Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Odds and Ends

Two Young Women Killed By Train - CMPD is hoping someone will come forward and identify two young women who were struck and killed by a CSX train early Sunday morning.

“We have nothing. We don’t know who they are, and they weren’t carrying any identification,” Duty Capt. Rod Farley told the Charlotte Observer. “We just need somebody to call in and help us identity these folks.”

Cedar Posts Update: Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have identified two teens who were struck and killed by a train Sunday morning. Elizabeth Rigley, 18, and Arille Mckenzie Troutman, 16, were killed when a train hit them around 4 a.m.

The incident occurred around 3:40 a.m. in the 8500 block of Monroe Road, which is near the grade crossing with Timber Springs Drive which is across from the entrance to Greenway Park elementary school.

At this location the railroad tracks run close to and parallel with Monroe Road.

CMPD said a CSX train headed to the town of Bostic was traveling along the tracks when the engineer thought he saw a person sleeping on the tracks. The engineer told police he put the train in an emergency stop, then sounded its horn and bell. But the train struck the person, according to a police statement.

CMPD sources tell Cedar Posts that it appears to be a suicide, but that several questions remain. Homicide officers are continuing their investigation. Which includes identifying a car located near the scene as well as canvasing the area.

Former Apartment Complex Home of Killer Mark Anthony Cox To Expand - Charlotte City Council will take up several zoining issues tonight. Full listing is here.

There is a curious rezoning request by the Piper Station Apartments to rezone property adjacent to the current apartment complex. The property was originally R-3 and was rezoned to allow for the construction of 79 townhomes of which 5 were built and remain on the property.

The request increases the property to 120 apartments adding more units to the already sprawling complex.

While not section 8 housing the Piper Station Apartments have failed to attract high income renters and have relied heavily on promotional rates to sign leases. The Piper Station Apartments are infamously known as the home of Murderer Mark Anthony Cox.

Cox killed Danielle Watson and her unborn child a year ago and then walked back to Piper Station Apartments where he lived before fleeing to Fayetteville.

Cox was released from prison in November of 2011 after serving three years for committing an armed robbery and stealing.

In January of this year Cox pleaded guilty to two counts of first degree murder and was sentenced to two consecutive life terms. The plea deal allowed Cox to avoid the death penalty.


Anonymous said...

Cedar who says suicide? Maybe homicide made to look like suicide?

Really strange 2 young women would do that.

Old black wino, sure happens, drunk passes out on the tracks, yep I can see that.

But this is odd.

White or black?

Anonymous said...

Cedar you knew they were "young girls" yet the Observer was reporting them to be 25-30 years old. How did you know these were teenagers?

Anonymous said...

So Cedar where we're you on the morning of the 17th?

Anonymous said...

Dam DA's and their deals..They should hang their asses too..That SOB neeeds to die.