Thursday, March 10, 2016

Charlotte's Sign Ordnance Largely Ignored

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs, blocking out the scenery, breaking up my mind, do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign!

                                                     - Classic 1970's song from the Five Man Electrical Band

I'm pretty sure this massive ad for Apple's iPhone 6 is not in compliance with Charlotte's complex and convoluted sign ordnance. 

You might remember a plea from Center City Partners, CRVA, Arts and Sciences Council and their ilk, begging for a change that allowed banners aka "Billboards" to be placed Uptown if they promoted a event of civic interest.

Occasional promotions for Discovery Place, NASCAR Hall of Fame, Blumenthal Preforming Arts Center, and the Charlotte Symphony type signs.

This massive billboard on 4th street once held a strikingly similar image promoting Le Miserables.

Charlotte City Staffers, claim the banner on 4th Street is "art" but Cedar Posts thinks otherwise. What it is; is a clever way to address consumer's main complaint about prior iPhone cameras having terrible picture quality.

The huge 3 story tall photo, includes the footnote "Shot On iPhone 6"

There's a money trail there somewhere. Somebody got paid to promote Apple's iPhone.

Cedar Bonus: As the election season moves into high gear it is fun to note that Charlotte politicians must post a "performance bond" to insure that they remove all campaign signs within a week after the election. 

Care to guess how much they forfeit if they don't comply?



No it's $50.00

Yep just 50 bucks which explains why city workers end up clearing the right-of-ways of campaign signs.



Anonymous said...

Maybe Mayor Jim Roberts will stop promoting her child molester friends, and start doing a job he was hired to do.
I know the horse may already be out of the barn, but it seems Charlotte has become a very violent place since took reigns....

Anonymous said...

Cedar,you know who dreamed up the rules the elected politicos. But did you know the fine for leaving a yard sale sign up or a open house real estate sign is $100.00 per day if you go over the 3 day limit?

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised?