Sunday, February 3, 2013

Observer Caught In The Act Again

It is hardly breaking news that the Charlotte Observer is a liberal mouthpiece. But what is interesting is how just days after MSNBC is caught with their pants down the Charlotte Observer jumps to the aid of Charlotte Mayor Foxx and his covey of Democrats.

At issue is the often discussed Street Car and the Governor's objection to using property tax dollars to fund the project and Charlotte Democrats objection to his objection.

Enter The Charlotte Observer with their first edition headline:

Thankfully there are folks out there who are not so blind and to stop the left leaning paper trying to spread the liberal doctrine. Folks like Charlotte blogger and tweetress SisterToldJah.
@sistertoldjah: "The Observer is at it again. Check out this headline."

It should read "accuse McCrory of" instead of "criticize for".

"meddling" - it is the assertion of local Democrats that he is "meddling" in local affairs, yet the Observer gives it legitimacy with the headline.

@sistertoldjah continues:

Contrast the objective version of the headline: "Charlotte Democrats accuse McCrory of meddling in local affairs" with the subjective, "Charlotte Democrats criticize McCrory for meddling in local affairs" - see what I mean?

The Observer shouldn't be doing your thinking for you.

A little less than an hour later, but too late for most home delivery print editions the Observer changes the headline to:

Major props to @sistertoldjah for helping keep them honest!


Anonymous said...

Money would be bleeding from both state and local. He's the governor--elected strongly from Charlotte, too--and has a right to say whatever he wants to. He knows the area and the finances here well. Too bad our local politicians haven't figured out how to listen to "NO, DON'T SPEND OUR MONEY THAT WAY." I don't want it spent how McCrory said, either, but the Observer is not a newspaper. They exist to sell ad space and write up faux-news stories to please advertisers in between ads. If they had been a good NEWSpaper before, they would have had great sales and readership based on that, and their advertisers would have been happy. Wonder how their new subscription sales are working?

Anonymous said...

Photo-editing has much to do with reader response as well. Getting a pic of Pat with the fist clinch is an easy pick for a lib photo editor.

I expect nothing more than the paper that will show any mug-shot of a white person, but never, ever one of any other race. The recent story from Chester illustrates that perfectly. No problem with a mugshot of the dumb white kid who hired someone to kill his grandmother, but not one of the other two arrested...who happen to be a different race.