Friday, May 18, 2018

LaWana Mayfield Again Violating Charlotte City Council Code of Ethics

Cedar Posts re-tweeted LaWana Mayfield's nauseating BS back on April 30th.
"Being Black in America under #45 has created homegrown terrorist wearing blue uniforms"
adding the anarchist hash tag #AReckoningIsComing 
CP Pointed out how sad it was that she had to endure hours of boredom as a member of Charlotte's City Council and thankfully she had the outlet of twitter. 

Her March 26th tweet apparently didn't get a lot of traction until WSOC picked up on it Thursday morning.

I'm glad MSM joined that party, but what's lost on WSOC and the me too Stations WBTV and WCNC, is that Council Member Mayfield is tweeting her hate for law enforcement from the Charlotte City Council dais during a regular city council meeting on March 26th. 

What is even more revolting that she's doing this in a gallery full of CMPD Officers.

Charlotte Cuty Council has a "code of ethics" which Mayfield continues to ignore.

Mayfield's tweet at 6:28 on Monday March 26th is a new low for the fat monkey!

Can you imagine if Bill James had tweeted a comment about gays? Local media would be on it within minutes. 

This is how Charlotte media works, this is the me too method of news dissemination.


Anonymous said...

Whats really comical is that blacks now occupy about every senior leadership position in the city. And they still aren't happy! "Cant we all just get along"?

Anonymous said...

And the divisiveness is worse now than it has probably ever been. Imagine that.....

Anonymous said...

Officer involved shootings for whole year 2017.
457 white
223 black
179 hispanic
44 other

Unarmed subjects shot
30 white
20 black
13 hispanic
3 other

I am trying to figure out where this wholesale war on only one race is that the media and people like Conspiracy theorist Mayfield are pushing.

Oh yeah pushing crap for rating$$$ or vote$$ is their agenda, not actually improving society.

Never let the facts get in the way of a good argument.

If Mayfield goes too far down the conspiracy rabbit hole she may as well become friends with Alex Jones. They would make a great duo.

Anonymous said...

So if a non "topped" out officer was getting a 2.5% merit increase anyway this year and a 1.5% cost of living raise this year - then those officers are really only getting a 2.5% raise from the city. 6.5 - 2.5 - 1.5 = 2.5 The city is playing with numbers and making it seem like we are all getting 6.5 when we are not. Ask for 15; give them 2.5....on top of one of our city leaders calling us terrorists. I believe Mayfield has created a hostile work environment for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Wow... can you imagine if a white officer posted something about “all black people” generalizing them for the few bad apples amongst them? Under the ausipices of “freedom of speech “. I wonder if that’s a 2-way street LaWanna??

Anonymous said...

LaWanna should resign !

Anonymous said...

It's just like this in Charlotte City Council and CMPD. If your a female with a vagina, black, and a lesbian. Then you have it made within the department by being a female with a vagina and a lesbian. Plus if your black then you have it made on City Council. In both of these instances, they are afraid to touch you.