Thursday, April 18, 2013

West Texas Fire and Explosion

There are dozens of reported casualties in the small town of West Texas.

The video below serves as a forceful reminder of the danger firefighters and law enforcement face in these situations.


Anonymous said...

West is a small town on I-35 just far enough north of Waco, TX to be an independent community on open prairie.

On a trip up or down I-35 between Dallas and Austin or San Antonio, those who know stop at West to buy Polish pastries at the bakery. Nibbles on the trip; doesn't matter how many are bought, they all get eaten before the trip ends; the pastries are too good to resist.

West survived a fire that took out much of the town-- Can't believe how long back? 1970's or 1980's?

Boston a couple of days ago, now this in West? Feels like War has come to America. War that is closing in on us.

Anonymous said...

Cedar I've got to give you credit, saw your tweet with the link to this video an hour ago 30 mins later WBTV is tweeting like it was their own discovery.

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Wow that guy is really lucky.