Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Wrap Up - Ain't Nobody Got Time For That Edition

Brittany Chisolm - The mother injured as she and her two sons tried to cross North Tryon Street mid block Tuesday morning is listed in critical condition at Carolina's Medical Center.

Chisolm and her two sons were injured Tuesday morning while trying to cross North Tryon Street near 28th Street after getting off a bus, and crossing in the middle of the block rather than crossing at the light just a hundred feet away. Apparently she subscribes to the "Ain't nobody got time for that! thinking.

“The witness stated that he could not believe what the female was doing and that she crossed halfway across North Tryon Street and then stood in the middle of the roadway with her two children, on the double yellow line,” according to the police report reviewed by the Charlotte Observer.

What was lost on the Main Stream Media is that this woman is a danger to her children. As her arrest record shows, her priors include assault with a deadly weapon resiting arrest, theft and drugs charges as well as 2 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, apparently her two childern.

Might be interesting to look into how DSS has interacted with Ms. Chislom.

Charlotte's FOP Lodge 9 - Apparently didn't have time for Chuck Adkins. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Faternal Order of Police must have been signing that crazy tune as CMPD hung veteran Captain Chuck Adkins out to flap in the wind.

Given the public nature of the hearing many expected the Lodge to show up to support Captain Adkins. Instead, nothing but crickets.

Admittedly Charlotte's FOP is a sad little club with few members and little support despite CMPD's 1200 officers. The Lodge web site is tired and out of date. A review of news notes the board's choices for November's elections but nothing recent and a rant about paying volunteer officers for the DNC 2012 iin September.

Cedar's Take: The Adkins case was the prefect opportunity for President Todd Walther to make a statement in support of all CMPD officers not just FOP members.

Chuck Adkins deserved that support even though he was not a FOP member. Adkins is a brother and should have received the support of the lodge, given the fact that everyone knew he was being railroaded out of the department by CMPD's Chief Rodney Monroe.

Why doesn't the FOP have the support of CMPD Officers? Maybe because FOP9 doesn't respond in kind?

Bake Sale To Help Pay For Bullet Proof Vests - That was the headline years ago as the Boy Scout Troop at St. John's Episcopal Church raised money to buy armor for CMPD officers.

Well times changed. Today CMPD Officers wear their vests as standard issue and bake sales have been replaced by a $375 a person luncheon that features speaker Bob Woodruff.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Foundation (CMPF) will host its annual leadership luncheon on April 17 in Uptown Charlotte at the Westin Hotel, with ABC News’s Bob Woodruff as the keynote speaker. The luncheon provides funding for the special needs and projects of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

As one of ABC’s most distinguished correspondents, Woodruff is known for his work as co-anchor of “ABC World News Tonight.” He has traveled around the world to nations such as North Korea and Sudan to present an unprecedented look at international affairs and news.

For more information contact Executive Director Ann Henegar at 704.299.6310 or visit thier web site here.

Henderson, North Carolina PD - We don't have time for that nonsense! Henderson Police Chief and the Vance County Sheriff are frustrated by Twitter and FaceBook.

A recent string of  four carjackings, which included two sexual assaults, has grown into hundreds of unsubstantiated reports that led Henderson Police Chief Keith Sidwell and Vance County Sheriff Peter White to issue a joint statement late Wednesday afternoon.

“Both the police department and the sheriff’s department have been bombarded with telephone calls, emails, etc., from citizens making outlandish claims that they have read this or that on Facebook, etc., regarding a plethora of incidents,” read the statement from Sidwell and White. “What has been reported by your police and sheriff’s departments is accurate.

“There are those unfortunate people that have chosen unwisely to spread horrid rumors, making up offenses that have not occurred. This has sent people into a panic.”

The statement referenced comparison to an insurance commercial, in which a young women believes all she reads on the Internet, even when her clearly not a French Model date she met online arrives.

“I implore you to use good common sense judgment here and realize that there are those in the community that thrive on chaos and misdirection,” the statement read. “As always, the law enforcement professionals of Henderson and Vance County will answer questions as long as the answers do not compromise the investigative process.

“Keep in mind that time spent quashing falsehoods and rumors is time taken away from catching the persons committing these crimes.”

Finally another crazy rant by Charlotte's own Francis Brame:

Where There's Smoke There's Fire -  I knew it! I knew it! It wouldn't take long for the $#!T to hit the fan. I knew that low life pope that's just been crowned "the holy father" is nothing more than a scumbag with an evil agenda, going back several decades.

And I have no doubt he abused helpless children and for that I would like to see him tortured to a slow and painful death. Nasty old man/woman in a long white dress, as if he is some kind of "bride".

The article I picked up from the local WBTV 3 on line site. Too complicated to detail here but in essence this "Francis" has been implicated in Argentina's Dirty War that occurred during the period from l976 to l987, 11 long years this "st. Francis" kidnapped babies and gave the babies to families that HE wanted to have the babies.

30,000 Argentines were assassinated during the "Dirty War".

Argentines still consider this 11 years to be the darkest period in their history----Bergoglio (Pope Francis) was accused of being complicit in government kidnappings during the l970's. He was also implicated in kidnapping two priests that were found drugged and naked. As any other evil scumbag would whine "I know nothing about that".

