Friday, February 13, 2015

Ron Carlee Continues His Lawyer Hiring Binge This Time Lincoln-Derr of Charlotte

It's not unusual for a city manager to hire outside experts to provide specialized services.

But in Charlotte we have a city attorney, who enjoys a staff of attorneys to handle the city's day to day affairs and provide "counsel" to the mayor and members of the city council.

Charlotte's City Attorney Robert Hagermann is often seen at city council meeting, or in his absence the senior deputy city attorney Carolyn Johnson is often seated on the Dais. Occasionally deputy city attorney Hope Root will show up at meetings as well. 

But there are more, in fact the city of Charlotte also employees 10 senior assitant city attorneys and 10 assitant city attorneys.

A total of 23 lawyers paid full time for doing the city's work. Plus an untold number of paralegals, assitant and clerical staff members.

So why in the world do Ron Carlee keep contracting with outside attorneys? 

Reports from un-named sources tell that Carlee has apparently contracted with Lincoln - Derr of Charlotte. 

Sara Lincoln Left and Tricia Morvan Derr Right

Sara Lincoln and Tricia Morvan Derr have a "boutique" law practice in SouthPark. Both were formerly with Wombyle Carlyle.

So the question that begs answering, with 23 lawyers already on the City of Charlotte payroll, why in the world do we need to additional lawyers and law firms?

Why is Ron Carlee lawyering up?

I'll give you one guess!


Anonymous said...

Cedar you are crazy there is no way the city has 23 lawyers on payroll!

With all due respect your nuts!

You must me the DA's office?

Come on man get a better tin foil hat!

jeff a. taylor said...

Total cutouts. Anything the city gives these gals can be shielded behind privilege and can go share it on the down-lo with the big Uptown firms -- in theory stovepipe it right back to the mayor. They can even hire a PI to dig for dirt on that girl.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carlee can you pay my mortgage and car payment.

Anonymous said...

I think its possible that Hoffa is buried under the government center in Charlotte. Maybe Carlee and Hannan should go for a walk in Park Rd park for Valentines Day and discuss things. That way city email or city phones don't get used. I just hope a PI isnt taking pictures.

Anonymous said...

To answer the first post, go to the salary database for the city of charlotte. The city may have more then 23 lawyers across all areas of the city..... CP is spot on yet again with what they report!

Anonymous said...

If taxpayer really knew the amount of bull shit that goes on within our city government they would be stunned.

Carlee, Hannan and Monroe are all getting kick backs, gifts, trips hookers and list goes on and on