Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Public Defender Appointed For Drunk Driver Lisa Pistolis

Things aren't looking good for party girl Lisa Pistolis. Monday saw the appointment of public defender Alicia Vachira Penn.

Alicia Penn
Penn a graduate of Wake Forest was admitted to the South Carolina Bar in 2009 and has limited trial experience.

Pistolis has a first appearance on April 26, 2013, and in all likelihood will remain behind bars until then.

Next week she is due in court on the 2012 DUI charge and will be represented by J. Joseph Condon, Jr.

At this point it seems Pistolis is in a world of shit, with limited family resources to post bail or hire a lawyer and now assigned an inexperienced public defender.


Anonymous said...

Is her court date still February 13?

Anonymous said...

World of shit is a fact. I doubt anyone even this little cuite will get a break from the SC Courts.

Someone died somebody has got to go to jail. And for a long long time. And if you don't think ten years is long just try doing 24 hours.

Anonymous said...

She'll be in court for the first DUI on the 13th afternoon session. I'd expect a request for a dismisal.

Anonymous said...

I don't care how hot she is or cute she might be or how F-ing sad it is that she will rot in prison.

That is exactly what she deserves and the longer the better.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of Lisa jackass!

I hope someone puts you in your place and soon. If you don't stop posting her photos that you stole without permission and I'll be doing it myself.

Get a life asshole!

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does..... Another boozer strikes again..

Anonymous said...

let the trial start and stop harrasing miss pistolis what she did was wrong but so is not wearing a seat belt

Anonymous said...

Cedar any word on last weeks jury trial?

I see there is a hearing on Tuesday for the DUI/Death charge any idea what that is about?

Cedar Posts said...

I have no info on last week's trial or is on tap for this week.

I expect some motions, even a request for a dismissal.

As I have pointed out in the past, South Carolina should have a zero tolerance law. You just can't drink and drive PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

Lisa deserves what's coming to her lifes a bitch

Anonymous said...

None of you are qualified to say what Lisa does or does not deserve to get in terms of sentencing. Do you think she wanted to be involved in a terrible accident that took a man's life and left what's left of her life holding on by a thread? She will have to deal with this accident for the rest of her life.