Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Wrap Up - Deer Abby Edition

CMPD announced the promotion and suspension of Captain Allan Rutledge in the same week.

Rutledge as Cedar Posts noted two weeks ago was noticeably absent from the promotion ceremony that was to see him promoted to Major. His promotion had been circulated to the press, and via email from both CMPD's Public Information Officer and Deputy Chief Katrina Graue.

CMPD Captain Allan Rutledge

Details about what lead to the suspension were scant but Cedar Posts has learned that Steele Creek Division Lt. Casey Carver was driving his take home car, a marked CMPD patrol car, when he hit a deer on his way home in Union County. Fearing a formal investigation by either the SHP or Union County Sheriff's Office Carver elected to sleep on it.

CMPD Lt. Casey Carver
However, the following morning Carver felt the overwhelming flood of guilt for the death of the deer or perhaps the damage to Charlotte Taxpayer's patrol car and called his superior Allan Rutledge.

Rutledge apparently advised Carver to drive the patrol car into Mecklenburg County and report the deer vs patrol car collision as if it had just happened in Mecklenburg County.

It is not clear at what point the scheme fell apart, but once the facts made the rounds, and the Deer Tale became more than water cooler conversation Rutledge and Carver were offered a couple of sad options; resign or be terminated.

CP Update: Both CMPD Officers will keep their jobs. Rutledge was given a 30 day active suspension, Carver was given a 60 day active suspension. No word as to Rutledge's promotion to major at this time.

Basketball Drones - Cedar Posts didn't even get a honorable meantion in Kevin Siers' you write the caption contest this week.

Click to hear Basketball Jones by Tyrone Shoelaces

I proably dated myself as well with my play on the 1973 song by Tyrone Shoelaces aka Cheech and Chong. What you have no idea what "Basketball Jones" is? Well click on the Kevin Siers image above.

Cedar Update: CP Operative Agent Bill Fehr is reporting just before 12 noon, a "with his own eyes" sighting of a pilotless drone near Charlotte. Flying on a west southwest to east flight path just south of uptown. No shit!

Idiots In The Road - The Charlotte Observer is reporting another fatal pedestrian vs. vehicle encounter on Thursday night.

"A man died after he was hit by a truck on West Boulevard in Charlotte around 9:30 p.m. Thursday.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said Matthew White Jr. was driving his pick-up truck westbound on West Boulevard when Johnny Tisdale stepped in front of the truck. Tisdale died at the scene, according to Medic.

West Boulevard was briefly shut down while police investigated the incident. The road reopened a few hours later."

Cedar's Take: CMPD needs to step up and address this issue. Start citing people who insist crossing streets mid block rather than at intersections on streets with more than two travel lanes. Cedar also like the idea of the SFS "Signs for Stupids" campaign, a sample is posted above.

More CMPD - Cedar Posts understands that big changes are underway among patrol divisions.

Cedar hears that Captain Bannerman taken command of Providence Division and effectively tossed the poker table end over end, telling every one that changes are coming. Bannerman future reportedly stated that anyone with a special assignment job, would be required to re-apply for his/her position and that formal interviews would be held to determine if that officer gets to keep his special assignment or is sent back to patrol.

Cedar's Take: "Real nice moral booster"! Maybe Bannerman should ask Deer Abby for some basic guidance for interaction with subordinates.


Anonymous said...

Lol, atleast their being consistant....

Anonymous said...

Rutledge he just wasn't good at math. Had to know that sooner or later his bullsh*t ways were going to catch up with him.

Carvey wasn't a bad guy just didn't have enough sense to confess when confronted.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you need to do some serious fact checking, you got an issue with cops for some reason?

Wife get busted in some prositution sting?

What the fuck is your issue?

Why don't you crawl but under your rock!

Anonymous said...

Bannerman is about as worthless as Rutledge, which is why RoMo promoted him.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:56
Got to ask, why do you read this Blog if you obviously have issues with it?

Aside from your own anger issues, I would say you are just another shill for the Brass at CMPD.

Exposing the corruption, bringing it out in the daylight is ALWAYS a good thing.

This Blog is one of the only ways the truth about what is going on ever sees the light of day.

