Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pistolis, Lisa Victoria SCDOC Inmate 00360136


Lisa Pistolis began serving her 6 year prison term on May 30th after being transported from Charleston to the Camille Griffin Graham Correctional Institution in Columbia.

Graham was constructed in the 70's and shows it's age. It's no country club despite its campus setting.

At 5'2" 118 pounds and age 26 Pistolis was no doubt greeted with a chorus of "Fresh Fish" upon her arrival. SCDOC lists her projected release date as September 9, 2019, though that date will change during her stay at the medium security prison.

The reality they say doesn't sink in until about the 3rd week. 

Doesn't get much worse after that. 



Anonymous said...

Looks like the wrong person for inmate mugshot. Nose and jawline are off. Compare the "hot" photo to this one.

Anonymous said...

You are obsessed with this woman.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't look nearly as "Hot" but stress will do that to you.

In a way I feel sad for Lisa, I knew her only from a distance, but she was well liked by the guys and a few single girls.

I doubt any of them have had contact with her since the accident.

I don't think she was as much a party girl as people say.

She looks awful.

Yeah I'd hit it too! I hope she comes out ok.

Anonymous said...

She'll either get out needing the beef insert or having a taste for chowder. Either way she'll be 30 and at her peak. I'll be waiting.