Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Anthony King of All That Is Mecklenburg

CP received this email this morning with a link to the Charlotte Observer story that reveals the City's funding on the Panthers renovations was Mayor Foxx's idea.

His Travesty King Anthony of Mecklenburg has proclaimed that whereas all the peasants in Mecklenburg enjoy football eight weeks per year that all shall be taxed whenever they shall raise a pint in his honor at anytime.

Since no one will toast King Anthony all prepared food shall be taxed at a rate that is twice as what is was before.

All Hail King Anthony!


Anonymous said...

Thats funny as you know what!!

Anonymous said...

King Anthony f-ing hysterical!

Anonymous said...

Say what you like but Anthony Foxx has done more for Charlotte in two years than Pat McCrory did in 14.

Anonymous said...

I will no longer purchase food or drink in Mecklenburg County. As soon as I can move from this tax infested place I will do that also. I may not be able to vote you out of office but I can vote with my dollars. To the Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Counsels you have all done a disservice to your constituents. Good Day to you.

Anonymous said...

Myopic is what will define Anthony Foxx, he really has no vision beyond uptown and the couple of hoods he thinks are run down.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, check out the Richmond Police chief story.


Seems our former CMPD CofS, Ray/Ray is now the new police chief in Richmond after Chief Bryan Norwood let Chris Brown kinda skate on his community service.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking at a job in Columbia SC, and in the discovery process learned my property taxes on an equal value house would be about 40% of what they are here in the City of Charlotte.

One can travel up to see the Panthers if one is compelled to see uninspired football. The thought of continuing to pay for poorly run schools, terrible leadership, and the illusion of a never-ending pot of money in the property owners and taxpayers makes the move to such a place very favorable.

Charlotte can keep King Ant, and his wife's mystery job, at least until he gets that DC promotion. Good luck with Vilma Leake and Harry Jones and the DSS system and Rottney and the rest of the inspiried leaders here. That taxpayer funded movie studio would be a great place to bring back the Mecklenburgers! And maybe move TVI out there while you're at it, because we aren't carrying enough burden to keep public TV on the air here as it is.

And no, Pat wasn't much better. When he and Lynn Wheeler and the rest of the RINO's were running up the credit card on a choo-choo train and a shiny arena downtown, it only set the stage for the current cast of clowns to come in and promise a fair share of toys for their constituents.

Charlotte is getting exactly what it deserves...unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Columbia has a great football team, they sell out every home game and the fans don't leave at the end of the 3rd quarter.

USC is my team, the heck with Carolina Panthers.

Go Cocks!

Anonymous said...

I love the way Fox and his hounds chase the money. They will increase food tax . Use it to pay for the stadium and then whats left they want to provide soccer fields and sports entertainment to bring in more revenue for the business owners and the city coffer. They never reduce us property owners taxes. WTF. Thanks Hound Dog!!! I'm moving!!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte leadership is nothing but a sesspool and scum sucking bottom feeders. The Mecklenburgers is great and was F&*CKING FUNNY. All of Charlotte's leaders are a PIECE OF SHIT including those individuals within the police department especially.

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