Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Odds and Ends - Murder and Mayhem Edition

East Charlotte Shooting All Too Normal - According to the Charlotte Observer "A 19-year-old Charlotte man was killed in an eastside shooting Sunday afternoon, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police shut down an apartment complex for four hours as the SWAT team tried unsuccessfully to make contact with a suspect in an apartment.

Police eventually determined that no one was in the apartment.

Police said a man they identified as Danny Barrino was involved in an altercation with another man before the shooting that left him dead. Investigators had not released the name or a description of the suspect by late Sunday.

After the shooting, investigators believed at least one suspect was holed up inside a home in The Preserve at Lake Forest, a large apartment complex near where East W.T. Harris Boulevard meets Albemarle Road.

Trudy Allen said her son, whom she identified as Danny Barrino Allen, was killed. She said she was in church when police called her to tell her about the shooting.

“No matter what he did or what he’s done, now my baby’s gone,” she said, sobbing while being consoled by another woman. “I don’t know the reason, but he’s gone for something stupid.”
She also said, “Whoever did this, they need to come to justice.”

Chauncey Sterling was sentenced to "life w/o parole" in the murder of hospital executive Robert Barber, who was killed by Sterling two years ago while walking home from Caribou Coffee on Fairview Road, in South Charlotte.

The morning he was killed, Barber had driven to Caribou with his wife, Debbie.
When she left to go to work, he decided to walk the 3 miles home.

But just a few blocks from the coffee shop, he was confronted by a Sterling holding a gun.
Police said Barber struggled with Sterling and in the process Sterling fired the gun twice. Barber died at the scene.

Sterling's legal defense did a good job, albeit over the top. When Sterling appeared in court he was dressed in a plaid shirt and tie complete with glasses reminiscent of television's Steve Urkel from the sitcom "Family Matters".

The defense centered on the fine line between murder and murder in the process of committing armed robbery.

The fine line being intent, claiming that at the last second Sterling changed his mind about robbing Barber. The jury didn't buy the argument and convicted Urkle of First Degree Murder allowing for the Life without possibility of Parole.

Kindergarten Graduation Fight - Further evidence Charlotte has gone total WalMart - Charlotte-Mecklenburg police were called to a southwest Charlotte elementary school after a fight broke out during a kindergarten graduation Thursday morning.

Police were called to River Gate Elementary off of Smith Road after a fight broke out between two adults around 10 a.m.

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools official said the altercation occurred during a reception for kindergartens in the media center of the school.

Both men involved were arrested. Yani Arnautovic, 34, and Darrell Dotson, 38, are charged with misdemeanors for disorderly conduct.

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