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In Case You Missed It Why Kay Hagan Attack Ads Are Polluting Your Christmas

NPR doesn't have a lot of listeners even here in the liberal strong hold of Charlotte, so you might have missed their left leaning take on Kay Hagen's re-election campaign.

But you can't miss the recent attack ads running around the clock. There are so many, you might think that there is a special election in a few weeks. The election of course is not until November, but Hagen's approval rating is on the ropes and the Democratic PAC is out sniping at Tom Tillis one of many expected contenders for the Republican endorsement.

Cedar's Take: Get used to this, Hagen won the seat held by Jesse Helms for 30 years and her re-election was taken for granted, but Dole lost mainly due to Barrack Obama's coat-tails and in part to her attack ad calling Hagen "Godless". But there was also the backlash against her record at the Red Cross and her wealth. I'd expect to see and hear countless ads and an aggressive push by the GOP to take back Jesse Helms historic senate seat.

Here's the NPR Transcript and the ads via: YouTube.

BTW: Cedar voted to oust Dole, not one of my brightest moves, since Hagen's record is just abysmal.  


In North Carolina, the ads are starting early - the political ads, that is. Republicans are setting their sights on defeating first-term Democrat Kay Hagan. Senator Hagan's GOP opponent won't be known until the spring but her support for President Obama and the Affordable Care Act has already hurt her with voters. She's also being targeted by outside groups, spending millions of dollars hoping to unseat her. NPR national political correspondent Don Gonyea reports.

DON GONYEA, BYLINE: Yes, the 2014 election is almost 11 months away but you wouldn't know it from local TV in North Carolina. The attack ads are already up and running.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: But health care isn't about politics. It's about people. It's not about a website that doesn't work. It's not about poll numbers or approval ratings. It's about people. And millions of people have lost their health insurance.

GONYEA: This one is paid for by Americans for Prosperity, a group with very close ties to the Tea Party Movement and with lots of cash from the billionaire Koch brothers. That and other similar anti-Hagan ads have been running for more than a month. Then, just this past week, Hagan, the Democrat, has gotten some backing from a friendly group, the Senate Majority PAC.

GONYEA: That pushback comes as Hagan's poll numbers have slumped, says Tom Jensen of the North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm.

TOM JENSEN: She's dropped over the last three months from leading most of her opponents by about 15 to being tied.

GONYEA: It's a big decline and Jensen attributes it to all of the attention surrounding the troubled rollout of the website and to the early drumbeat of attack ads. I talked to some North Carolina voters in the small town of Selma, as they stood curbside waiting for the start of the annual Christmas parade one night last week.

Where's your head right now in terms of who you might support?

DALE AUSTIN: Well, I still like Hagan, you know. Right now, unless something changes drastically, that's where I'll be.

GONYEA: That's 61-year-old Dale Austin. He describes himself as an independent voter. As for Obamacare and what the problems with its website may mean for Senator Hagan...

AUSTIN: Well, that's not her fault. It's not her fault.

GONYEA: But just a block away, 70-year-old Ethel Brown, who's here with her grandkids, puts full blame for Obamacare on Senator Hagan.

ETHEL BROWN: If it had not been for her, we wouldn't have - we wouldn't be having this Obama thing, insurance stuff. She did vote for it.

GONYEA: Then Brown adds something that will be a concern to the Hagan campaign.

BROWN: I'm a Democrat. I'm a registered Democrat, but I don't always vote Democrat. I voted for her. But I wouldn't no more.

GONYEA: Moments later, the parade was starting, so I quit talking politics and let people cheer on the local high school marching band.


GONYEA: Political strategists Gary Pearce and Carter Wrenn - a Democrat and a Republican - publish a political blog in North Carolina. They say people often forget that this is such a big state with a changing population. It's becoming less rural, more suburban. Here's Pearce.

GARY PEARCE: A lot of new people coming in here, gravitating toward the cities. Obama won by a hair in 2008. He lost by a hair in 2012. There may be one or two other states that are that close, that volatile, but not much.

GONYEA: His Republican blogging partner, Carter Wrenn, says Senator Hagan will likely go up and down in the polls over the course of the next year, as will Republicans. But he adds...

CARTER WRENN: She's just in a race that she's going to win narrowly or lose narrowly, and she can't change that. And the other thing to worry about is what about Obama. She can't control his popularity.

GONYEA: And, he says, the president's standing will absolutely have an impact in Hagan's chances for re-election. Don Gonyea, NPR News.

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Anonymous said...

Cedar, where have you been.?

Cedar Posts said...

Crazy busy in the boat biz. Back to back trips and then took on a project boat, a 1956 Chris Craft wood boat in need of a good home.

The wood boat turns out to be in pretty good shape but way more labor than I expected.

But I'm looking forward to the mid-term elections, and the craziness of Jerry Orr and Vilma Leake locally.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Tea Bagger nut case Cedar Mouth to point out the obvious. Kay Hagan is running un-opposed, because the right wing gun loving bible waving right wing nuts are all fighting among themselves.

Anonymous said...

I'll never understand those such as Anon 3:57pm who have such a strong attachment to the "tea bagger" type comments.
The only real Tea Bag is Reggie Love, and his photos posted on the web.