Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gay Boy Scouts?

It is sad that over the last several years the value of an Eagle Scout Award has become diminished. Eagle Scout and Order of The Arrow are two of my most proud achievements from my youth.

Far above sports letters and trophies much of what I learned from scouting translated into real world use and value.

But it looks like what once was will now change.

I didn't know any gay kids growing up, and I have no reason to suspect that the few neighborhood kids who didn't join the scouts were turned down because they were gay.

While I understand the plight of gays in America, I grew up with patrols that had names like Bear, Lion and Wolf, so somehow Unicorn just seems so wrong.

I suspect there will be dozens of new merit badges, besides the traditional, hiking, swimming and kayaking, the all inclusive Boy Scouts will offer, flower arranging, fashion design, hair styling and cat fighting.


Anonymous said...

I just can't see gay boy scouts, it pretty much goes against everything.

Plus why should sex even be discussed? They with all the trouble with child molesters aren't we just encourging this?

Anonymous said...

The Boy Scouts of america organization has lost its nuts..I guess for some thats a good thing. It is totally disgusting to even think about letting the "GAY men" teach little boys how to roll a hot dog. and dont think it wont happen DUM F"""s

Anonymous said...


Cedar, you've really let me down. I've always thought you were fairly intelligent and well grounded. Not that it matters, but you've really altered my opinion of you.

I suppose I could respond to this ridiculous blog post and asinine comments with actual facts and a well thought out counter-argument but I suspect none of you idiots would accept actual reality.

Being gay is not synonymous with pedophile or sexual predator. Being gay doesn't make a person more likely to become a pedophile or predator.

I suspect neither of you hillbilly retards have ever realized that you probably associate with many gay men. Either at work, at the gym, at the bar, at your church and even at your last cross burning.

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for Cedar but I don't have an issue with gays and I am not someone who thinks every Gay man is a pedoprev waiting to pounce.

At the same time I don't think the Gay Lifestyle is compatible with Souting.

I can't think of any reason the Scouts should change.

Anonymous said...

8:54pm here.

Well, thanks for the nearly civil response.

Scouting is incompatible with the gay lifestyle? What part of any scouting event/trade/exercise is outside the ability/interest of a young man because he happens to be gay?

BSA refuses to extend membership to gay young men on a RELIGIOUS reason. They can, of course, make the rules of membership to include or exclude anything they want, that's true.

But they cannot do this with taxpayer support, which occurs at just about every government level. BSA conducts meetings at schools, government centers, police stations etc...BSA represents itself as a public patriotic program all the while actively discriminating.

They need to be a completely autonomous private club. They then have the right to remain a homophobic, anti-semitic, sexist, christian indoctrination program.

Or they can leave the bronze age and join the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

As my son likes to say, GAY and not the happy kind.

Anonymous said...

First the word to use is homosexual...not gay. I have never observed a child turned away because he was homosexual. If the other scouts do not want to associate with a homosexual scout that is something that can't be changed by a BSA policy change. You can not legislate, shame, or force people to like you. When are people going to learrn that?

Second, I am surprised that homosexuals would want to force their way into an organization that has had to deal with molestation incidents in the past. I would agree that not all pedophiles are homosexuals, but strictly speaking all pedophiles whose victims are of the same sex are homosexual.

Anonymous said...

Yes.... BSA is a religious based organization and as such it should restrict membership. The organization was based on christian values and therefore teaches these values. You are sending a mixed message to these young men when you allow young, and old, gay men membership. And no, I do not judge anyone else's lifestyle. Could care less what you do in your bedroom. I just choose to separate myself from it and do not want my children exposed to it. Those are our values. We live them everyday. So be gay, be proud, but just don't force it down the throats of everyone just because they need to leave the "bronze age".....

Anonymous said...

9:28 Bedroom and public park, airport restroom, college football team locker room, movie theather, interstate rest area, airport runway overlook,......

Anonymous said...

8:54pm here.

First: I use the word "Gay", so do my gay friends. I will continue to use it. Thanks for the grammar lesson though. The government cannot force you to like someone but it can force you not to discriminate. Try googling anything about the civil rights movement if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Second: Gays are not trying to "force their way in". The young men who are petitioning BSA are asking not to be FORCED OUT. You get the newspaper where you live right?

It is not a "mixed message" to promote inclusiveness, equality and tolerance in our young men. If you teach the "values" that gay people are wrong (evil, whatever) or that other religions are wrong (evil, whatever) or that females are inferior (you're getting my point right?), then you are teaching the wrong values.

Your attitude is exactly the same as any racist knucklehead I have ever spoken with: "As long as I don't have to be exposed to THEM I'm okay."

If the BSA were to restrict itself to being a private club, I would care about its membership about as much as I care about the local Ku Klux Klan. The fact that it is government supported and promote's itself as a patriotic "American" boys club,yet actively discriminates is wrong.

Yes, you judge someone else's lifestyle. You blatantly judge gay people to be, if not other than human, less than human. Certainly less than "American" and allowed in the company of fine christian young men. You wouldn't want your children "exposed" to it? You describe being gay like a disease.

You are entitled to your opinion. For the sake of peace, I could just agree with you...but then we would both be wrong...

...and stupid.

Anonymous said...

That is a big mouthful to reiterate exactly what I already said. My beliefs, my choice, my religion. Yes, that is the way I choose to live my life. Label me as you wish.... Go in peace and "live and let live".

Anonymous said...

8:54pm here.

Cool. As long as you keep your beliefs, choice and religion to yourself it's all good.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a disappointment, Cedar Post. You not only blatantly wave the flag of ignorance, you do so proudly and willingly.

You naively assume if gays are permitted openly in the BSA (there are plenty closeted in it) there will be unicorns and dust and fairies. None of which have anything to do with being gay, except being an ignorant assumption.

For an organization that is supposed to teach independence, confidence, and friendship, you sure have shamed the mission and made that closeted gay kid even more ashamed of himself than he is probably already feeling. Until they see that they are normal and equal to everyone else, you will continue to see bullying an suicides of gay teens -- and that blood is on your hands.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that people who say they are fighting to express their ideals and beliefs are the first people to call you names if you disagree.
Acceptance is a two way street. I have no issue if you are homosexual. I believe to discriminate against someone because of sexual orientation is wrong. But if I feel more comfortable around heterosexuals I am somehow a monster. Why should a group be allowed to sue force me to associate with anyone?
We are not talking about a bar, government agency, or neighborhood we are talking about a association that has a religious foundation that is in direct conflict with homosexualit. But instead of starting an alternative group homosexuals feel the need to force themselves on others.
By the way those in scouting pay taxes too..so before you scream about them using the schools they pay for it.
Also most schools have LGBT groups that meet their too.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome to use the word Gay for Homosexual. I prefer to use FAG myself when referring to homo's.

Anonymous said...


Yeah. But you only do it in hushed tones with your buddies or on the internet where you can be a homophobic dirtbag and no one cares.

Nice try "Gay-Troll!" HA!!!