Monday, March 31, 2014

Edwin Peacock Says He Knew Cannon Was Taking Bribes

In the most amazing aftershock of the Cannon Arrest, Edwin Peacock tells the Charlotte Observer he knew all about Cannon taking bribes.

"Edwin Peacock, the Republican candidate, said he was approached by Democrats who didn’t think Cannon should be mayor.
“There were a lot of Democrats who came to me wanting us to go below the belt with personal attacks,” Peacock said. “I refused to make my campaign about rumors. We had been told about ‘pay to play’ allegations, but no one in the development community would come forward.”
If Peacock is telling the truth, that he knew about Cannon and pay to play but didn't say anything, he is as corrupt in his silence as Cannon is accepting a leather bag full of Benjamins.  As are those in the Democratic Party who kept silent, but have suddenly decided to speak up.
Another Republican enabler Lynn Wheeler, who doesn't live in Charlotte anymore since she has apparently moved to the land of denial. Again from The Observer:
I heard people last fall using the word ‘corrupt,’ ” said Lynn Wheeler, a former Republican City Council member who remains politically connected. “I’ve never ever experienced that with Patrick so I kind of rolled my eyes ... I don’t know who this other Patrick Cannon is.

The Patrick Cannon that I know is a man of honor and integrity whose word you can count on,” said Lynn Wheeler, who served on the council with Cannon.

Wheeler later surfaced on Facebook, calling a post by Chris Miller asking friends to name the ingredients in a Patrick Cannon sandwich "That is mean, Chris".

Cedar's Take: They knew, they all knew. Foxx was all pro streetcar and light rail until he got out of town and then he put the wammy on Federal  funding. Andy Dulin and Warren Cooksey both jumped the sinking ship last year. Mitchell was the hired gun who failed but said nothing along the way. Peacock knew but wouldn't even hint about it before during or after his weak attempt being elected mayor.

Both the dems and republicans looked the other way not willing to air their "club's
 dirty laundry in public, fearing they would lose more than they would gain. So much for doing the right thing.

So at what point does "arm twisting" become illegal?
Patrick Cannon putting a little pressure on Rodney Monroe
You might recall the Cannon election sign stakeout from 2011. Cannon called CMPD Chief Monroe to put a stop to election sign theft in the Foxcroft Neighborhood. Chief Monroe complied and put a surveillance vice unit on the job.

The entire story is here. Asking a friend to do a favor is not a crime, but the extent that Chief Monroe went to shows a pattern that is troubling. More knowing what we now know.


Anonymous said...

If Peacock would have gone public without hard facts he would have been branded a racist. Heck if he had video of such bribes he still would have been branded a racist, and would not garner the votes from the low info voters that have transformed our gov't into the urban cesspools like Detroit, Baltimore, Birmingham, New Orleans, etc.

Anonymous said...

Correct...... Anyone who would have suggested any wrong doings by Cannon during the elections would have been instantly Tar and Feathered a racist.

Anonymous said...

They knew, they said nothing. And this is no surprise. Look back a couple of years ago. Cedar was calling out Cannon for getting Monroe to assign a vice unit to catch a couple of teenaged vandals. Click on the photo of Cannon and Monroe it should take you there.

Anonymous said...

There are times when you need to speak up no matter what the cost.

Anonymous said...

Rumors are one thing, facts are another. I suspect if Peacock had proof, he would have used it. With no proof he would have done more harm than good for himself and his party if he had made the accusations. But just imagine, if he would have went down in flames then he would be rising like a phoenix now.

But now one has to wonder who else is involved. I suspect the US Attorney only did the arrest because she felt they got everything on him they likely were going to get. That said, what isn't in the criminal complaint? After a nearly four year sting, they have to have more, a lot more. If they don't, shame on her for waiting so long and allowing Charlotte to get a black eye when he could have been arrested prior to the election.

I can only imagine the internal investigations that are going on within the City of Charlotte right now. You can bet every insinuation in the complaint is being looked into extensively. E-mails, phone records (land & mobile), calendars and applications for assorted variances, zoning, alcohol permits, etc. are probably being looked at in a new light. With the US Attorney and FBI looking over their shoulder I suspect if there is something there, it will come out.

I know many of the readers here on this blog hope this is the beginning of the end for Rodney Monroe and his pals, but truthfully, I hope not. We don't need another blackeye, and that would be a big one. While I might not agree with everything he does, I often don't agree with everything others do either. I have to believe he is much smarter than that. However, that said, I suspect there are a couple of folks within CMPD that aren't. But at the end of the day, I just hope they aren't that stupid.

Pat Cannon thought he was smart and above it all, for those that think that way, look how far he fell in less than half a day last week. Good riddance. If there are more, that goes for you too.

Anonymous said...

Cedar Posts is a race baiting bigot.

Anonymous said...

Is puckered up ass covered under Obamacare?

Anonymous said...

Cedar suits been at CMPD LEC all morning, any idea whats up.

Anonymous said...

If anyone can shed some light on Cannon and Barnes Lighting company they formed together. The client list should be very interesting.
Also look into the shady dealings at the airport regarding the lighting projects. Who ever sold the airport on the Induction system being installed currently may want to explain why this outdated, over priced system was selected.

Cedar Posts said...

From the Local Paper

Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes said Thursday that he’s not concerned about being implicated in the federal corruption investigation of former Mayor Patrick Cannon after FBI agents confiscated records of a lighting company the two politicians ran.

Barnes, suddenly in the city’s leadership spotlight after Cannon’s resignation Wednesday, owned BritTrick Energy with Cannon before they dissolved the company last year.

BritTrick completed only two projects before shutting down, said Barnes, a Charlotte lawyer.

In an affidavit filed Wednesday by U.S. Attorney Anne Tompkins, the government said it planned to search Cannon’s home and uptown office for a variety of items and records, including those related to BritTrick Energy.

Anonymous said...

Well, the "local undercover officer" is walking on egg shells right now because they know who he is and he is getting fitted for his new patrol uniforms and trying to find a flashlight for his new stint on third shift in Metro. Oh, but things like retribution (which is in violation of city policy) doesn't happen at CMPD. I'm sure they've found some computer traffic or a text message on his city phone they don't like to "punish" him for...

Anonymous said...

If that's true, someone might want to let the US Atty know. They might not look to kindly on even the appearance of retribution. Assuming what you say is true.

Anonymous said...

Anon: March 31, 2014 at 11:47 AM

No, it's just dumb fucks like you that are the race baiting bigot. Your upset that another black man is going to take the fall. King Rodney's time is coming, not fast enough for my liking. I just can't wait till he goes down with his whole crew. Maybe this time CMPD will have some one in charge that has some integrity.

Anonymous said...

Certainly not Kerr Putney I hope.

Anonymous said...

Peacock and Cannon have exactly the same mouths and eyes. They are both pathetic people. So is every person supporting either one of them.

If you didn't see this indictment coming--and many more--you are a fool.

The FBI needs to do a major house cleaning throughout the city, including the police department.

This is the time to come forward with everything.

Now. Speak to reporters. Speak to the FBI. Send documents to both.