Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Change Up - Flogging Molly

Cedar comes from a long line Scots and Irish, Mrs. Cedar pure fiery Irish is still no match for anyone if you cross her.

There is a great photo of a bar her grand father owned, he behind the bar and a group of fine looking drunks seated or standing not a woman amoug them.

Their  names Americanized versions of O'Dell, became just Dell and Murchadh became Murphy, while Gallchobhair became Gallagher.

The Irish where late arrivals to this country, and such were looked down upon. Thus names like Mick, and Paddy were considered offensive, associated with the stereotypical Irishman, a drunkard, lazy thief, lowest of low.

The image of a leprechaun, green hat, red beard and pint of green ale in both hands is a little offensive to many Irish today. Something you would not see in Dublin.

But after World War II Stigma of being Irish was lifted, thanks in part to those who traveled back across the pond to defend freedom, and in the process kicked a bunch of nazi ass all the back to Berlin.

The sign over the bar reads "Ní neart go cur le chéile", unity is strength. A good thing to remember if you're Irish on this St. Patrick's Day.

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