Monday, June 15, 2015

Charlotte City Manager Ron Carlee Makes It Offical Kerr Putney To Lead CMPD

In a parting shot at Romo, Carlee will swear in Kerr Putney as CMPD's new chief on June 29th a few days prior to Rodney's retirement.

The official email sent to all CMPD follows:

CMPD Staff,

I am proud to announce the promotion of Deputy Chief Kerr Putney to CMPD Police Chief.

The process of selecting the next Police Chief started immediately upon Chief Rodney Monroe’s retirement announcement.  I consulted with members of CMPD, elected leaders and community leaders across multiple sectors, from neighborhood leaders to corporate executives to institutional leaders, and the law enforcement community.

The most important thing that I learned from these conversations is how much the community respects and values what you do every day.  The consistent advice that I got was that we do not need to do a national search for police chief.  We have outstanding talent in our own department.  Here are some of the notes from conversations with community leaders:

·        An internal person would be someone who knows the Charlotte community and knows community leaders and is familiar with people that are important to community relations.

·        Don’t need to go outside if there is someone who sees the community and is a part of the community.

·        It’s not always worth the time and expense for a national search; you lose momentum; we need someone who knows Charlotte well and can manage community relations and our current initiatives.

·        There is nothing wrong with CMPD; don’t put yourself through the “hoopla” of a national search – and, there will be hoopla if you do.

·        We have very rich talent in CMPD.

These comments are a tribute to Chief Monroe and his efforts to build leadership within CMPD, but more importantly, they are a tribute to all of you and the professionalism you demonstrate and your commitment to both effective crime fighting and effective collaborative relations.

The Charlotte community values and trusts its police department.

I talked to community leaders about all of the Deputy Chiefs.  Without exception people who have worked directly with any of the deputies spoke very highly of each one of them.  Indeed, we can all be very proud of these outstanding leaders: Deputy Police Chiefs:  Vicki Foster, Jeff Estes, Doug Gallant, Katrina Graue, and Kerr Putney.

One name, however, consistently kept rising to the top:  Kerr Putney.  Here are some of the comments community leaders shared:

·        He is a natural leader. People look to him.

·        He is committed to making positive changes in how we deal with diversity.

·        He is the best in the world; super, super good; we have a healthy working relationship; he is always listening to the pulse of the community.

·        He has always stepped right in. He can lead without disruption.

·        He is the full package. People trust him. He has the qualities, gravitas, experience and intelligence to lead.

·        He is very articulate and good at explaining procedure to people and what CMPD is dealing with both in terms of public safety and community relations. He respects rank and file.

·        He is amazing. I’ve known him very well for many years. He is well respected locally and by other police chiefs around the nation. We will work well together.

Kerr Putney became a patrol officer in 1992 and rose through the ranks with diverse assignments across CMPD.  He was promoted to Sergeant in 1999, to Captain in 2003, Major in 2006, and Deputy Chief in 2007. He has an undergraduate degree in criminology from UNC-Charlotte and a graduate degree in the same field from East Carolina University.  He attended the 217th Session of the FBI Academy in 2004.

Deputy Chief Putney clearly has the credentials to be Chief, but he also has a deep understanding of CMPD and the communities that it serves. I know from my many conversations with him that he is deeply committed to supporting you, the outstanding men and women who protect us every day – people with whom he has worked shoulder to shoulder.  And, he is committed to continuing proactive efforts in increase understanding between the police and the community, where we all work together to make Charlotte-Mecklenburg the safest place that one can call home.

Deputy Chief Putney will officially be sworn in as Chief Putney on Monday, June 29, 2015, in the Council Chambers.

Thank you for what you do every day.  Please stay safe as you keep Charlotte-Mecklenburg safe.

Thank you.

Ron Carlee, City Manager

City of Charlotte


Anonymous said...

Notice none of the comments were from CMPD officers, they were all community "leaders."

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of BS. The dishonesty continues within the ranks of CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Could we try to move forward? Nobody liked Monroe, could we at least give Putney a chance. Hes one of our own and he earned his shot. Maybe they should have picked Bellamy instead...

Anonymous said...

