Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Odds and Ends

Beyonce' - The haters were out in force last night, but Beyonce wowed the crowd.

Cedar's Take: Beyonce' is nothing more than manufactured hype. Strutting across the stage, seductively looking over her shoulder, flipping her hair, making kissey faces for the camera, but beyond that she sings few words, speaks most and lacks the ability to sing at the level of a first round America Idol contestant.

No surprise that she needed all that technology could offer to sing the National Anthem.

I think anyone who aspires to be a professional singer needs to have the National Anthem down cold. It should be second nature since it is less than a minute long and truly the most notable American song.

CMPD Captain Chuck Adkins - who is accused of "neglect of duty" and has been cited for termination, for not helping a victim; will have an open civil service board hearing some time during the next three days.

Adkins a well liked career officer is accused of refusing to help apparently distressed young black woman who came to his house while he was at home late one night. Adkins reportedly told the woman to call 911, but did little more.

Adkins is the CMPD officer who was attacked by a teenage suspect earlier last year over an ongoing neighborhood dispute. Adkins reportedly put dog feces in the teenager's mail box. More about the pooper caper from WCNC here.

Adkins lives in the Reedy Creek area of Charlotte. An area that has seen a rapid increase in crime as minority low income families have moved in to the area once considered middle income.

It has been reported that Adkins thought the woman was part of a prank, and part of the ongoing tension between Adkins and local thugs who roll in and out of the Mecklenburg County Detention Center and live in the neighborhood.

When Adkins heard that the woman who came to his door was later abducted he immediately informed CMPD staff of the encounter, which aided in the victims safe return.

Cedar's Take: I don't agree with what Capt. Adkins did but given the circumstances it was not egregious in anyway, and the board shouldn't uphold Chief Monroe's vindictive firing.

After all Chief Monroe refuses to fire an officer who held a gun to his wife's head in a domestic altercation which he has been found guilty in a court of law.

The difference is Adkins is white, and the convicted officer Cecil Bathwaite is black.

Adkins was wrong for escalating the conflict with the teenage thugs in his once white neighborhood.

His mistake was rather than be a part of white flight he stayed in his home that he has lived since the 1980's.

Cedar Posts Update: Now the word is the hearing will be Tuesday at 4 p.m.

Second Cedar Posts Update: Word as of 3 p.m. is that the hearing has been postponded until Febuary 25-27, 2013.

POTUS The Rifleman - The White last week released a photo (just one) of President Obama firing an under/over shotgun while reportedly shooting skeet, or trap or sporting clays. From the photo is is hard to guess what he is shooting at. Maybe Dick Cheney?

Cedar's Take: A couple things just don't seem right about the photo. First the smoke, second, an over/under shot gun is classic but the recoil is such that putting your cheek hard against the stock is just dumb. A great gun for wing shooting but a light weight Remington would be the better choice for skeet or sporting clays. Upland wing shooting or ducks sure over/under everytime.

More from about the photo here.


Anonymous said...

Adkins is at heart a good guy from what I am told.

He pissed off someone by speaking up and was
Exiled to the land of misfit toys, the Watch Commander's

The absolute truth is, if he were black, none of his so called
"Trangressions" would be an issue.

Punishment is biased and comes straight from Rodney, via his butt smooching puppet, Selvey, who sold his soul and ethics a long tome ago. And who carries out his own special brand of retribution by his gossip mongoring.

Anonymous said...

Selvey was a stand up guy, but once he got a taste of the chief's butt he couldn't stop.

One thing is for sure when Rodney goes, Selvey will follow. Not a man in the department will ever respect him, black or white.

I guess he has gotten used to people crossing to the other side of the street when they see him coming.

Anonymous said...

Obama shotgun photo was photo shopped. I think a photo of him with the gun open and him chatting with someone else, either family or secert service just someone would be better. And why just one?

Anonymous said...

When you say "open hearing" is it open to the public? If so, where exactly is the hearing?

Anonymous said...

Cedar correct me if I am wrong but don't they hold these hearings at the Gov Center?

Open to the public just like district court. I would hope that at least on member of the main stream media would be there.

Anonymous said...

Open to the public should be a real show.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the MSM understands the "Watch Commander's Office" and what that is all about. I'd guess they think it is a great honor.

Anonymous said...

Regular meetings are held rm 701 in goverment center. someone else needs to verify if disciplinary hearings are held there, too.

Anonymous said...

I am told that what Rodney has turned the WC's Office into is a crime.

Seems he uses it as a place to put people he, or any of his DC's, don't like.

From what I understand, the isolation, the hours and the lack of any real opportunity is a real soul sucker.

They say it used to be a learning opportunity for new Captains to work there,but no more.

Just another collassal screwed up legacy Ridney leaves.

Anonymous said...

The only one who deserves to rot in the WC's office is that fat slob, adulterer and complete waste of space Boger

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Boger is a slob and a hot head. He is exactly where he belongs. He cannot interact with officers so he would be a failure in any other assignment.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that the isolation, the lack of any real leadership, the shunning, the hours in the WC would make anyone cranky and more.

Wrong on many, many levels.

Anonymous said...

Give me proof of what you say about Cam Selvey before you throw out all these accusations.

Anonymous said...

there will be proof presented in court, but if you read the article: Internal Affairs has been allowed to run with no citizen access to anything they're doing. He has the proof. He has been allowed to hide the truth. Even the public IA report was delayed 9 MONTHS last year. Guess it took that long to doctor up.

The point of this article is that CMPD is running amok, IA is not operating correctly, and the supposed oversight committee is complicit and completely impotent anyway.

Selvey is in charge. Chain of command.