Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hat Tip To The Boston Police Officers

Hat's off to the Boston Police for their Dedication, Professionalism and Bravery in taking these Terrorist assholes down!

These Professionals stood Tall in the face of true evil and defeated it. They without hesitation Honored the Oath they took, earned their pay and the respect of the Community they serve.
Condolences to the Family and Friends of the MIT Officer who lost his life and to the Officer who was severely wounded.

Take a few moments this day to think about what these Men and Women do to make your world better.

They suit up, pin on a Badge, holster a weapon and go out to make a difference in an often surreal world of violence and insanity.

They know that they may have to take a life or loose theirs for pay that keeps them barely over the poverty level. They deal with the worst humanity can present, see things that most people can't even imagine or cope with and go home to a Family and try and act normal. They do this for years, in North Carolina it's 30 years!
If you encounter a Police Officer today or in the near future take a minute of your time and tell them thanks for their Service as that small gesture keeps them going, and because they do the job for you!
That's my take on it! 

Received via email, author unknown.


Anonymous said...

Amen. Well said......

DWright1 said...

I don't know how or why they do it, but I'm damn grateful that they do.

Anonymous said...

if only CMPD had leadership like BPD.

The Officers of CMPD deserve it.

The weak Chief has surrounded himself with appalingly incompetent DC's with NO integrity.

DG - Weak and unable or unwillingly to stand up for what is right.

KG - A real piece of work, a confirmed liar who will stab you in the back. She will go to any lengths to destroy anyone that she takes a disliking to. And she will favor any asskisser no matter how incompetent they are, including fellow confirmed liars. She cares about only one thing....KG.

Eddie Levins - What can you say?

Vicki Foster - The epitome of the "Yes Woman".

But Karma is truly a Bitch.

Bless all the Good Officers at CMPD , for the honorable job they do in spite of having no leadership.