We've been led by a dictator and now we will be led by a tyrant. At least Monroe faked he gave a shit about what others thought. ..Putney doesn't give a shit what you think and he will tell you that. Wait a second. .he won't tell you he will yell it at you. He folded like a house of cards when Monroe got here. This is not the man you think he is and you younger guys who think he is so damn great. ..wait for it.

Anonymous said...

Yup anon 12:56 he's more of a tyrant than a dictator. If you don't agree with him he will just yell at you and tell you how disappointed he is and try to intimidate you. People have been seeing through this BS for years. If you've been on more than 10 years you're lazy (except him). If you've been in you current assignment more than 5 years you're lazy and don't aspire for better things (except him). If you make an arrest without probable cause just to say you've made an're a hero!!

He's already got a couple of captains looking at doing away with a couple of task forces. Walther over at the FOP is, and always has been, a douchebag. The problem with the FOP is that they forgot the common officer years ago. That's why they need a retiree or someone who has some backbone and can't be called into the office and threatened. As long as they hang 3rd shift Westover over doucheTodd's head hang it up.

Anonymous said...

why doesn't anyone else run & win an election at FOP?

Anonymous said...

Maybe things won't be so bad

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone in CMPD with the backbone to speak up to corruption and lead the rest of CMPD to honesty here? "Thin blue line" should mean having other officers' backs when they are in danger and back against a wall. Keep one another safe from harm caused to them, NOT keep the harmful ones safe from exposure, punishment, firing, whatever, no matter what they do wrong. That puts every officer and every citizen in danger.

All they psychos who were bullied as children and decide they'll have a gun and a badge now to abuse anyone they want MUST BE FIRED. If they have committed crimes, PROSECUTE.

Anyone who can't pass the IQ test ought to be shown the door.

If you are covering for these people in any capacity, stop. Report. Follow up.

The next FOP president needs to hire outside counsel available for all officers to report corrupt actions within the department, up to the Chief. Obviously nobody with any integrity has headed IA. Outside counsel is necessary.

Anonymous said...

No- one yet has the back bone to get involved with the FOP let alone run for office and lead the largest lodge in the state. This is the presidents last year so you cowards better get a pair and step up instead of hidding behind a post. You want to hire some attorneys ? Go ahead and watch you dues go up 100% and then you complain about that. I say get a pair and go to a meeting and see all that he and the board fight for. You have no idea !

Anonymous said...

If no one has the backbone to get involved with the FOP, then who are the members?

Do you mean nobody goes to meetings?

If everyone is a member and not participating, then they need to step up. If they're not participating because they're not being informed (emails are free--no excuses) and asked, then the President and Board need to do a better job.

You say "you have no idea ... what he and the board fight for." Why is that? What is the secret? Why is the process hidden from members? For that matter, why is it hidden from the public? If they are doing important work to support members, change hiring and promotion practices, try to root out abuse by the Chief or anyone else, try to get bad officers out of the force and have a meaningful Internal Affairs process, try to get correct crime statistics, investigate improper spending, etc... WHY isn't that known?

If they need public support and press coverage to put pressure on a Management system that isn't working, it needs to be public.

And yes, having an attorney to pursue some legal issues would cost money, but it would give a confidential way for officers to report certain issues without fear of losing their jobs before the issues are resolved. Lawyer-client confidentiality. An attorney could file grievances, subpoenas, or whatever else is necessary. Knowing this could lead to better accountability and generally better behavior. Or would you rather pay FOP dues to go to lawyers to charge $200,000 to recover $11,000 in unpaid wages?

The generalization that it would cost more than the current situation is not correct. Wouldn't it be better if officers were treated fairly from the beginning because of the involvement of an attorney rather than having to suffer through all the scheming and abuse and coverups and then have to go begging to the FOP for an attorney on a case by case basis when something considered completely intolerable happens?

Maybe FOP should start email blasts and press releases. Until I see them doing something useful, I stand by my opinions. By the way, these opinions are meant to support excellence in the force and to support excellent officers. Even if we disagree on method, that should be clear.

Anonymous said...

