Monday, April 15, 2013


Boston - CP's cousin was in Boston for the race and says it was just awful, saying that the explosions were back to back. People were screaming and running while others were just dazed and confused. He left the area immediately, walking across the Longfellow Bridge leaving his car in Boston.

The bomber(s) for some reason chose the finish line vs the packed starting line. Boston PD sources noted that while the devices where certainly deadly they were crude in design and had the markings of anything but a Mideastern terrorist network.

The bombing wasn't well coordinated or executed and most of the evidence point to a psychopath attack vs a terrorist attack.

Witnesses noted that many of the runners were "in the zone" and just kept running towards the finish line even as runners around them where screaming and falling to the ground.

Crazy stuff for runnings premier event, in one of Cedar's favorite cities.

Boston is a very outside city, being a Bostonian means being on the street, at the Common or along the Charles. The joy of being in a city like Boston is that you feel very safe always and even at the latest hours of the night.

Newberry Street is unlike any other, busy but not New York busy. At night people "stroll along" rather than rush along in a New York hurry.

And Boston is a road runners heaven. In the summer the sun begins its climb early. The first light finds, Boston rowing club's 8's and 4's putting in on the Charles River. Runners plod the trails the border the river, and cross into Cambridge and circle back across the Harvard Bridge.

In the summer the Boston Pops preforms at the Hatch Shell. Often called the "Half Shell" by tourists in this city where families have camped out summers upon summers as conductor Arthur Fieldler made the Pops Style concerts popular.

Boylston street is the center of shopping and hotels with the Four Seasons across from the Boston Common and Copley Place around the corner. Ritz, Westin and Hyatt all have flag ship hotels within sight of each other.

All of this plus arts, and of course the Bo Sox at Fenway, in the center of this tragic event. Which for this fan of Boston makes it just so unthinkable.

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