Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Charlotte Sidewalk Blockers At It Again

Over the weekend this showed up on the much used Lynx Trail, a paved sidewalk that provides a safe route of travel for walkers and cyclists from Uptown to South End and beyond.

The barricade at Remount Road and chain link fence now surround what seems to have become a dumping ground for construction debris.

Photo Credit: Ryan Stachurski

A couple of calls to LYNX/CATS provided no clues as to who authorized the closure or the reason. However it seems that the construction site adjacent to the Lynx Trail has something to do with it.

The sign directs cyclists and pedestrians to South Boulevard one of Charlotte's busiest streets that also has the smallest of sidewalks.


Ryan said...

Update from CATS: the trail will likely be closed through March, without any firm time-frame from the developer. The signing quality was less than desired. The developer will be upgrading the asphalt trail surface.

Murray said...

I appreciate the new construction. I'm disappointed by the multi-use trail being closed indefinitely so the builders can use public property as their personal workspace.

I believe March has come and gone.


Murray said...