Which is why Bannerman is doing EXACTLY what he should be doing.....CLEANING HOUSE. Like him or not,
he got a crap Division that lacked any kind of honest leadership.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Providence Division is long overdue for a leadership change. As well as special assignments.

Anonymous said...


Pretty low attacking someone's wife, but I guess that is how you thugs roll.

Anonymous said...

They need to clean house everywhere. Don't just stop at Providence....The entire department morale is bad, just ask any officer.

Anonymous said...

Cedar the only trouble with enforcing a bunch of traffic laws, is that the idiots don't pay any attention to them and are too stupid and lazy to walk the extra 100 yards.

It is just a stupid thing.

Anonymous said...

Was Doizer that bad? Wasn't she over Providence? Didn't she just get promoted?

Anonymous said...

Morale has never, ever been lower.

And housecleaning, starting at the very top, is the only way to restore any dignity and integrity and honesty.

Monroe and his lack of ethics has destroyed CMPD at it's very core.

And that will be a long and difficult fix.

Anonymous said...

Dozier has been sleeping her way to the top for years.

Anonymous said...

Come on I'm eating....

Anonymous said...

Dozier is good people, 12:37, you're just a douche canoe.

Anonymous said...

If lying on reports and not reporting crimes were actually a fire-able offense in CMPD, she and a number of others would have been long gone.

Covering up crimes by officers has not been a problem for CMPD before.

Only when exposed to the public?

Anonymous said...

Dozier may be "good people".....but a total and complete failure as a leader.

And this is something that is not a secret, so get off the holier than thou soapbox.

Anonymous said...

Hey, back to Carver and Rutledge, not sure these guys have quit. Can anyone confirm it?

Anonymous said...

did he just hit a deer, which happens often, or did he hit a deer and fail to report it because alcohol or something else was involved? Maybe not but lying about what happened, fleeing the scene, failing to report and have a timely investigation, then lying again to cover that up makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that they have quit, but they would be smart to do so.

I don't think the issue is hiting the deer, or even failing to report the accident. I'd guess Carver was fueled up, and that the damage was serious enough that he should have reported it.

No one will know if he was drunk or just didn't want to take a chance, but he damn sure had been drinking.

Even so, had he just said hey I hit a deer last night and didn't think it was that bad so I drove home. But now that I see the car in the daylight I need to file a report.

But he and dumbass started lying and before long they were saying wild crazy shit like some black dude stole the car.

That will get you fired everytime.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm kind of curious about the deer thing as well. I know you don't have to report that kind of thing if it were to happen in your personal car but the city vehicle makes it a different story. But I'm curious as to whether it made any difference or not that it happened in Union County? I wouldn't think the location would have mattered at all but I'm wondering why Rutledge would try to have him report it the next day in Meck County. Which leads me to believe that there were other issues involved when it occurred resulting in him not wanting a report where it happened.

Anonymous said...

Union County- Trooper and breathalyzer
Meck County- CMPD takes report, no breathalyzer

Did not work out the way they wanted because it seems
Someone had enough courage and integrity
Not to lie about it.

Anonymous said...

did anyone check for a dead or injured deer?

or an injured tree?
or person?

what a stupid bunch of "leaders" in CMPD. Sad for the smart ones and for the community. Great job, Rodney Monroe. Your high integrity and conduct are really spread throughout the department now. Great job to Curt Walton, who hired you knowing the federal program you were in charge of in Macon was under investigation for criminal activity at the time--city had to pay the government a million dollars in civil settlement to avoid indictments. And of course you knowingly lied on your resume about the degree you had been awarded WRONGLY by VCU. What else did they know when hiring him? Open his personnel records. We have a right to know.

City Council and a City Manager continue to know and let this fester. Great job to them, too.

Anonymous said...

A couple rookie moves, something that could get you fired but, these guys are command.

They need to be fired, guick and without mercy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...what is a douche canoe?

Anonymous said...

A douche canoe is a term used by dispatchers who abandoned CMPD for CFD.

Anonymous said...

Casey got into this jackpot after a fight with his wife and subsequently driving after her. Al tried to help him out. Dumbass mistakes by the both of them. Known them both for years, bad way for good guys to go down. Hope they land on their feet.

Anonymous said...

Many a man has lost his job over a wife that didn't have enough smarts to grasp the full extent of her husband's job and the responsibilities of that job.

