Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hope Solo Again

I have no idea why I find the crazy ones attractive but damn! There's just something wildly sexy about a hot tempered, bar brawling, angry drunk out of her mind, ready to kick anyone's butt, woman! Lord knows I've loved more than my share!

Hope Solo is without a doubt the best keeper women's soccer has ever known, yet it is her off the field life that gets all the attention.

According to Jennifer Sullivan of The Seattle Times, Solo was arrested at the home she shares with husband and former Seattle Seahawks tight end Jerramy Stevens on two counts of domestic violence after allegedly striking both her sister and nephew.
The 32-year-old goalkeeper is being held without bail after a family gathering escalated into an altercation, per Kirkland police Lt. Mike Murray.
"There was a big party going on at her house. It was an out-of-control situation," Murray said.
Murray also noted that, "There were visible injuries on them," in reference to Solo's sister and nephew.
The list is long and troubling, and they were always brunettes with amazing eyes.

I will never forget the night one went off on a guy because his Mustang was a fake Cobra, a six cylinder with the iconic Cobra markings. Over a car! She was going to give this poor guy a beat down right in the parking lot because his car was masquerading as a high performance model. Never mind he outweighed her by 200 pounds!

Yes Heather I'm talking about you! 

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Anonymous said...

Crazy bitches are not worth it. I struggled with one for a few years. You can't help them, and no matter how good they are in bed, it is not worth it.