Monday, June 15, 2015

In Case You Missed It, Is CMPD Chief Monroe Endorsing Information Builders?

It's doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that Chief Monroe and Charlotte City Manager Ron Carlee have been at odds for some time.

Pretty clear that whatever the reason, shady business dealings, failure to meet budget goals or even to create a budget, or outright fraud and theft, that Chief Monroe rubbed the City Manager the wrong way.

It is along these lines that a poster to the CP Blog asks the following questions:

I am wondering if it is ethical for "Chief" Monroe to be endorsing Information Builders. 

It is obvious from his two stars instead of four that he has been involved with or has endorsed Information Builders for sometime now.  

If he is a paid spokesman for Information Builders did he file the proper form with secondary employment or does policy not apply to him?

How has he been compensated for this advertising?

How has the city or the department been compensated?

How much have the tax payers spent on Information Builders?

How many of the CMPD employees even know what Information Builders is?  

How many CMPD employees use Information Builder software on a day to day basis? 

Does this mean that all CMPD employees can go out and endorse private companies?

The ad further makes it seem that "Chief" Monroe is quoting "I Know… Our police officers are better equipped to predict and prevent crime."  

Well Chief here is a parting news flash. You do not need software to tell you where crime is going to be. You report honest crime numbers. Areas where there is poverty you will have crime, areas where you have drugs you will have crime, areas where you have impaired people and drivers you will have crime, areas where you have high population density you will have crime, areas where there are few people you will have crime. Remember the crime triangle. Take one of the three components away and a crime is not possible. (Sorry I got off topic)

Could "Chief" Monroe be entering the private sector and going to work for Information Builders full time? I leave this bit of information in your capable hands Cedar Posts. 


Anonymous said...

Old news...this dates back to before DNC.

Anonymous said...

Putney named chief.... So it continues :(

Anonymous said... reported this in detail in October, 2010:

The contract proposal which was adopted was for over $1.2 Million initial purchase plus $88,000 per year maintenance. Unknown whether other charges are now in place. As he answered City Council's questions, Monroe acted as if this were some new technology he was searching for, but had already contracted with them back in Richmond, and already advertised for them in Police Chief Magazine. In other words, all appearances are he lied about it. A reasonable conclusion is that he had reason to cover his relationship with the company, which usually means financial incentive. Whether funds were exchanged or whether there may be a promise of employment payments after retirement is not known at this time.

There were shenanigans with TASER as well, with Monroe signing the contract for millions in new TASER equipment BEFORE City Council approved it:

And here's a recap of some major issues with Monroe and CMPD:

I'm glad Cedarposts is bringing this up again. At the time of original publication, each and every news station and newspaper were delivered this information. None of them covered it. It was also tweeted out to many local "leaders" directly. Cedar, can you get direct comment from the City Manager or HR head or City Council and Mayor?

We have more of the same with Putney who has been complicit in carrying out Monroe's agenda of oppression and abuse and corruption, both within the department and out to citizens.


Stop putting the same losers in office. We have about two that are worth anything. They will never have the stones to fire this horrible city manager or the last bad police chief most continue to drool over, inexplicably. Between that and the toll lanes with corrupt clauses to bail out a company who has already gone bankrupt multiple times... Charlotte's not world class.