Yipee!!! 10 more years of the same old same old.... Kinda makes me wonder though.He has 12-13 more years left. A typical contract for chief is 5y. So what happens to him when they don't renew due to the expected upcoming madness?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:20 & 1:04 I presume to be the same individual. I also have been reading your long winded nonsense and drivel for years now. Please take your tin foil hat and go away.

Anonymous said...

You are free to read anything you like.

If this is too many words for you to read all in a row with no pictures, try a comic book.

I don't know what you have been reading 'for years' but there are many people who comment here. Many are interested in direct improvements to the shameful condition of the organization in an effort to promote safety, fairness, and excellence.

If you're not, try Charlie Brown. They'll just keep yanking the ball out from in front of that guy and keep thinking it's funny. Sounds like your speed.

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah....... Blah Blah Blah..... Blah Blah Blah.... There is a simple solution to your work woes. If you are not happy with the organization then there are a lot of other departments that are hiring. Simply leave......

Anonymous said...

I'm not happy with Law Enforcement covering crimes by Law Enforcement.

Telling an honest person to leave so you can continue demonstrates your (un)ethical position.

Anonymous said...

2:14...... What ?

Anonymous said...

7:28 is disgruntled at a call for high-quality officers to call out terrible ones and the worst ones that are committing crimes while wearing badges and getting away with it because other people are helping them by covering up the misconduct and crimes. He's trying to say if that's a problem, officers should leave the organization instead of changing it and operating legally. Legal conduct should be the minimum requirement for law enforcement officers.

We disagree on this point, apparently.

I ask everyone to step up and stop covering for bad officers.

Anonymous said...

7:26 must be one of those criminals with a badge and has something to hide. That's why they suggest officer's to leave. They won't make it anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of....How's Kevin Stank doing with his demotion from SRO to "time out" due to alcohol abuse and the incident at his (non departmental informed change of) residence (collision). I'm busting my ass and can't pull 72k by a long shot. Maybe I should get a girlfriend named Gina and drink Wild Turkey on the road.

Anonymous said...

btw, Stank's collision at his new, non-notified residence would have been DWI if on a public road....get your resume ready fucker.

Anonymous said...

I keep remembering details from our time together and files I had the chance to skim, otherwise I wouldn't do multiple posts....doesn't inpatient/outpatient alcohol dependency disqualify Stank from possessing a firearm? Dude...we see you out at the bars and at the liquor stores near Birkdale. If I could hammer you down I would, been following your info for a while and I'm here on Cedar because I can't peg you (but I will) and I'm fed up with this "criminal with a badge." I so hope I'm the officer that arrests you for DWI.


That guy you know but would never suspect.

Anonymous said...

Petty personal vendettas..... How immature. And you wear a badge and protect the citizens of Charlotte? We would be better served by Bubbles the chimp in a uniform....

Anonymous said...

Personal vendettas? All this talk of not putting up with coverups, good old boy back scratching and transfers instead of discipline gets everyone on their high moral horse. But you throw a name out there of someone who can't be touched but should be thrown out and all of a sudden it is a personal vendetta.

Some of you don't like the naming of names because you too have skeletons in your closet.

This is the problem with the blue line today: It exists and people cover for the misdeeds of others because it affords them the same protection when they do just as bad.

I broke that line by naming a name. Now I'm immature. 1:13 is more upset that I may have a beef with someone's actions more than with the actions of that individual. It seems there is no concern that the responding officers, Sgt. and others in-the-know have protected someone and given them better treatment than other officers, not to mention citizens facing the same circumstances.

At best this is hostile work environment, at worst it is an equal protection violation.

Did I speak out of turn? Probably so. Not proud of that, but the issue and the information is now out there. Call me what you want.

I'm posting here because going through the proper channels will get you magically fired over some directive BS.

Good officers just get stepped on while dirt bags, brown-nosers and backstabbers climb the ranks. If these folks were being assessed as potential recruits, they'd never make it. but once you're in the club--you're in and the PR game is all that matters.

Every system like this needs a fall guy once in a while, a sacrifice. Will it be you after years of supporting the system who suffers? We'll find out, won't we?

If that is the way you want it, keep your head low, do the bare minimum, get your 30 in and don't complain one way or the other.