Turmoil at home is often the reason men lose their jobs. Craver would be wise to file the papers now while he is out of a job.

Send that bitch on down the road. Ain't no woman worth all this shit.

Anonymous said...

Blaming a woman for the deceit and stupidity displayed by this officer and his supervisor just displays your ignorance. Maybe you don't have a brain of your own any more than they do. You seem to have anger and baggage. Get some help. Are you also running around doing things that are illegal and stupid because you're angry about being rejected by a woman? Unable to control yourself? Then you should resign now.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Rutledge thinks the whole thing is a scam and blown out of proportion. Sound's like he's not going to go quietly.

Anonymous said...

If they don't get fired, we know why...who was heading the Board?

It is NOT what you do, but who you know that can protect you.

And if they do not get fired for LYING, that sends a clear message to everyone... You can get away with murder!

Will these two be able to testify in court!???

Anonymous said...

30 days and 60 days?
If these we're just lowly officers they would have been fired for the same thing.
Double standard still alive and well at CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, that's it.....seriously??

You are right, totally phucked up!

And the message it sends is crystal clear.....
Adkins told the truth and got whacked: because they did not "like" him, he did not have a protector.

These two idiots LIED, COVERED UP, Convinced others to LIE and literally get away with it because Foster
worked it.


Someone said the results would be what Rodney
wanted, and there it hell with the truth and
Doing what is right.....

So wrong.

Once again, not what you do, but who you know that
will cover up and manipulate to get the wanted

Corruption at the highest level.

Anonymous said...

So which is is it? Fired or Suspended?

Guess it just depends huh Cedar?

Anonymous said...

I hear Levins had Rutledge's back...hence why he wasn't terminated...I also thought the Chief could only suspend for 30 days without terminating...The only entity that can suspend for longer is the Civil Service is he getting away with this? Will no one stand up?

Anonymous said...

Levins covering up for officers not reporting crimes. What a total shock. He doesn't want his knowledge of events to be opened up, especially after his big promotion.

He should start cleaning his own house right now.

Anonymous said...

I heard Katrina Graue has her dirty little fingers all over this!

She is as sneaky and low as they come.

Seems all she does is protect her loser favorites and go after those that don't kiss her ass, with a vengeance.
That is her focus, oh, and sucking up and covering her own ass. What a useless member of CMPD that gives women a bad name.

Someone said it, and it bears repeating, if Officers had done this, they would be LONG gone!

Anonymous said...

not if they had someone like Levins covering up what he knows.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious some of you don't know anything about Levins, he would not cover up ANY wrongdoing no matter who the perpetrator was. He actually is one of a few that would bring things out "into the open" and hold the guilty party responsible for their actions.

Anonymous said...

I know and that's not true.

Anonymous said...

Rutledge and Carver were punished and their reputations are damaged, as they should be. Was it enough? I can't answer that because I don't have the facts. Yet, I will say, that based on the stories I've heard, even if just half of it is true, neither one of them should be leading others now. The punishment handed out tells me it was a serious offense and clearly they have set a pretty bad example of leadership. I certainly don't respect either one of them anymore. Others have commented that had officers done a similar thing, they would be fired. Even not knowing the facts here, I suspect that would be true.

Obviously the back story here is the inability of command staff to separate themselves from their relationships with those who come before them for judgement. Given the profession, law enforcement is supposed to be an honest endeavor. Would they have fired patrol officers with five years on the job for the same offenses? Those that pass judgement need to look at such things.

Looking backwards, their are so many examples of poor leadership at CMPD. This matter is yet just another example. Perhaps someday this department can stand a bit taller in all of our eyes.

A White Shirt

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:16 you said it perfectly.

"Obviously the back story here is the inability of command staff to separate themselves from their relationships with those who come before them for judgement."

Time and time again this has happened with Captains/RACs and Captains/LTs. The "boys club" is alive and well within the department. Division Captains should have never had any power over which RACs (now LTs) were assigned to them. Who comes up with this shit? The time to shake it up and reassign the middle brass has been a long time coming.

Anonymous said...

