Monday, October 24, 2016

Hey Trolls - I'm Ken Bone

Ken Bone debate questioner and undecided American seems like a nice guy, until internet trolls dug up his past comments on Naked JLaw, Trayvon Martin, and (yikes) his sex life.

I'm pretty sure if you dug around long enough the trolls would have a nutty over what I've posted over the last decade.

So, come on trolls here you are:

Naked JLaw - If you dig back far enough you will find that CP has been a fan of the actress long before Hunger Games. Winter's Bone an Indy film that screened at Sundance in 2010 brought Lawrence into the pubic realm in a dramatic role that she really did surpass with the popular Hunger Games. So when Jennifer Lawerce turned up on the Internet naked I was shocked and appalled that people would gawk at her nakedness and I refused to be a part of that ......

Are you kidding me of course I looked, and what I saw wasn't bad, oh she looks great naked but there was something else. What I saw was the anti Kim Kardashen. JLaw simply stated looked fragile, vulnerable, sad and insecure. 

Trayvon Martin - CP is on the record saying Trayvon Martin died needlessly, but his shooting was totally justified.  George Zimmerman came across as a law enforcement wannabe nut job. Time has proved both opinions are dead on.

Both "Black Lives Matter" and "Hands Up Don't Shoot" are myths. The African American Community has embraced a culture of violence, a culture of "free stuff" and a culture of scamming. The result is a segment of society that is totally dependent on government, yet resents government because to the so called unfair justice system, and claims the current system of credit reporting is biased in favor of white privilege.

It will take 100 years to change this maybe longer, perhaps never.

LBGT and so on - Stupid Faggot, That's So Gay, Queer As A Steer, Dumb Dikes and so on. Yep I've said all that. CP has a couple of gay friends, known dozens that I've enjoyed their company and I work with several. 

I don't agree with their lifestyle, but I don't buy into its a sin bull shit either, it's just I can't get my head around looking at some guys hairy ass and thinking to myself yum yum. 

I've watched a friend breakdown at the death of his life long partner after caring for him for several years after he suffered a stroke. I came to understand their love and commitment. 

Yet I object to their in your face out, loud and proud antics. I'd personally like to punch in the face the idiots that made the tranny bathroom issue into the malestorm that it's become. 

Sexlife - Un like Donald Trump I'm not about to walk up to you and just start kissing away. In fact I don't take hints particularly well, and I'm rarely the one to make the first move. 

That said, I've been invoked with someone half my age, dated a TV newsreporter yes she was totally psycho, married three times, slept with my ex-wife's best friend, slept with my girlfriend's younger sister and older sister in law, dated the daughter and the mother, revisited old relationships and found out nothing has changed and regret nearly 100 missed connections. Most of which can be summed up with my answer to the question why didn't you ever? Because I'm not Donald Trump!

Gun Control, Abortion, Death Penalty, Taxes - Gun control, No sort of - some people should never own a gun, Abortion, I'm pro-life for me and pro-choice for you, Death Penalty, a total barbaric waste of time and money, but "he needed killing", Taxes, like Donald Trump I've managed to use the system to avoid paying crazy amounts of income taxes, but that was after having endured crazy amounts of investment losses thanks to scammers (see above) the bottom line abolish the tax code, implement a national sales tax. 

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