So we would be better served by Bubbles the chimp in a uniform instead of what we have in our ranks today? I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:45, I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm just glad I got out before this shit started getting really bad. Anon 1:13 is just upset because the name you mentioned is someone they are trying to cover for. The thin blue line now has a totally different meaning. It is to cover for those criminals with badges.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:45, I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm just glad I got out before this shit started getting really bad. Anon 1:13 is just upset because the name you mentioned is someone they are trying to cover for. The thin blue line now has a totally different meaning. It is to cover for those criminals with badges.

Anonymous said...

When you catch someone doing something wrong and spare him, he is indebted to you. Therefore, he will do as you say, building a career, a future, or simply surviving knowing you can stop his progress at any point. He is obedient, but not loyal. He complies out of fear, and will adhere to the ugliest tenants of command and control.

He will do things his morals would not otherwise allow, as his existence and livelihood depend on it. His mortgage, his marriage, bills, etc etc.

This is why we should pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Go back to hiding out near the team office and waiting for shift change while hoping your call sign is not called! Disgruntled sand baggers are not needed!! GO AWAY!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease.............

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:13: What you must realize is that there is a very small percentage of officers within the department who are truly not happy with their chosen profession. Instead of facing the inevitable position of choosing another career path they would rather poison everyone else around them while they drown in their own misery. This blog serves to satisfy this small minority. This is not uncommon as it has played out the same way over the years regardless of the leadership. If Patton himself were Chief of Police they would still bitch and moan about something. This is very A-Typical of this very small group. Just ignore them as everyone else does..... The "real" officers focus on the job that the citizens pay them for and don't concern themselves with the politics that they have no control over. That's what the real police do. Go to work every day and get the job done that they get paid for. God bless and protect them.

Anonymous said...

943 another guy who wants to cover up more crime by officers. your childish name calling of people who want to do the right thing just shows what an unethical moron you are. you're the one that needs to go

Anonymous said...

10:14 senses there is a citizen in the room and must put things in context. Apparently the "real police" do the job, get paid, go home and look the other way when officers drive drunk and put citizens in danger off duty. Toleration and protection must be guaranteed otherwise one might be accused of "drowning in his own misery.".

I've already been labeled as immature, so what 1014 proposed must be the mature, responsible thing to do....look the other way, ignore it, and don't worry about the politics you can't change.

When an off duty officer kills your loved one drunk behind the wheel, I suggest you remain mature by following this advice.

Anonymous said...

10:14 You hit it on the head. I'm come here sometimes to see if there are any new gripes...and there never are. I'm glad that someone else sees what I see. All anyone on this board has is rumor and innuendo. If someone has evidence... and they should know the difference... then come forward with it - until then stop accusing everyone else of being cowards.

Commence with the childish name calling.

Anonymous said...

Here's a start,9:37, complete with documentation.
The fact nobody has acted on it is a shame. And this is before you reach IA issues directly.

The concealment of facts and lying about facts is obvious and proven. The rest of the facts covered up--which are completely covered up so far--are not published yet. Only a moron would look at the facts we know have been lied about and conclude that's all there are. Explain all the transfers conducted to punish some and hide others from accountability.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cedar, for keeping the information coming.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious someone has spent a lot of time looking at this stuff, but I'd hardly call most of it evidence - it is deductive reasoning at best, but most likely speculation. Just you don't get the information you want isn't prima facie evidence that something is amiss. Seems like if we have all of this supposed 'evidence' someone could do something about it. And you can't tell me that everyone in main stream media is afraid to run these types of exposes..they love this stuff. They do it all the time. Hell, look at what they did to the CFD.

I certainly dont think everything is rainbows and unicorns around the CMPD, never has been, and I'm looking forward to some changes. But I truly feel sorry for the people I see on this board - if any are in fact still officers... That much negativity hurts the soul.

Anonymous said...

Negativity definitely breeds negativity....

Anonymous said...

All I want to know is Potentate Putney going to move his friend girl/future baby momma from South Division to "Chief of Staff"??!! Ohhhh no you diin't!!

Anonymous said...

She will be concubine to the chief or known as C C

Anonymous said...

If there is anything to this "concubine" then stop spreading rumors and present something real. All I see here is hate for Putney with nothing to substantiate it.