Saturday, September 17, 2016

Idiots Among Us - Neighborhood Morons Clueless About Storm Drains And Dog Poop

I live among idiots - You would think owning a nice home in a nice crime free neighborhood would put some distance between you and the morons that plague the world. Wrong! They are your neighbors wherever you live.

I love dogs, and know most of my neighbors by their dogs. Many I don't know their name, only the names of their dogs. 

But for one individual, his/her/their stupidity gives all dogs and by association dog owners a bad name.

IDIOT ALERT! - This is not a place to toss your dog's bag of poop!

But for one of my neighbors it all seems like a logical place to toss that nasty plastic bag of doggie doo.

So this NEWS FLASH is for you Einstein. 

When in rains in our neighborhood, (as it does all over Charlotte) the water from the street runs down a curb and gutter along the edge of the street into the storm drain, which empties in to a concert pipe that sends the water after 100 feet down a dry creek bed behind my house and eventually into Four Mile Creek, then McAlpine Creek then the Catawaba River and then 200 miles down stream the Atlantic Ocean.

That pipe dumps the street rain water run off (aka storm water) along with your dog shit into my back yard! The water keeps moving but your bag of dog shit gets left behind.

Yep that's your bag of crap floating across my backyard.

This is not a once a year event but every time it rains that a couple of your bags of shit show up in my back yard or my neighbor's back yard. 

If it doesn't stop soon I'm going to need a lawyer and a new baseball bat. 

Just saying!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried returning it to the owner... Either via mailbox or dropping it off on their front steps? The latter is highly effective, in my experience.

Anonymous said...

If you ever discover the dog poop bandit using the storm drain as the drop off point. Place it on their porch lit in a paperbag.

Anonymous said...

Ask Chuck Adkins how that solution works out....

Anonymous said...

Chuck got a raw deal on that one... I would have done the same thing.