Friday, September 30, 2016

Charleston City Marina's Web Cam - A Hurricane Victim

Many readers of the CP Blog follow the action at Cedar's office via the Charleston City Marina Webcam. The Webcam suddenly went off line as Hurricane Hermine pasted off the Carolina Coast in late September.

CP expects it will return in 2-3 weeks and here's the back story direct from the marina top brass:

"Hurricane Hermine caused irreversible damage to the cam and forced it to become a fish cam (though it is not waterproof and the fish were not interested in being in the public view).  

It set the marina back $3,000 for the camera, $1,000 for the support structure, plus new $450 license agreement for software and wiring supporting the internet link.

One expensive fish cam!

We are having a new support fabricated and moving its location. Camera is in…just waiting on support structure.

On a side note you would be amazed at the phone calls we have been getting from folks with no relation to the marina that want to see its return. Had one guy call from Erie, PA stating he keeps it up on his screen at work to pass the day. "

Hat Tip to D.R. for the update.

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