It's time for the departnent to give a statement address this situation. Stop deflecting and give a reason to why the individuals here only get suspended. I say this because the double standard here is so blatent and sick that good officers before this were fired for so much less. I call Cedar to get this out and get a media statement from Chief Monroe if he has the guts. I feel for the officers and their morale. Stick together guys and gals the officers with integrity are still charlotte finest.

Anonymous said...

It is really simple: They only got suspended and not fired because they are "CONNECTED" to Foster, Graue, Rodney, Levins... Take your pick!

Simple as that.... Rodney tells IA what he wants, and
His duplicitous suck up Selvey DELIVERS EVERY TIME!!

Anonymous said...

Y'all really don't know Eddie Levins at all. he wouldn't lie or cover up for anyone. If you knew his true role in this, you would see that.

Anonymous said...

I know Levins true role in the terminations of friends of mine. Later he admitted they were cover-ups and ploys because the "department is changing." His words not mine...If he did it once, twice, three times, he'll do it again...

Anonymous said...

ANON March 27, 2013 at 12:06 PM

I also know a few officers that were railroaded by their useless ass supervisors. It was a lot less than what Rutledge and Carver did. IA is just a corrupt as ROMO is and this also is very rampid at the district levels with the Sgts who run the shifts.

Anonymous said...

5:52 is correct. Why not fess up now and work on trying to come clean, repair whatever you can?

Anyone who lies and covers up or goes after someone even one time will do it 2x, 3x, always. All this "giving in" to department corruption is just an excuse for choices you are making--personally and professionally.

No respect for obsequious, sniveling, duplicitous, egomaniacs with no real backbone.

Anonymous said...

Can they testify in Court now? I believe Kenny cant and thats why he cant be a cop. Kenny needs a good attorney and let a Federal Judge and talk to the higher ups like one did in the Hatley affair. Im glad she cost the City 500,000 dollars in attorney fees. Kenny needs to do the same.

Anonymous said...

who's Kenny?

Anonymous said...

Kenny Faulkner, how quick we forget.

Anonymous said...

Cedar Posts loves to post these stories. Stir the Pot. How about actually researching labor laws. Policy is just policy except under labor law. Look it up. But truth be told. Who has the guts to actually get an attorney and fight the city for two years? Most just roll over with their feet in the air. Tammy was the only one with the guts to do it on her own. Class action is the way.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the D.A. Needs to determine if these two
need to be fired. He was the one who finally decided
Kenny could not remain on because he could not testify in court. Seems the same thing would apply here.

Would it not?

Oh wait, Monroe does not care about lying.... He would be the first to go if lying and covering up remotely
mattered st CMPD.

This is a first hand look at selective discipline at CMPD.

Oh, and corruption.

Anonymous said...

The punishment for these two may have been based on past incidents of officers falsifying reports. How many hearings have been held for the same violation and what was the punishment? Sometime back there were two officers that falsified a stolen vehicle report? They were not fired? How many times has it happened since then?
Punishment for the crime internally was always based on previous punishments handed down. "The norm" as it was called.

Anonymous said...

Different types of lying then? Kenny lied and Rutledge lied, period.

Anonymous said...

This is how CMPD runs. Tell the truth about matters and you get the shaft. But lie and cover up incidents, then just get a suspension. Ethics and morals no longer exist within CMPD. What a shame to all those others who work in law enforcement. It takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. It will come out in the wash eventually.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the Deputy Chiefs and Majors now
controlling CMPD you can clearly see why it is so
phucked up.

Almost without exception they are most concerned with
their own asses and advancement and could give a rat's ass about the Department and it's Officers.

They initiate or turn a blind eye to the corruption that
rules CMPD.

They lie and ruin lives without a conscience, covering for
each other.

The amount of corruption and coverups is absolutely
amazing and without precedent at CMPD.

The politics, the sleaziness, the quid pro quo, the paybacks by using incompetent companies and friends
for jobs... Lining their pockets by creating studies and
Jobs .

The money wasted on useless equipment and pet projects is astronomical!!

A real cesspool.

And it continues daily.

Anonymous said...

Carver is a total morally corrupt sob. Just ask all three of his EX wives. No doubt he was drinking and fighting with his wife. Most likely involving his latest cheating scandal. And of course if you'd cheat on your wife, why not your employer and trusting citizens you swore to serve and protect. They should've both been stripped of their rank.