Thursday, February 11, 2016

CMPD's Shot Spotter Program Killed

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have decided to not renew their $160,000 a year contract with ShotSpotter, saying the gunshot detection system didn’t help them make arrests or identify crime victims. 

The police department’s ShotSpotter decision was made public in a City Council-Manager memo released on Wednesday. 

“The system operated as designed,” the memo said. “However, based on its experience with the system, CMPD feels the return on investment was not high enough to justify a renewal.” 

CMPD wasn’t successful in identifying or prosecuting the people who fired the shots picked up by the system, the memo said.

Via The Local Paper

CMPD has spent more than $600,000.00 over the last four years on the gimmick, money that could have been spent on Officer salaries. While the memo noted that the contract won't be renewed the current contract runs through 2017.

Cedar's Take: D'oh!

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Anonymous said...

Bring in the FBI to investigate our former college degreed police chief, and his under table payments by this company and sales team.
Tie this to an investigation to Vi Lyle's involvement with the Pat McCrory/Jim Crow toll lanes, and this city would be shocked at the graft and corruption involved with any decisions.
Patrick Cannon wasn't the only crook, just dumb enough to get caught.

CMPD DIV 12 said...

Real time crime!
What a joke. Captain Rutladge and Sgt Brown nose sit comfy up in the LEC laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

wasnt that one of golden idiot Medlocks ideas?

Anonymous said...

I had so much to say and then I read the three previous comments...ya'll said it. But I will add, RTC is where the chosen went to get groomed...aka easy street, pad the resume, wear some brass one day etc while those of us who need to wear sunscreen are stuck in the field. Chosen ones like Gormes. Fast track detective and couldn't catch a thief on a one can milk route.

Anonymous said...

Putney needs to retire