Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Change Up - North Carolina Deputy Has A Nutty Video By Chad Walton

Cedar's Take: The Deupty is wrong, however. When Jackass meets Jackass the trouble is we eventually have an accident and the rest of us just trying to go about our drive home, end up sitting in the resultant traffic backup for hours.

Cedar Update: Charleston's Post and Courier delivers the details:

A Summerville man said he wanted whomever was driving a North Carolina sheriff's cruiser on Interstate 526 on Monday to be held accountable for erratic driving.

Chad Walton said that's why he posted a video of his interaction with the cruiser on YouTube Tuesday afternoon. In less than a day, the video has been viewed more than 304,200 times and has led to the deputy's resignation.

Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown issueed a news release saying the deputy who was driving the cruiser, Craig Culpepper, resigned after the Sheriff's Office reviewed the video and discussed the matter with Culpepper.

In a 911 call obtained by The Post and Courier through a Freedom of Information Act request, Walton, 32, can be heard telling an operator about his run-in with an Onslow County Sheriff's cruiser on I-526 about 6:30 p.m. Monday near the Ashley River Road exit.

Walton, who made a similar but unfounded complaint about a North Charleston police officer a year ago, told The Post and Courier the Onslow County Sheriff's cruiser was going about 50 mph in the left lane, so he flashed his lights at the car in hopes he could pass.

“He was holding up traffic,” Walton said. “I flashed my high beams at him. I could see him yelling at me in the side view mirror.” That's when Walton said he began recording the cruiser.

“I just thought 'he's going to do something stupid' and if I don't record it, no cop is going to believe me,” Walton said.

At the end of the nearly two minute video, the cruiser is seen pulling in front of Walton and hitting the brakes.

The driver of the cruiser braked suddenly, causing Walton's car to hit the cruiser, according to a North Charleston traffic collision report released today. Police have not said whether anyone was ticketed.

Sheriff Brown said in the release that the investigating officer in South Carolina did not issue any tickets, but listed Culpepper as having contributed to the collision. The damage to the sheriff's cruiser was estimated at less than $100, the release said.

Cedar Update 2: Say hello to Chad Walton. Why am I not surprised?

Cedar Update 3: Took some digging but Walton is a jackass, with a long criminal record that dates back to 1999 with convictions for failure to stop for blue lights, grand larceny, possession of a stolen vehicle and being a habitual traffic offender, according to SC Law Enforcement Division records.

He was last arrested Dec. 24, 2010, by the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office and charged with second-degree assault and battery.


Anonymous said...

So an officer is driving at the posted speed limit and Mr. Fine Citizen decides to fuck with him. Officer plays a little game of brake check with him and he gets all mad. If the officer had been speeding Mr. Fine Citizen would have posted that on You Tube also I imagine. Seems that not to long ago there was a video on here about an officer speeding that made it to You Tube. Can't win now can we?....

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind flashes their headlights at a Sheriff's Deputy?

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly it is Josh The "Tank" Watts twin brother!

Yo Chad

I hope every officer, trooper and deputy in the Carolina's does a cut and past on your ass.

Anonymous said...

Screw that idiot...We will get him again. dumb disrespectful jackass started it all..Deputy should have been going a little faster to justify gettign his ass.

Anonymous said...

This guy Chad will one day go down with a dozen rounds in the chest because he has this confused thought process going on.

What a dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

Can you obtain the police video showing the initial interaction or conversation between the Deputy and the local police? The guy in the jacked-up pick-up truck is a punk, no doubt. He had three open lanes and chose to drop over directly in front of the county cruiser. It was not about getting down the road for him. He was looking for a confrontation and some internet fame.

Anonymous said...

Okay, no defense for the deputy because that was absolutely dumb...he should have known better than to be baited by that retard.

But that other dumbass has something coming. He basically saw an out of town deputy that he knew had no jurisdiction so he thought he'd play some games. Who cares if he was holding up traffic. Walton would have been just as much a tattle tale if he'd been speeding. I noticed in the article that North Charleston PD has reported several similar instances involving Mr. Walton. So that punk definitely needs to be on some police radar.

Anonymous said...

This video is why so many people can't stand the police. The first 6 comments just reinforce that view.

Anonymous said...

If you can't stand the police, next time somebody kicks you're ass or breaks in you're house dial-a-thug. Don't call us!!

Anonymous said...

Well it doesn't look good for someone in the Onslow County Sheriffs Office to go "nutty" but I doubt it makes anyone hate cops.

It does however make me want to stay clear of this pile of horse dirt Chad Walton

Anonymous said...

Chad Walton we got your number. Expect swift and sudden payback on this little game you are playing.

Anonymous said...

Is that Dan Kellough or Chad Walton !!