Friday, January 4, 2013

Idiots Among Us - Texting While Driving

Anyone who drives as much as I do, knows some simple truths about Charlotte drivers, first Mini Vans are the scourge of the city, know for going 10 miles a hours below the posted speed limit, making right turns with the left blinker flashing away, sudden stops and other erratic driving. Second Audi A6 and A8 are pretty good cars to follow.

Except when the driver is a 50 something blonde driving her Audi A6 on 485 in the left lane going only 60 and texting.

Not only is she texting but she's put on her reading glasses to do it.
I don't care if you text and drive just don't do it on the Interstate in town, in the left hand lane and force car after car to pass you on the right because you are only going 60 mph.

I am not kidding the line behind her was 20 cars.  Thankfully she took her happy little butt off 485 at Providence Road.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU CEDAR!!!!!!!!! I too am so tired of these idiots texting and driving on the interstate and holding up all of the rest of traffic. But hey it also happens on the other roads as well. Nothing worse than these idiots texting and driving 40 in a 55 while dodging mailboxes and other cars. Also Charlotte isnt the only place either, I see this all over the country as like you I travel every week.

Anonymous said...

what about taking pictures while on the interstate instead of just passing?

Anonymous said...

Get their tags too and shame them!

Austin Wedding Photography said...

They should not be doing this. Most accidents on the road were caused by texting. They should know that.

Cristy Witherspoon said...

Sometimes, people are being inconsiderate, not thinking of their safety and endangering others as well. I admit, I do text on the road, but only when the light is on red. Texting while driving not only puts you at risk, but the other drivers too. We all know how hard it is to drive and text at the same time, if its that important, pull over, then call them.

Erminia Cavins said...

Texting while driving is one of the no-no’s on the road. Many accidents are caused by this wrong act. I hope you tried to tell that driver that she must not text since she might hit another car or vice versa. I’m sure she’ll listen to you because she wouldn’t want to be disabled after an accident caused by her act. :)

-Erminia Cavins-