Friday, January 22, 2016

In Case You Missed It CMPD VCAT Officer Shane Page Shooting Revisted

From The Rock Hill Herald:
A Perfect day for the elite unit of police officers who are violent criminal apprehension specialists ends with the bad guy wearing handcuffs looking at the last daylight he will see for years.
The imperfect days end with the spilling of blood.


The frigid cold morning of Jan. 7, 2014, was not perfect for officers trying to arrest convicted felon James William Lewis, who had robbed his former employer at gunpoint days earlier in Pineville, N.C. Lewis, 33, had told his girlfriend and others that he was not going back to prison for any reason.
Lewis shot one of them. Three times.

Officer Shane Page

Shane Page, a violent criminal apprehension specialist with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, was shot in the shoulder, pelvis and abdomen.

Deputy Blevins

Lt. Chris Blevins of the York County Sheriff’s Office didn’t hesitate when he picked up Page and carried him to safety. Even though the shooting happened more than two years ago, Blevins, 44, who leaves his wife and kids at home every day to catch the meanest and most violent criminals there are, remembers it all like it just happened.
“We went in with the mindset that this person could potentially be dangerous,” Blevins said.
The crew of cops from South Carolina and North Carolina and federal agents had conducted surveillance on the Fort Mill home where Kristie Barratt, Lewis’ girlfriend, lived with her parents. Police had information Lewis was holed up there.
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