Monday, August 26, 2013

Former Mayor Anthony Foxx Says "Whole Community Behind Charlotte's Trolly"

Former Charlotte Mayor Foxx - Continues his distorted view of Charlotte politics even while 100's of miles away in Washington 
 "And when I was Mayor of Charlotte, I fought to bring a streetcar system to our city.  The whole community got behind it. That streetcar is the first effort in Charlotte’s recent history to connect a poor part of the city with modern transit.
President Obama gets this. He understands that when you isolate communities, it’s not just those who are affected who are hurt. We’re all hurt."

Foxx's comments are buried deep in his blog piece about the anniversary of the MLK I have a dream speech. Here
No surprise that Foxx has a decidedly distorted memory of his time in Charlotte but why is the media coverage of this statement nonexistent?

Late this past week the US Department of Transportation failed to deliver dollars earmarked for Charlotte's streetcar virtually assuring that the "starter line" will remain just that a non starter.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Foxx,

I am a tax paying member of the Charlotte, NC community and I have NEVER been behind the Trolley project. The creation of a half ass mass transportation system in Charlotte is a disgrace and ripe with the misuse of taxpayer money. Looking at the light rail line most trains run with little or no ridership. Now the city leaders in all of their wisdom have decided that toll lanes on I-77, street cars through uptown and an extension of the light rail line to UNCC will ease traffic congestion for the city. Hmm, how is that 485 project working out. Still not completed and already redoing the South section due to incompetent planning.