Saturday, April 13, 2013

Charlotte Fire Department Station 24 Doing Whatever Needs To Be Done

The Whitten family home in South Charlotte has flown the United States Flag along with the Navy and Marine Corps "Standards" for as long as any neighbor can remember.

Photo Via Facebook
Unfortunately, sometime in the early hours of Sunday March 23, someone stole the Marine Corps Standard from the Whitten home. The theft would upset anyone, but for the Whitten's who have a son in the Marine Corps and a daughter in the Navy, it was personal, very personal.

Later that day Mark Whitten put a sign up offering a reward for information that would lead to the recovery of the flag or arrest of the "Punk" who stole it.

Photo Via Facebook
For the next two weeks the USMC Standard remained missing.

But this past Tuesday as Mark's wife Sara was about to leave for work, Charlotte Fire Department's Engine 24 and Ladder 24 rolled to a stop in front of the Whitten home.

Mark would later recall that Sara was pretty puzzled and concerned that two fire trucks where suddenly parked in front of their home. Her first thought he says was that maybe the house was on fire.

While fighting fire is their primary mission, on this day the guys from CFD Station 24 had a different sort of mission in mind. One that was just as important, in this case to right a wrong.

As the firefighters approached they told Sara that the reason they had stopped by was to give her a new USMC flag to replace the one that was stolen.

The firemen in her front yard went on to point out that Station 24 was home to 5 United States Marines with one currently deployed overseas. They added, that it was their way of thanking the Whitten's and their children for their service.

The gesture was their way of letting Whitten's know that they were around, looking out for the neighborhood and that they noticed the flag was missing and that someone cared.

According to Mark, it was all just too much for Sara to bear, she was at a complete loss for words. Speechless Sara couldn't hold back the tears of joy. Mark later recalled upon hearing the news from his wife, he too became choked up.

The reward sign now has a much different message: "Thank You Fire House 24 for the new USMC Flag".
Photo Via Facebook
Mark also posted this message on the Charlotte Fire Department Facebook Page:

"I just wanted to let you and anyone else who is reading this to know that YOU GUYS ROCK and THANK YOU SO SO MUCH HOUSE 24... This is something we will NEVER forget and are so grateful for the job you guys do and now for this too... THANKS AGAIN.. THE Whitten's..."

It's late in the evening when another tone drops at Station 24 followed by the computerized voice telling the crew the nature and location of the next call, less than a minute later Engine 24 is rolling down Pineville Matthews Road and disappearing into into the darkness. Doing whatever needs to be done.


Anonymous said...

Your FF's, Always There and They Care

Anonymous said...

Cedar fun story this morning. But what the heck is a standard? I also notice you call the US flag an ensign. Thought that was a Navy rank isn't it a flag?

Anonymous said...

They must be Yankee transplants, fire "house" would be the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling the story Mr. Posts.

FFII Brian Campbell Ladder 24 just deployed at the end of last month.

semper fi

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Station 24 from this Marine Dad!

Anonymous said...

Ooh Rah!

Anonymous said...

Sad that someone no doubt a punk would steal this proud dad's flag. They aren't cheap and even if cost wasn't the concern this was just rude. Some punk kid in the neighborhood whose parents have failed to notice the Corps glad he is using as a door mat.

Hope they find the parents.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Cedar Posts isn't bashing the Station 24 guys for wasting tax payer dollars.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:14
Hard to see what waste of the taxpayer's money occurred here. My guess is the Marines and others at station 24 bought the flag. As far as the gas and wear and tear on the vehicles... Well maybe they came by on their way to/ from a call. Either way, CP wouldn't bash public servants that were serviing the community, his complaints are with the $K's wasted by bureaucrats.

Samantha Laine said...

This story is the best. Full stop.

Anonymous said...

Cedar very good post, I see WBTV picked up the story saturday morning. Semper Fi Station 24!

Anonymous said...

saw the WBTV story on line it is missing a lot of the details. Thanks Cedar for sharing.

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