Well, the more you stir $#!T the worse it stinks, so this is just the beginning. And you can bet these old He, She or Its running around in long dresses and no underwear on will do everything they can to kick this under the rugs in Rome or up their dresses. And this kind of behavior is called "religion". These lowlife Catholic clergy will bust H#LL wide open.

F C Brame - Charlotte

For those of you that don't know Francis, she is an 84 year old Myers Park women with a fondness for using the "N" word, and raging on all sorts of subjects by sending emails to just about anyone in elected officer or the media. Her opionions are her own and Cedar Posts doesn't approve or endorse her hate speech or agree with her thinking.


Anonymous said...

If you have the correct woman I don't know why the media hasn't asked the question why someone that stupid with a history of child endangerment is allowed to keep her children.

Anonymous said...

10:02 the reason is the media wouldn't want to offend the NAACP.

Anonymous said...

The FOP is a joke. Nice guys but never a real effort to be anything more than a social club.

Anonymous said...

CMPD has closer to 1800 officers, not 1200. Also, one might consider an FOP Board made up of retired or former Police Officers as opposed to current LEOs. At least for the office of President. The President of the FOP should be a figurehead. A representation of the values, beliefs, and goals of the entire Fraternal Organization. Most importantly the face and voice of support for it's members to the community, city council, politicians, command staff, and especially the media. I personally don't care for Todd Walther, but deep down he's still a cop, and a Sergeant at that. Point being, you will never hear Todd, or any other active LEO member of the FOP speak out against the Police Department in support of its members. Most, if not all, live in fear of Rodney Monroe and his vindictive nature. I don't blame Todd for not committing career suicide, however that just means he should probably take a seat and let someone with less to lose lead the FOP.

Anonymous said...

I hope she pulls through, but you can expect with those injuries us non welfare non crack heads will be supporting her and her two kids for the next 75 years.

All because she was too lazy to walk to the corner.

Anonymous said...

My father was a police officer for 33 years in a smaller, eastern NC town. He was a member of the FOP, simply for the legal protection they offered in the event an officer was sued. He hated the way they telemarketed for funds despite charging dues to members. He was seriously injured by a drunk driver, in the hospital for two weeks and on a walker for 6 months. During this time there wasn't a bit of help offered from the FOP, not so much as a card even. Business leaders in the community made donations for a reward for the hit and run driver, nothing from the FOP. Also when the scum was caught and taken to court, the FOP was silent again. The guy was drunk, hit a cop, got out to retrieve the mirror that was knocked off his car and drove over my father on his way out of the parking lot. He got 6 months suspended sentence. He was in jail for a few hours. Where was the FOP. My father developed dementia and A.L.S., both of which were thought to have been brought on from the head trauma. The FOP offered no support. What the F@ck is it they actually do for their members besides collect dues?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^ This!

Anonymous said...

Clearly 8:53, you missed where I was talking about a PARENT who was an officer injured in the line of duty. I am not employed in law enforcement. I have no desire to be involved with the FOP even if I were. I'm just telling anyone who is involved with them what they can expect when the chips are down based on my family's real world experiences. My dad spent more time in the ER than the guy who hit him did in jail. That's a failing of the laws of NC. The FOP didn't speak up though. They also didn't offer a shred of help to him or my mother when he was hospitalized, homebound, returned to work with no counseling but clearly suffering effects of PTSD. Nor where they there when the dementia was diagnosed or the ALS robbed him of all mobility and dignity. They may sent flowers when the ALS brought on by the injuries he sustained finally killed him but I cannot say for sure. I didn't personally check all of the cards. They can rot in hell though and I'm pleased to tell them so when they call soliciting donations. I know first hand what a sacrifice police officers make and their families as well. I resent the hell out of any organization that would exploit that sacrifice and give them nothing in return.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you white racist old men died of pancreatic cancer yet? Go follow your other bigoted unhappy friends. Just get out of the world and the quicker the better.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have the highest pancreatic cancer rates - both men and women.

Proof once again that stupid is a terminal disease.

Anonymous said...

The FOP lodge in Charlotte has been a joke for years. The only thing Walther uses it for is meeting his girlfriend and drinking. If one of "the inner circle" has an issue they may talk about it or maybe even write a tersely worded email. It's like a circus tent down there...full of clowns most of whom couldn't be a zit on a real Po-leases ass to begin with. Nobody votes or runs for anything because it is a clown act. And as previously stated, maybe they should get a retiree or someone who actually cares about cops and isn't scared of the chief (whoever the chief may be)or city council to stand up for cops.

Anonymous said...

Why become a member of an organization or donate money to an organization that doesn't benefit anyone? I see no one has mentioned the officer who was a "member" that couldn't be provided an attorney because the lawyers were not available or drunk.... everything about the fop from its location to what its incapable of doing sucks.

Anonymous said...

lawyers not available or drunk? what are you talking about? Why leave some cryptic portion of something you want to say. Speak up or shut up. Preferably speak up but SAY something.
So sick of reading useless information.
Truth is completely legal and defensible.

Anonymous said...

Officer involved shooting couple yeats back. no attorneys available cause two were drunk and one was out of town. legal representation was done via phone.

Anonymous said...

names and outcomes would have been good, but thanks for ponying up something.

couldn't the FOP call another freaking attorney that was sober and in town?

FOP is completely impotent and does not do what it says it will (remember the DNC protest that didn't happen?) It's a long list.