Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In Case You Missed It - UN Ambassador Samantha Power Fashion Fail

This post will no doubt get the attention of the NSA but here goes anyway.
Why in the world would the US Ambassador to the UN come to a presser wearing a sleeveless dress that looked like it was made from discarded drapes from the Blair House restoration project?
Forget that the tapestry theme made her freckled complexion look like a serious outbreak of the measles. Or that the ill-fitting frock was a total distraction from her message.

Considering that the topic was Syria and the Middle East, a region woman who wear anything other than a burka are often stoned to death wouldn't you think she could have afforded a business suit?

Was this presser a impromptu photo op during a rose garden cocktail party or Sunday brunch? Sadly no! Power has even addressed the full UN in basically the same attire.

Ambassador Power is the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations and a member of President Obama’s Cabinet, well at least this nut case liberal fits in along with Obama's other Cabinet members.


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess it takes one to know one.

Are you seriously doing commentary
on fashion now? Everyone is a critic.

You right wingnuts will jump on anything.

Are there not more important issues to opine about?

What next, a play by play critique of Dancing With The Stars?

Anonymous said...

No you moron... It shows how Obama and his crew are nothing but lazy/stupid amateurs.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the type of comment I have come to expect from the racist right.
Sounds about right for you tight assed know nothings.
Let's judge how well someone does their job by a dress they wear on any given day...and let 's judge an administration, too!
You make fun of the pantsuits Hillary wears, yet a perfectly acceptable dress is not acceptable and becomes "news"? Any excuse to Obama bash, and so transparent to anyone with a brain.
And now, all of a sudden, you are concerned how we are perceived in the Middle East by this woman wearing this dress!
Must be awful to live in your head of hate!

Anonymous said...

What I see is a clueless Adminstration. This is the United States Ambassador to the UN who is dressing like slut muffin Paula Broadwell. As Cedar points out it is a distraction from the message, one that I might add is already pretty murky.

Anonymous said...

Only a 'distraction" to mysoginistic personalities.

Grow up.

"slut muffin"...... seriously?

Like someone said......any excuse to bash.

Anonymous said...

I am a middle of the road, very middle aged 50yo women who loves fashion, and who is in no way a prude. I have to agree with the poster. A sleeveless dress is inappropriate for a UN ambassador and does distract from her message. Other countries may find this as well. No, she is not at a brunch, or out at the park and should dress the part. I do agree that name calling is also inappropriate as well.