Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ray Tarasovic Former CMPD Frontman Hired as Richmond VA Chief

From the things just get stranger files:

Bryan T. Norwood, resigned this morning as Richmond’s police chief.

Norwood’s abrupt resignation came amid criticism from prosecutors in Los Angeles that the Richmond department has been lax in overseeing the community service work of R&B singer Chris Brown following the Tappahannock, Va.,- native’s conviction for assaulting his girlfriend, pop singer Rihanna, on the eve of the 2009 Grammy Awards.

To make matters worse, Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones announced Norwood will be replaced by Ray J. Tarasovic, the one time frontman and crony of CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe who in the past served as an assistant chief of the Richmond Police Department.

During a morning news conference, Mayor Jones declined to answer whether Norwood’s handling of Brown’s community service played a role in his decision to seek a new chief, saying only, “We’re waiting for the results of that investigation.” according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“We’ve reached a mutual agreement that his time as Richmond police chief has come to an end,” Jones said in the press release. “We certainly wish Chief Norwood much luck in his endeavors going forward.”

Tarasovic who had a reported falling out with Rodney Monroe over the handling of the Marcus Jackson case, left the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department in April of 2010. "Ray-Ray" as he was nick named by CMPD rank and file is remembered by many as a "bar stool" warmer at Vinnies's Raw Bar and his "break-up" with long time friend Rodney Monroe is portrayed in the CP fictional account posted in 2011 which is here.


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Lord.....what a travesty!!

Better watch out RPD, and kiss his ass... Cause if
You don 't, and dare to have a differing opinion, you
can kiss your job goodbye!!'

He is not only a terrible, terrible "leader", he will
throw you under the bus in a heartbeat.

He has no idea of what "policing" means in this

HOPEULLY he is just an interim chief....if not, I
feel more than sorry for anyone having to work for

Anonymous said...

Oh God help Richmond!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL...... On the tv news in Richmond, he said he wouldn't let smart get in the way of hard work......now THAT has never been his problem!!!!!!!!

Man, that High School diploma has taken him far!!

What a dipshit!!

He will have a few drinks to celebrate I am sure!! Like he needs an excuse to drink!!!!

This is hilarious, so funny.

And he does NOT have FIVE retirements.......the first of many public lies.

WAY too long in the tooth to handle the job.

Rumor has it he and the Mayor have a LOT in common....

Anonymous said...

FIVE retirements???

What, has he gotten a "retirement" every ten years?

Corruption, thy name is Tarasovic!

Anonymous said...

Ray Ray was like Norm on Cheers. Only drunker and always alone.

Anonymous said...

So let me see if I have the right picture of this guy: friend of Monroe, alcoholic, despot, afraid of smart people, and too old for the job? Not sure about that last one... after all, it's not like he's going to be in any foot chases. But the rest? Since he was an asst chief in Richmond, don't they know all this?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:44: As someone said, he has a lot in common with their Mayor.

Anonymous said...

will he run that dept. by rewarding officers who lie on reports and commit perjury with a brand new Charger to drive?
honest officers are driving around in cars with 150K miles. wrong.

Anonymous said...

Back in 2011 I ran into a few Richmond Pd officers at a class, they HATED both of them (Monroe and Tarasovic)and refused to take them back...wouldn't even consider it...they actually felt bad for CMPD... Good Luck Richmond...maybe he will retire sooner than later...and pick dippy do da up ....