Thursday, December 19, 2013

Another Night Another Charlotte Homicide in South Charlotte

CMPD is working another South Charlotte homicide.

From WCNC:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A man was shot and killed in a south Charlotte parking lot during an argument, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

Several officers responded to the scene near South Boulevard and Sharon Lakes Drive just before 10 p.m. Wednesday.

Police say the victim and suspect had an altercation outside of a laundromat in the Sharon Lakes Business Center.

A family member took the victim to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police say the victim is a man, but his identity has not been released.

No one has been taken into custody. Witnesses and anyone else with information about the suspect is asked to come forward.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call 704-432-TIPS and speak directly to a Homicide Unit Detective.  

Cedar'sTake: Sharon Lakes used to be a pretty upscale and crime free area. From the 1980's to the late 1990's the area was populated by young working professionals. Then the city of Charlotte figured it was a great area for affordable housing.  

Today the area is home to low income African American families and an exploding Latino population. All within a a mile of some of the most expensive residential real estate in Charlotte. 

Another example of poor zoning spreading crime throughout Charlotte.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cedar,
Will the Charlotte Housing Authority, Police, the Zoning Board, or the City Council/Mayor (who votes this stuff through) comment on this murder, or crime rates before and after low-income housing is installed in an area? Will they provide statistics on the effects of doing this? Does the size of the complex matter?

Aren't there strict rules now that anyone engaging in crime is not allowed in the housing? Is there any documentation to show how many people are actually thrown out if they are participating in crime? What about offering no-rate housing to police willing to live there?

Why are some areas of town allowed to deteriorate like this--with no large media coverage? Please let me answer this last question: Our local media outlets barely cover news anymore. They just want stories that present the editorial view of the outlets, which is "everything's great in Charlotte." And they don't seek out issues important to Charlotte's community or overall health. And then there's the fact that Rodney Monroe skates on every bad action he takes with his officers and with this City.

Murder after murder. It's shameful. A seventeen year old pregnant girl gunned down in her sleep. Barely a mention in the news. I guess if you are not reporting half of the smaller crimes being committed, it's hard to get a handle on crime. Maybe when people living in "elite" neighborhoods get the real information about crime, and when it begins to encroach on them personally, they will demand of the council members they tend to install through fund-raising and voting, they will start demanding accountability for the Police Chief. People with money who have a right to nice, safe homes--as should everyone else in the city--are running out of locations to flee and build nice, new houses in "safe" areas. The Ballentyne groups fighting various housing on the basis of your assertion of crime and also traffic problems, may be in for a surprise. And we are losing too many people to other counties or states.

We are losing too many people because of crime. And our police chief hasn't got anything to say.

Neither do our so-called leaders.

Anonymous said...

Go ask the district attorney's office how many violent crime cases they plea down or dismiss per year...the answer may shock you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the chief and the police department issued the same mantra "this is not a random act of violence" in order to calm the public. Really? A murder is a murder. It doesn't matter if it is random or intentional. Another dead citizen of Charlotte. Another dead TEENAGER might I add.

It is a wonder crime is THROUGH THE ROOF in this city. But thank goodness someone has their hand on the button at CMPD to make the stats look better. I wonder when the news is going to start caring to report this nonsense.

Hey Cedar, any idea when the news is going to publicize the EMBARASSING results of the national survey the University of Chicago just completed on CMPD? Apparently we were DEAD LAST on officer morale. Im sure that has nothing to do with crime. Just another coincidence that is unrelated to anything of meaning.

Anonymous said...

Another homicide this morning. Looks like CMPD can't recognize trends when they cross division lines. Drugs have gotten out of control.

Anonymous said...

It's Darwin at work folks. A bunch of douche bags shooting other douche bags. They are single handedly eliminating Charlottes crime problem amongst themselves. Fun to watch from another county......

Anonymous said...

Morale is non existent...Thank you little Rodney.
When you have Captains who are not reporting crimes correctly and are fudging the one who got the crime reduction award .. and EVERYONE knows it...what do you expect? Nine homicides?? Really?
Business as usual at CMPD...lies, coverups, favoritism, money manipulation..etc. etc.

And the stupidity...Oh the stupidity!

Hope they don't lie on their depositions!! <>

Anonymous said...

When you have some Captains in Divisions encouraging Officers to not take reports ..And if they do take a report they are told to downgrade the event so it does not count in crime stats; when these things occur every day and Monroe gives his tacit approval and puts people that he knows will comply with his corrupt way of operating in positions of power he has created a whole culture of corruption. Just take a close look at Hickory Grove.
Officers learn it is okay and are even encouraged to lie and cut corners.
But that is what CMPD has become.
And no one seems to care....
At all.
They are so afraid of Rodney and his connections it is startling!
What a joke.
And the joke is on the City of Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

so, how to find the real crime stats when the keepers of the numbers are the ones corrupting them??????????? Officers have to give them up.
You are supposed to uphold the oath--even against other officers doing the wrong thing. Remember, they acted first.

There have been more murders since this article.

Charlotte is destroyed by corruption and spineless people who won't speak up about it or stand up to it.
What a waste.