an all time low. I'm not sure what the public can expectwith these issues in the department and hiring promoting someone to Meijer because someone else screwed up so badly they had to move them and give them days off. The department knows that major Steve
Willis is nothing but an ass kissing piece of s*** who is out for no one but himself and his career. He would do anything, even take a job from one of his best friends because he wanted the title of major. must make the department proud that was there only choice in promoting someone. major Willis is an unstable sociopath who has lied and kissed enough ass during his career for the whole damn department. good luck CMPD you got a lot of s*** rolling down hill...and it starts at the very top!

JW Schrecker said...

Fayetteville understands now and would very much like to return this piece of human detritus back to the CMPD though from the looks of it you don't want him either. For your amusement: