Sunday, September 15, 2013

CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe Throws White Officer Under The Bus

In an amazing rush to judgment CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe apparently ordered that a new Charlotte Police Officer be charged with murder in connection with a shooting that occurred early Saturday morning.

The case which is bound to attract National attention and spark resentment among CMPD Officers, is unprecedented in the swiftness in which the Officer was charged and arrested.

Normally Officer involved shootings undergo a series of through investigations and a complete review by the DA's office prior to announcing that an Officer would be charged. Further the Officer is normally allowed to present himself for arrest and not taken into custody, stripped of his uniform and processed in his t-shirt.

Cedar's Take: Officer Kerrick's arrest prior to an autopsy and toxicology report is a clearly Chief Monroe pandering to the black community. Kerrick is white and the alleged victim is black.

Questions that need to be answered, include what role did DA Murray have in the decision to charge Kerrick. Was Ferrell's ability to understand police commands compromised? Why did the Taser fail? why didn't Ferrell call 911 to say I've had an accident? Why wasn't the SBI or FBI called in? Why wasn't the North Carolina State Attorney's Office brought in? Or the US Justice Department?

This rush to charge Kerrick is as disturbing as the rush to shoot a charging black football player in the dark of night. One that is a suspect in an attempted B&E, or worse an attempted home invasion. Remember no one knew at the time about the wreck. 

Even if the facts play out that there was probable cause to charge Kerrick the speed at which the charges were brought paint Rodney Monroe is one hell of a racist hubris Son Of BOB.

CNN's account based on Charlotte stations WBTV and WSOC coverage is below.

(CNN) -- Police in North Carolina shot and killed a man running toward them Saturday morning -- but he may have just been looking for help after a car wreck. Officers responded to a "breaking and entering" 911 call at a home in Charlotte. The homeowner told dispatchers that a man had been knocking on her door repeatedly.

Police say that when they got to the scene, a man matching the caller's description ran toward them. One of the officers fired his stun gun, but it was "unsuccessful." Another officer then opened fire, police said.

Jonathan Ferrell died at the scene. He was shot several times. He was unarmed.

Police now believe Ferrell was seeking assistance after crashing his car. Ferrell was 24 and a former football player at Florida A&M University. Police found a wrecked car nearby, indicating that he may have been trying to get help.

"It was a pretty serious accident," Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe told CNN affiliate WSOC.

The crash was so severe that authorities believe Ferrell had to climb out of the back window, another affiliate WBTV reported. He ran to the closest house for help. The woman inside thought it was her husband.

"To her surprise, it was an individual that she did not know or recognize," Monroe told WBTV. "She immediately closed the door, hit her panic alarm, called 911."

The man stood outside and "continued to attempt to gain the attention of the homeowner," a police statement said. Charlotte Police have charged Officer Randall Kerrick with voluntary manslaughter -- a felony.

He turned himself in Saturday afternoon and was being held early Sunday on a $50,000 bond. Police used "charged" and "ran" and "advanced" in their description of what Ferrell did. There were three officers at the scene, but Kerrick was the only one to use a gun. He fired several times, police said.

"The evidence revealed that Mr. Ferrell did advance on Officer Kerrick and the investigation showed that the subsequent shooting of Mr. Ferrell was excessive," police said in another statement issued late Saturday night. "Our investigation has shown that Officer Kerrick did not have a lawful right to discharge his weapon during this encounter. "

All three officers have been placed on paid leave. A charge of voluntary manslaughter means the person used excessive force in self-defense, or carried out the act without intent to kill.

Chief Monroe called the incident "unfortunate." "It has devastated a family as well as caused a great deal of sadness and anxiety in our organization".

The reaction Friends expressed grief on social media, calling Ferrell a "brother" and demanding "justice." He had at least one brother, Willie, who played with him at Florida A&M. Ferrell was also engaged. "We loved him. Our family loved him," his fiancé's mother told WSOC.

Cedar Posts Update: Officer Randall Kerrick, 27, was released late Saturday night and has a first appearance court hearing scheduled for Monday, Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Julia Rush said Sunday

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Anonymous said...

I agree, these charges were presented way to early in this investigation. I truly hope this is not what it looks like. This is a tragedy for all involved lets hope it doesn't get worse.

Anonymous said...

This was way too early to charge Kerrick...let's see the toxicology report at least, and then consider charges. This is an obvious case of trying to appease the black community from the start. Praying for all--including a young officer who must feel he has been thrown to the wolves.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they charge Jerry Dawson when he Tased a Juvenile to death? It was all on camera. He was unarmed and Jerry was bigger then he was. NC law will protect Kerrick if he gets a good attorney. Look at who is in charge of the Homicide Unit. Fucking idiots up there. They are now heading to charging Officers in UOF issues next. With Assault. Remember this prediction white Officers the next time you have to use force. Plus look who was in charge of the training at the Academy Kerrick was there. The Officer hears that Taser being discharged and who knows what he was thinking. Not the first time folks. Poor guy goes to Roll Call Friday night and bet he was thinking about having fun on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Gun never should have left the holster. Me and two of my buddies are standing around and get charged by an unarmed man who's hands are plainly visible,(whether he's trying to get help)dude is gonna get his ass whipped plain and simple. Explain to me how three cops get charged by an unarmed man and one of them is in "imminent fear for his life?" The use of force continuum clearly states that deadly force can only be used to protect and preserve the lives of yourself or others when one feels their life is in danger. I'd like to know how this officer felt his life was in danger from an unarmed man. I'm not sure how a toxicology report is really relevant here. Even if the victim was on PCP or some other hallucinogen affecting his strength and state of mind, at the point of contact IT WAS THREE AGAINST ONE. I'm not sure there was a rush to judgment here on the part of the department, seeing as how the arrest came almost 24 hours after the incident. I'm retired law enforcement and a friend of the Thin Blue Line, but this is just poor judgment and poor policing.

Anonymous said...

That's the issue, your retired and probably haven't whipped that much ass. in these days they will charge you with whipping ass, go change your diaper. Again why wasn't Dawson charged?

Anonymous said...

Me and two of my Buddies are standing around the water cooler. Telling war stories.

Anonymous said...

Call for a possible B&E suspect on scene...911 caller likely hyped up, and fears danger...two units assigned another attaches himself...find suspect matching description....remember it is 2:30AM.... It's dark with poor lighting...suspect runs toward officer...apparently ignoring commands to officer tases suspect and misses...another officer fires his is dark, can't tell if suspect has or doesn't have a weapon, fears for his life....fires.

Would this result be the same if suspect was white, I suspect so. Training teaches officers that a threat isn't just from a gun, how many of you got nabbed by the knife in the simulated training, how fast did that suspect close the distance? This was tragic, but not a crime.

Now, officer is charged later the same day. I believe that this result was a rush to judgement. Given the stories posted on this site previously where race is mentioned, in favor of minorities, one could easily come to the conclusion that Cedars Post has come too, this guy was tossed under the bus to show the black community he is on this. I dare say it wouldn't have happened as quickly if the officer was black too, certainly not the same day.

Anonymous said...

I think some agency should start an investigation on the CMPD training academy. The officer had to be trained somewhere.

Anonymous said... mean go change my Depends...diapers are for babies

Anonymous said...

I once heard someone say, "If only he had listened to what he had been told." I would be willing to guess that Mr. Ferrell had been told at some point in his life to listen to authority. Obviously he failed to LISTEN TO THE OFFICERS TELLING HIM TO GET ON THE GROUND.

Anonymous said...

possible relevant fact:

around 11am today, the house in question was having their front door replaced

with the broken door visible on the ground outside

may be worthwhile for truth's sake for someone to get/have gotten a picture of that

Anonymous said...

The door was being replaced because CMPD Detectives removed the original for evidence...not relevant in the slightest

Anonymous said...

well of course Rodney is the most qualified to make the arrest you guys expected to take a bullet before responding under the Rodney doctrine, but hey he is a great chief..let me think on the call, oh yes fail to obey commands, dark, no clear sight of hands, anything can happen in last ten seconds of someone charging me..remember the most important thing for the chief is to be politically correct and brother he is pc on this one.

Anonymous said...

Why do I think that that latest FATS training had some role in this? The first scenario that everyone does is a guy running at them with a knife and they had about 2 seconds to respond with deadly force before being stabbed.. If I were a betting man I would bet that went through this officers mind when he pulled the trigger.

Anonymous said...

This whole comment system on this blog is corrupt and biased. I trained with this man in the 161st, edgy, intolerant of minorities, hope he rots. FATS training my ass, that scenario was 1 on 1 no backup and a fully heightened situation.

Anonymous said...

My only beef here is that this seems to have happened way to fast. I think some more time should have passed so all the facts could be gone over very carefully. Why the rush?
Seems to me so many agendas could be in play here.

Anonymous said...

I would never expected the racist Cedar to post something this racist. Right!

Anonymous said...

@3:36 That scenario was 2 man response and went from a suspicious person to officer stabbed in 2 seconds. You obviously don't know what you are talking about, and cast doubt on all of your comment. It is too coincidental that this same type event occurs this close to that training and the officer pulled the trigger.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what about due process from the DA's review. Just another example that Chief Monroe does not give a shit about his employees. It is all about Black and White. Let's see how this place out in court and do not be surprised of an acquital. Chief Monroe has demonstrated an overall resentment of his staff and is will to throwing officers under the bus just to win favor from the black community.

Anonymous said...

You're obviously not fully educated on CMPD'S 900+ hour BLET course. I was incorrect regarding the scenario it was 2 on 1* which to my understanding was just to see if we would use deadly force in a reasonable time.

You're comparison to that ONE scenario is not relevant to his actions this morning. We were taught by the same instructors. 80+ hours of DT, UOF and multiple classes and tests on those subjects. I can guarantee when his Instructors , ofc. barry, helton, embry amongst others testify against him they will re-iterate something that stuck in my head since week 1.

"We will teach you the right way and the only way to handle UOF situations legally and effectively. If you handle yourself in any UOF situation the way you are taught here the law and the department will be on your side. If you stray from our instruction or attempt to handle a UOF situation otherwise we will throw you under the bus immediately and your life will be over."

Time will tell but I can guarantee you he did not follow CMPD's UOF continuum in the slightest, and regardless if he panicked someones life is over because he couldn't keep his head on straight. He couldn't handle it in the academy and he obviously couldn't on the street.

Anonymous said...

I'll side with Cedar on this one. Monroe is an ass and only is this officer charged because his is white and the perp is black.

He was deemed a threat or the other office who discharged his Taser would have been charged.

Its dark, your backing up another officer who fires his weapon and the perp keeps charging you. You're screaming at his to get down, to stop and he keeps coming out of the darkness right at YOU!

You're going to fire your weapon.

My money says he was high as shit on something.

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of comments on here. And that is unusual considering the usual garbage that is spewed.... Although this is a very unfortunate incident for all directly and indirectly involved I do also believe the officer made a mistake and used excessive force. I faced many similar situations in my 30 year career but would have never "broken leather" unless it was absolutely the last option left. And yes, I had my ass handed to me more times than I care to mention but that is sometimes the price of the job we get paid to do. Also, I am positive this officer would not have been charged unless the Homicide Unit consulted with the DA's Office beforehand. I would assume that a representative with the DA's Office was probably at the scene of this shooting to evaluate the evidence for themselves before this decision was made. If the officer acted appropriately then he will have nothing to worry about when he has his day in court. As most with CMPD know already, not anyone (especially an officer) is charged or subsequently prosecuted for a crime unless there is overwhelming evidence to prove they did.... I will pray for all involved tonight.

Anonymous said...

depends are adult diapers dumb a ss

Anonymous said...

Easy ladies and gents, save your Monday morning quarterbacking for your favorite football teams. If you weren't there you don't know.

Anonymous said...

Rodney being the standup cop that he is (listen to his presser "uh....ummmm... dah....."
come on Pork Chop speak English!) elected to charge the cop less than 3 hours after the bad shoot.

There was no conference with the DA's office no investigation no nothing. Just Rodney doing things his way.

You bunch of CMPD weenies need to grow some balls and standup for this guy!

You need to tell the truth, CMPD training is a joke. Command is a joke, GOD Damn reliance on those Tasers is a joke.

Y'all are a bunch of green ass lazy shit rookies that need to have your asses kicked all the way back to elementary school.

Were is the FOP attorney is this, was he even called?

Lack of training, lack of supervision lack of leadership.

This is what so many have been saying for years.

Anonymous said...

It very well may turn out that the officer was unlawful in his application of deadly force. It very well may turn out that his actions rise to the level of a criminal act, but in the many years of being involved in the criminal justice system in this state, I have never ever seen an officer involved shooting handled in this fashion. CMPD’s policy of “tell it all” to the media is an absolute affront to the due process rights of the officer charged. Unless the officer was amazingly stupid, everything he said had to be compelled from the department after Garrity was read through an administration investigation. Not only it is a violation of due process rights, but it is a criminal misdemeanor to release personnel information related to an internal investigation. Here you have the chief of police quoting the officer to the media. I am not trying to defend this officer as his actions certainly seem so far to be highly questionable, but the immediate arrest of a sworn law enforcement officer absent a reasonable belief that the officer was an immediate threat to society is beyond ridiculous. There is a big difference between civil negligence and criminal negligence needed for a manslaughter charge under the laws of this state. The illegalities associated with current CMPD handling of officer involved shootings are about to come to the attention of all as things are a little different when the shoot is determined to be bad. Once again my condolences to the victim of this tragedy, but I feel sorry for officers working under the current administration at CMPD. It is one thing to see radicals pushing for immediate action, but the chief of police doing so is sad. You don't just do something to please the community. The majority opinion is not always the most reasonable or legal one. I don’t think the victim’s lawyer even knows what to say because all of his thunder is being stolen by CMPD. This is a mess and quite frankly ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Cedar mouth you need to STFU!

Chief Monroe is good to rid the department of this cracker scum bag. Truth!

Anonymous said...

True, training does come into question with this situation but more than that, recruiting! Common sense and good ole interviewing techniques no longer exist at CMPD. If someone looks good on paper for all liability reasons, then by all means hire them! One look at this officer shows his scared personality and back woods upbringing....Been policing for over a decade and this folks is poor recruiting alongside a much less than desirable police department!

Anonymous said...

Screwed up rush to judgement.

Recruiting AND training should be thoroughly investigated!

CMPD used to go above and beyond "standards" in training....since Rodney they are lucky to reach a minimum standard. A fact.

Rodney and Ray Ray believed/believe it is better to "learn on the job" than to have formal training. Heard them say that more than once.

How has that worked out for them?

From Captain up, all the idiots Rodney has promoted need Remedial training in leadership, ethics and integrity.

He has set some pretty horrible precedents, this latest rush to judgement is just the latest!

Anonymous said...

this past 3 rounds of recruits are the bottom of the barrel. perfect example right here.

Anonymous said...

First off I am ashamed of several officers who have posted on here to the character of Officer Kerrick. You obviously do not know the man and never tried to. To judge by appearance is unacceptable and in our line of work is a detriment. None of us were there and by you all casting your stones shows your immaturity and lack of experience. Four families lives were forever changed that morning and we have to be supportive to all involved. I will say I answered some calls with Officer Kerrick, some resulting in uses of force and he seemed level headed and capable on those calls. He was respectful no matter the race or creed of the person or persons. I also know Officers Little and Neal. I have no doubt in Officer Littles' ability and for him to deploy a taser means there was a threat.
I do wish the department would provide a bit more factual information to the public so they do not cotinune to paint a picture of police shooting a helpless man only looking for assistance after a car accident.
There is more to it.
My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved, especially to the family of Mr. Farrell. It is a very sad circumstance and the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult.
Now let's stop the bashing and trying to turn this into a race issue because it is far from it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he over reacted. I'm not Cmpd or LE for that matter, but something just doesn't true up here. I'm not the smartest guy in the world but I do have some common sense.

Common sense says there is more to this. Question where is the reported (WBTV and others) Charlotte girl friend?

Could she have something to do with this? Maybe she was in the car with him and he was trying to find help?


Maybe she had ended the relationship and he figured life wasn't worth living. Failing to kill himself in a car crash he thought suicide by cop would have to do.

Either way where is the girl friend?

Anonymous said...

The officer did what he was trained to do. What would you do if someone is rushing at you in the middle of the night, you can't see if he has a weapon or not, has already been tased with no effect, and the subject is twice your size? Even under North Carolina self defense law there is Disparity of Force. This officer was clearly justified in using lethal force. At the time the officers thought they were dealing with a b&e or even worse a home invasion suspect. So what would you do. I hope all CMPD officers realize they could be next. This proves that they (CMPD)cares nothing about their officers. As far as charges being filed against this officer so quick, I really don't have to explain that do I? I hope every law enforcement across the Country will stand up for this officer and fight for him, just like you are going to see what the Police haters are going to do with their protest and God only knows what else.

Anonymous said...

Support what ? Police are too quick to go for the trigger plain and simple, this is not a police state, citizens should not be afraid to seek help or have to faceplant immediately from the ones who are meant to protect and serve them.

3 cops, 1 guy possibly deranged, scared, vulnerable looking for help. That fucking coward should never have pulled his gun, and he will pay the price just as any of you others will if you don't treat the people with more compassion.

Divine Theatre said...

I found this site while looking for the facts on the case. I cannot fathom why the chief would throw this guy under the bus. Waiting for toxicology reports and witness statements...
In the meantime, I just wanted to mention that the white print on the black background is KILLING my eyes! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm not a police officer..what did you expect from a police chief not qualified to hold the didn't think he would cover his ass before looking out for the rank and file..i think you rank and file members need to look deep inside yourself and ask yourself if you going to stand up for this officer..i would have done the had one officer fire a tase, and miss, so what happens to him, does he get charged by this phony police chief who wants to protect himself and look good in the black public eye..damn, sounds like Obama wanting to have a beer summit..i say if you do not stand up for this officer then start looking over your own shoulder because you have a chief in name only without the required background to hold the office .this is what happens when deals cut for quid pro quo position.if the assertions correct that training is lax, and idiots running the outhouse, then there is a case to be made. what would have happen had this been Iraq or have no leadership because the chief lacks leadership, I just read in a post that Monroe believes in on the job training versus class room training and I certainly believe that you have to have both.but you need the basics first..i stand with this officer, you think you would not pull the trigger in the dark and someone rushing you, has anyone gone out and done a night time evaluation of the scene, Monroe may not think that necessary...just the facts, joe.

Anonymous said...

has anyone taken a look at how respect has deteriorated since Obama come into office..and Rodney wants to be just like him..he knows that he is not qualified for the position so he needs to justify his position and what better way than throw the cracker under the bus..

Anonymous said...

Shoot an unarmed man ten times and you question why it's manslaughter? You're probably right though, seems more like a terrible suicide...doesn't sound like racism, just an itchy trigger finger.

Anonymous said...

Certainly OTJ experience is beneficial, but continuous training is vital to prevent this type of incident.
But to Rodney it is not important.
And who is over training? That would be Katrina "The Puppet" Graue. Just another reminder of her woeful lack of
Leadership skills and the fact she has never had an original
Idea in her life. Start with her and get her some much
needed training in leadership and ethics.

Jeff A. Taylor said...

Couple things:

-- 12 rounds? Awesome training there.

-- Even so, to not wait for tox to come back, or even a full work up of the scene, is incredibly reckless.

-- Where, exactly, is the DA on all this? Precisely what discussions went on with regard to charging?

-- 911 calls, dispatcher tapes should be very interesting.

Karma, she's a bitch. City council and the Uptown crowd (the legal beagles especially) willfully chose to back RoMo's fantasyland narrative, no matter how absurd. Repeatedly. Because the alternative was deemed too messy.

Now Charlotte is in headlines worldwide as the place where a former football player gets shot 10 times for asking CMPD for help.

CLT's got a lot, alright.

Anonymous said...

Jeff at what point did he ask police for help? Maybe you might want to read the story again

Anonymous said...

Some folks need to be thrown under a bus.

Anonymous said...

Wrought with fear, expecting the worst, black guy running at him screaming crazy shit and he had his finger on the trigger. Taser went off he pulled the trigger then lied about the entire event. His mind awash in adrenalin he can't remember a thing.

Just make a note to yourself, not a good idea to go running towards the cops at 2 a.m. Stay calm keep your hands out in the open, keep you palms exposed, stop moving around show the cops you pose no threat. Geeeezz some people are idiots, honest idiots but dead idiots just the same.

Anonymous said...

City will rush to settle the Civil case. It's not winnable. The goal is to limit the financial liability against the City.

Despite the tunnel vision of most of the commenters here, the more important role CMPD has now is rebuilding community trust. Police don't operate in a vacuum.

Reality is a bitch isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Did Rodney act this quickly on Marcus Jackson?
Or the cop that used the taser on the kid and killed him?

No. He continuously lied to the public about Marcus Jackson.

And Rodney has already made up his mind, so HIS Rodney controlled IA investigation is absolutely useless!! This "quick action" benefits NO ONE but Rodney. Can't everyone see that ?

Anonymous said...

I am not saying this was the right thing to do in charging so quickly, but...Monroe might have saved this officer from being a Zimmerman for the rest of his life.

If there had not been a charge, Sharpton and Jackson would have descended upon this city like vultures on a carcass. Then, if he was never charged, or later charged and acquitted, his life would never be his own.

I agree that pandering is not a good thing to do, but I suspect that the officer at least will be better off in the long run (especially if he is not guilty). It might have actually been the kind thing to do.

With that said, 12 rounds does not sound good.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the state of the wrecked car?
He very well could of had a concussion or have been in shock or otherwise internally injured.3340
And if someone was "viciously" knocking on your door, would you think it was your husband? And wouldn't your husband have a KEY? And I read the husband arrived home an hour after the incident. And really, would you open your door to such a "vicious" knock? Would you be that stupid?

A LOT of unanswered questions.

Anonymous said...

Cedar check out the latest, the woman who Ferrell banged on her door was begging police to hurray and Ferrell is screaming in her yard.

Kerrick fired, then fired again and then twice more. Either he feared for his life of he was filled with hate and wanted to be sure the dude was dead.

Either way what is clear is RoMo is a control freak.

It is going to come out that Ferrell was on crack or something.

Someone needs to find out why he left the football program at FAMU.

Anonymous said...

What was this Ferrell guy on? Why was he charging the only white officer on the scene? Sounds like they should have beat him to death rather than shoot him 10 times.

Anonymous said...

Most of you posters here seem to have biased opinions, some to the far left, some extreme right. None of us here know anymore than the press or Command staff has told us. We were not there and have not interviewed anyone that was. Shut up and wait for the facts to come out in court. Don't expect them to come from our news outlets or the CMPD staff. I'm sure glad I don't have any of you acting as my judge or juror.

Anonymous said...

This case just keeps getting more interesting. Seems the deceased had someone else in his car at the time of the accident.

Why did this news just "pop up"?

Might it have taken the other passenger this long to come off his/her high?

Why does CMPD withhold information?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Also got to love the dispatch "Where you at?" question to the woman calling 911.

Idiot in English the question is Where are you?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the media/FOP/general public calling for Monroe to resign...he has cost the city, after this lawsuit, and others, $100+ million...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I fully support the officer, there is more evidence appearing daily. It was never a racial issue and I hope his legal team can it.

Anonymous said...

WCNC asked if there is a racial divide at CMPD and referenced this blog.

The only raciall divide is from Rodney Monroe who dragged his feet and lied about Jackson, Procter and Bathwaite just to name a few, but jumped out of bed at the chance to charge a white officer named Kerrick.

This is not an isolated incident, this is how Rodney rolls.

Anonymous said...

Rodney Monroe is a racist. You can quote me on that. His promotions, his favors, his selective hires. His dismantling of the police Chaplin unit to bring in a black lesbian, his unending loyalty to now DC Foster who he promoted over a dozen white candidates.

There my not be a racial divide at CMPD but it is clear that race played a part in charging Officer Kerrick.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the black/white issue played a roll in Kerrick being charged. Based on the evidence released to date, he shot an unarmed person running towards him and fired his weapon 12 times, hitting him 10 times. That is beyond excessive. By his own admission, Kerrick said he saw the person's fist were clenched and did not see any weapon. With two additional officers on scene, the only level of force required would be "fists" and that would be if the person attacked the officer, which we will never know. Whether is was later that day or several days later, the department had no choice but to charge him. Tragic as this is for all involved, officers carry a lot of responsibility and need to make smart decisions in seconds, this was not a smart decision...I harken back to his own admission.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Cedar, Rodney threw the white officer under the bus. I don't think he would have done it if the Vic was white or if Kerrick was black. But to keep the Al and Jessie's in check he threw him under the bus and that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

From the wcnc article: "as he was trying to get help following an auto accident".

His wrecked car would make you think that was what happening, but after hearing the 911 call, I'm not sure. The woman seems to feel so terrorized, I think she might have shot him if she had been able to find her husband's gun.

My understanding is that she said she had to push the door closed. I know people have speculated that he had some type of injury that caused him to act erratically, but his family's lawyer says he looked like 'an Abercrombie & Fitch model' in the police video. Anyone would feel threatened by any stranger trying to enter their home.

Maybe he was that desperate, maybe he didn't want her to close the door. Okay. Then she can hear him yelling to turn the alarm off but never hears him say he has been in a wreck? Then she yells to him that she has called the police and they are on their way, so he leaves her yard at that point?

It is all very confusing, and unfortunately a life and death decision was made during the chaos. I think the final version of this tragedy will differ from what is in the press at this time.

Anonymous said...

So Andrew Murray says no way not me? Pretty much proves Cedar's point on a rush to charge Kerrick.

Murray's is smart a enough to toss this hot mess to the state. Washing his hands of a mess a couple of his ADA's got him into.

Smart move.

Anonymous said...

Chief RoMo, we have seen you barking angry orders at white officers while you and your hand picked minions stand about laughing under your breath. We know your stated goal is to lower the bar as low as possible for black recruits in an effort to make CMPD "a majority chocolate department". You sir are biased and are viewed as a racist among your officers and the public. It's time you step down. That aside, I do believe Kerrick should NOT have fired a single shot let alone 12. He made a horrible error in judgement, but give the evidence some time to come out before you too act in such a hasty, fashion. Would you have reacted as quickly if Kerrick was your son or a relative? In a way he is a member of your family and you turned your back on him in a New York minute. Shame on you. Step down.

Anonymous said...

romo is just like ob and his stated goal is to dismantle America and he doing it..romo is doing the same to the cmpd by dumbing down the dept..will not be long before officers request the victims to write the report...sorry sir, I hurt my hand watching a program on the computer..

Lisa Carroll, widow of Detective Randy Carroll, Armed Robbery CMPD said...

I would like to respond to the comments that this was excessive force due to the fact that we have three armed officers responding to one unarmed man.

Whenever an officer is present, there is a weapon present on the scene. It is only the officer's weapon as long as he has possession of it. If an unarmed suspect sucessfully disarms an officer on the scene, all of a sudden we have an ARMED suspect.

Our city had two officers, Nobels and Burnett, respond to a single, unarmed suspect. That suspect was able to disarm one of the officers, and kill BOTH officers with a police issued service weapon. It can happen. It HAS happened. In our city.

When a senior officer decided that Ferrell was dangerous enough to warrant tazing, and the tazing was not effective, the next logical decision is to fire to stop the aggressive act. Officer Kerrick was not the first or only officer to deem that some sort of force was neccessary in this situation.

If there was any wrong decision made on anyone's part, my hope is that the justice system will unearth it and treat all parties fairly. But the idea that one person was unarmed is naive when the reality is that there were at least 3 firearms on the scene. The unarmed person always has the chance to become armed if they are aggressive, swift or cunning enough to disarm the police officer. The officer on the street has to prtect himself and his backup officers from becoming the victim of their own service weapon at the hands of an "unarmed" subject.

Cedar Posts said...

Thank You Lisa for speaking up.

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Phoenix said...

"alleged victim"? Really? How much more evidence do you need to know the guy is dead?

It was trivial to charge the officer because it took about 15 minutes to review the dash-cam. That the CoP had to insist on an indictment says everything you need to know about the DA.

This cop needs to go away for a long time, and the rest of the force will be better for it.

Asif Ali said...

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